March 🤨

Alright… Tuesday went well – mostly ❤️

So… I had to call lawyer and speak to one of the paralegals … that was a lot – it’s going to be crazy insane!!! So I am not sure what to expect?? I am still scared and nervous.

I am more protected than I have ever ever been ❤️ so I do have peace on that ❤️

It is hard because the lawyer makes me tell them everything and those things sometimes make me cry.

Luckily for me, I work at a funeral home and crying is a normal thing lol ✌️😘

I did during my lunch break though so that was good thinking 👍

And then work itself went well – I just had a gazillion meetings 🤨 really long meetings about emails they already mentioned everything they speak about 🤨

Whatever lol … I just try to get work done… I have more meetings tmrw 🤨🙄

We setting up for reopening 😳

We just had Carpets cleaned full cleaning … I had fire inspection, fixed our audio visual equipment … so yeah we ready. Bleh … I still handling things but we ready.

I have list for my maintenance guy… just many little things. Except one door!! It is a double 🚪 🚪 … it needs weather stripping and better lock 🔐

I have to work with the fire department and fix any issues they found… I have one fire extinguisher 🧯 that need to be mounted, I have to buy some fire retardant spray for fabrics and do our HuGE curtains 😳 that’s gonna be crazy.

The person who bought these curtains did not buy them from a commercial manufacturer which would have already had them treated with fire retardant … but whoever bought these bought them normally 🤨 so now I have work spraying curtains 🙄🤨

Luckily on that also – I have a part timer lol – I will delegate ✌️

I love my team – have I told you how amazing they are? ❤️❤️

I just work with the best people ever ❤️

They are amazing ❤️ I love them ❤️

Also… all of them are writing me declarations of character for court … court did not ask for that … but my police did some, my school did some, my friends did some and all of these people do for me too ❤️

He says I am an awful person … so – I will bring many letters and declarations of who I am.

I can prove whatever you want!! So anyway – they are just doing that for me ❤️

Not that it will mean anything – but I want as much as I can about my character and my story and anything else I can think of.

I will show and prove everything so bring it. I just don’t trust them because he is slimy and dirty. So he does terrify me. Because the court has allowed it to be this bad!!

But I don’t know? This time might be different ? Because this is the first time anyone is fighting for me ❤️❤️❤️

We see.

Ok so here comes March all marching in and shit 🤨

Even my Irish holiday is gonna fall smack dab in the middle of court things …

I have court thing on the 16th… which I am panicked with… I be in one room and he be in another. I am nervous with that – I do not want to see him.

Then the 17th is my Irish holiday ☘️ … St. Patrick’s day … however I take liberty because I am Irish so I am allowed to do that lol… plus I will do it anyway lol … we don’t drink at all on that day… we just celebrate Irish ☘️☘️☘️💚💚💚

Instead of St Patrick’s day … is “St Patty” for me lol ❤️ and for one day I allow people to call me Patty lol … usually only my family calls me that (I usually do not like it because it makes me feel 5 years old. Plus I have freckles and that DOES NOT HELP me out any) Patty is such a little girls name, but Patricia is such an old lady name lol… that is why I go by Trisha lol… that’s just right lol ❤️

But the 17th of March … was also the day I lost my school job ☹️

Anyway and then on the 19th, is a try to agree – which won’t happen, but you can try.

I actually have to face him in court so I find that hard to breath through – this was my abuser and then what he put me through and continues to do … I don’t want him ever seeing me again.

Done. Don’t think I am kidding – I want nothing to do with him ever ever ever again – and I won’t… end of story.

He has not seen me since all my surgeries and stuff… he knows he has just never seen – I will be sure to cover everything the fuck up!! I don’t want him seeing anything about me… I love that I get to wear a mask 😷

❤️❤️❤️ I love the mask ❤️❤️❤️

So … March 🤨

Marches in like a lion 🦁… right?

But goes out like a lamb? 🐑

So let’s see if that’s true? End of March omg I’m gonna be free ❤️❤️❤️ is coming ❤️❤️❤️

9 thoughts on “March 🤨

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    1. Well the day itself wasn’t too bad because I was with my people… all my people protective and amazing ❤️

      So even when my days are bad – all of them – make it just a little better ❤️

      They make me laugh and they stand up for me, they are supportive, we team up together – if they need help, I help them… if I need help, they help me – they are amazing ❤️

      And I think I have said this before but funeral people are hilarious – that does not even seem right to go together “funeral and hilarious” but that’s how we balance it. It’s an emotional job so they balance with comedy ❤️❤️ and also thoughtfulness ❤️

      And yes lol… I also do not like meetings already covered in emails … and let me add they are WebEx meetings 🤨 so I have to be on camera (luckily I have a mask – I wear on camera too… but that’s because we have them at all times)

      But yes it was very annoying because I have a ton of work to do – I don’t have time for meetings – what do they think I do???… sit around all day looking for meetings? No… no I do not!! I have a million things going on! Let me work!!!

      Killing me with the meetings… what more do I need to know?? It was all the market I am in… I have to handle building employees and money coming in and out… other meetings are covid 🤨… or some meeting how to work some software, which I already know how to do 🤨🙄

      Alright with the meetings already!! Omg so many all the time – more tmrw 😑

      ❤️ well we see what happens 🙏 hopefully it goes out like a lamb

      I’m almost done ❤️ I’m so excited for that! That’s going to be such a relief itself so … I have to go through March – that’s alright – it’s gonna be a rough month – I already know

      But I just have to make it through this and I am golden 🙌💛🙏🤞

      Thank you always ❤️

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      1. You clearly made the right decision staying there. You have really struck gold with such a supportive crew!!
        Yup, the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel!! Stay strong n keep smiling through!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for your kind words, yeah I did make the right decision to stay ❤️

        But wherever I end up I always end up with amazing people (except for Satan – I must have been half asleep or something?) lol – I have no idea what was wrong with me?

        Yup I have stayed strong all this time and made it this far … I be strong and hopefully be still smiling at the end of March 🙏 maybe even bigger ❤️

        I do finally see the light – now life can just relax after this and not do anything else lol ugh 🤦‍♀️ lol

        It won’t – because is life … but whatever my hard parts are almost done ❤️ well mostly ✌️

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    1. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

      No no… I want to show the court how strong I am to have survived and I really struggled. Because I did.

      I am very capable. But I went through hell because of him. That wasn’t right for ANY human being ever!!

      I am not supposed to show ANY emotion in court ever!!

      And if I did that he would say I am not fit for my daughter. So no. I don’t want to take any chances

      I fought really hard to get where I am… really really hard. Through what I went through so I want to show the court that not only did he consistently lie and bully … but that he did that to a sincere capable person who was in a 21+ year marriage with Satan

      He can bury himself ✌️

      But I stand strong 💪

      So we gonna see a battle


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