Happy Friday Eve ❤️

Today on my way into work ❤️ … the radio DJ said “Happy Friday Eve” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ OMG that is what I will now be saying instead of Thursday ❤️❤️❤️

Yes!! Doesn’t that just make Thursday sound amazing ❤️ so yes … Thursday is now “Friday Eve”

Lol … I just said “Friday Eve” out loud lol… and my daughter says “oh god no not Friday Eve, do not say that!! My teachers say that and it’s so dumb” 😄😄

But I love “Friday Eve” ❤️❤️❤️ sorry … I am already in love with “Friday Eve” 😄❤️

Had some office drama at work 🙄 ah ya know – whatever

They hired this guy… and he is not doing well and is a half ass’er… do you know what that is?? He half asses it 🤨 does bare minimum that he has to.

Listen Buddy … either you pull your weight and be on it… or you done. He is already being talked about … when his boss comes back he will be eaten alive if he does not shape up. We do not have room for half ass’ers …

If you want to half ass shit … dealing with peoples funerals is not the place. So get it together. No half ass’ers

They were gonna put over to me at my location and I say – uhhh no! We already question him. Very unprofessional – we are serious with work at my location – he would never survive with us.

And then they say “what? Why you say that” and so I tell them.

I have a little intel from several angles on this guy – so we gonna see. Not sure he will be good. Eyes on you buddy. What you doin?

He is NOT coming to my location – my girls would eat him alive – he would be done. And I will NOT accept a half ass’er and I am NOT gonna babysit a grown man 🤨 nope 👎

Whatever and then oh just managers 🙄 everyone has to have a pissing contest for some reason??

That is a saying here that means people try to see who’s best.

Screw that, can we just be a team? There is no competition. Other than who’s numbers look the best which will be mine lol 😄✌️ but really yes lol ✌️❤️ because I am the best lol … I am totally kidding – I just wanted to fit in because I am office “manager” lol … but my numbers are outstanding ✌️😘 I work very hard and many late hours!!

Not to mention I still learn and I am still digging out of the mess …

Also… not only do I do that… but I had that fire inspection the other day… this dude!! 🤨 he wants me to have it fixed in 30 days but he is useless with information!!!

He give me a small list of things to do – like spraying the curtains with fire retardant …

He tell me I have to buy one that has the seal of the California fire inspector… and to check with him

So yesterday I went to Home Depot – they didn’t have any thing – I called Lowe’s and same shit!

So then I email him and all he say is go to Amazon 🤨

Fine so I find one… I do not know what this symbol or seal he is talking about … I do not work at the fricken fire department!!! I work at the funeral home!!! I do not know fire shit!!! I am trying to comply … so are you gonna do your job and help me or not?

And yes I will go line by line for next 30 days … welcome to my world 💋✌️ you better be on game with me at work. I am a little fierce thing 😘✌️ be on your game.

So anyway … I fricken find one … it’s fricken a lot of money… so before I buy that shit – YOU need to tell me if that is compliant

He writes back and says:

Thank you for your patience. Looks good to me. However, keep in mind that the spray follows exactly the manufacture recommendation in what it is being applied towards. Hope this helps.

And then he adds make sure it has the seal… and then he tells me to save the recipe lol

Ok none of that helps!! That is not what I asked. I asked if this had that seal and would be compliant… I’m not spending that kinda money if he not going to tell me… and then he say save the recipe?? You mean receipt ?? I save ALL my receipts 🧾 – I am an office manager … of course I do that!!

You want to give me a fricken list to comply with, then help me comply.

So of course he panic me cause hello – once again let me say … I don’t fight fires 🧯 I don’t know your fire stuff 😠

Here come do my funeral stuff see how you do. What would you know? So like that…

So I write him back and I say that… I do not know your fire things or this seal you speak of, before I spend that money please look at what I sent you and tell me if that is or is not compliant

Then he tells me yes finally … ok can you just say that then… and then would be end of story. And I can move forward 🤨

And yes I am going to ask him about every single detail because I want complete compliance! And yes I will make him work with me on this. That is what you are supposed to do when someone is trying to comply to what you say … so get with the game – I want this done!!


We be opening soon and I have 30 days here – don’t F around … I want our families taken care of and not have any issues with my funeral home. We getting ready for “possible” reopen. So let’s get this done.

I do think is wrong to reopen just yet but whatever – they gonna do whatever so I am bracing for next round of death. Just give it a minute – we just leveled – please wait! But again whatever. They don’t care or listen – so whatever. They gonna do it anyway no matter what my opinion is – I just never want to see that much death again… that was insane!! Easy does it!! But whatever – I have to roll with it… so all this has to be completed … it has to be completed anyway – but let’s handle this.

Oh and then I have to take my hearse in for routine maintenance 🤨 now since they crashed the other hearse – I do not trust the dealership… I have to make appointment with them tmrw and you better believe I will say “please do not crash my hearse!”

… so whatever – I dealt with that and also … I have meeting tmrw from 4-5 where MY boss is responsible for answering for my books 📚… all of our books… we have to explain every case.

Mine will be golden except ONE… which I have a heat ticket in to advise. Basically that just means that I am waiting for help desk to get in touch with me so we can handle this case. But I can explain everything about the case! So that is tmrw.

I’m ready. My location looks good from what was – I have improved it so my call should be quick ❤️ hopefully 🙏

I had to work late tonight and didn’t get home til late… I walked in the house and everything was cleaned and put away and smelled amazing … I had a sub sandwich dinner waiting for me 😮❤️❤️❤️ I didn’t even have to make dinner – she did all of it for me ❤️

OH MY GOD!!! My little woman did all that for me… so ❤️❤️ I just hugged her and made huge deal, kinda cried and then said thank you ❤️❤️❤️ awww my baby ❤️ melted me right there ❤️

So that really just totally made my Friday Eve ❤️❤️❤️


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve ❤️

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  1. What a lovely surprise to come home to!!
    Hmm, you’d think the Fire Dept would have a list of products that meet their approval or a list of stores rather than just say “search Amazon”! Talk about half-assing haha
    Friday Eve … well, it is different to it’s old name of Jupiter’s Day 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ❤️ that was amazing to come home too!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      Yeah no kidding 🙄 no they are not very helpful at all. Nope no list nothing! Totally half ass deal!

      Hahaha I have never heard of Jupiter’s Day?? But I just googled lol… The Roman God of Sky & Thunder “Jupiter” lol

      All the days of the week are named after gods lol … I just learned this lol… very interesting ❤️

      Friday is for the wife of Odin

      That’s cool – thanks for sharing that 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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