Sid ❤️

Ok well … I don’t feel well… I hurt – my arm hurts alot!! And that right side – it hurts and is kinda stiff.. little pains but is fine. I took some Advil.

I have work to do – from home so I have to do that. I am working on a few things.

Is actually court stuff so I am kinda doing that since I meet with him again on Thursday.

I am also working on taxes 🤨😝 … but I make them take everything they can – so I never owe… they always owe me. ❤️

I like it that way. I do not like having to owe. Anyway… ya know I hated math and see they still make you do it!!! I even do it for work 🤨

I still don’t like math and all that 🧮 🤨 but yet here we are ✌️

You do need your studies even if you think they are not important!! You will use them in life!! No matter how annoying lol ✌️😘

Although I do think education could be updated.

Anyway… my daughter is in school they have her listening to this man speak.

She says to me – Mum, this guy sounds just like Sid from Ice Age 😮


So I went to listen 👂… omg he did!!!! Completely!! And then I could not unhear that!!! So all I could think of was Sid 😮

Every word made me think of Sid!! He would speak 🗣 and because I could not see him I just kept imagining Sid 😮

That’s hard because I love Sid!!! ❤️ he makes me laugh and smile ❤️ so to hear him I already giggle – and then like I said… I could not unhear that after she said that!!! It was awesome though ❤️ awww Sid ❤️❤️❤️❤️ he’s so adorable ❤️ I love his innocence and sweetness ❤️

But Sid is not real lol… and that was an actual person lol… but his voice though ❤️

Ok I have to do these awful math things 🤨 also I really want to lay down – I just hurt 😞 and I am lightheaded and kinda queasy. But no fever. I just feel very very hurty slug like?

So I am going to slug off in a second but I will get back eventually 😞

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  1. One of the “big O notation” vids I watched used new math to explain some division and I did not understand that process 1 bit!! I heard of “modelo” division for the first time ever in a programming class last year. This week I learned of “floor division” for the first time in my life. Pretty significant considering I was nearly a math major in the 80s!! (till I realized being good at math didn’t mean I enjoyed ir!)

    I high school I had a teacher who looked just like Mr Kotter. He embraced it, even calling the super popular jocks in our class “the sweat hogs”. He was great… I still remember the multiple guess test where I answer option was “tequila sunrise”! But I can’t remember his name!!!

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    1. I was way more history!! History absorbs me… science too – but history romances me totally ❤️

      I like space science and other sciences …

      But it’s history that captures me always ❤️

      Teachers like that are awesome!! Lol I had some amazing teachers also ❤️

      They make impressions ❤️


      1. I haaaaate history!!! Always laugh about a high school paper on the Vietnam War where I got a billion extra points and teacher wrote “it’s clear this was a,cause for you!” It wasn’t at all… random point of view suggested by an English teacher and I forgot everything as fast as I wrote it! To this day, I can only repeat the stuff I experienced in real time… the famous helicopter scene, planes with refugees flying over our home. And some stuff I learned from Vietnamese coworkers.

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      2. Lol… yeah history fascinates me …

        But I did have one history teacher that totally sucked!! He made history boring AF!!! He had a monotone voice and just put zero anything into the lessons / here just move I will do it lol ✌️

        My favorite was always Egyptian history. But ALL history captures me


      3. All my history teachers sucked. I remember being jealous of a friend at a different school where the teacher would point out which historical figures were gay. That was waaay before gays were out & proud so quite scandalousaa

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      4. My Mr Kotter taught biology.

        I dropped sr year calc cause the instructor was bozo and an asshole chauvinist… I wasn’t learning anything. He said I’d never succeed. I enrolled in college calc (while in high school) and passed with an A+. Made sure to show him!

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      5. That’s funny your Mr Kotter was Biology 😝 of course he was lol

        Yeah the other one sounds like a jerk – you do not tell a kid they won’t succeed – but then again that pushed you?


      6. It didn’t push me, I already knew I would do well. He was a pig (personality). Clearly had issues with smart females. Loved the jocks… probably was one in his youth.

        I remember that with the instruction, he’d do an equation that returned a long number, be reading the digits aloud, and get louder and louder, then back to normal by the end of the string. Really bizarre.

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      7. Hahaha I had a bizarre science teacher who graded everyone’s paper and wrote love, Boris lol that was his name lol

        I told you he was bizarre … my mom didn’t like it at first cause is weird… but then she met him lol – he was science nerd all the way lol

        Sweet man just different ❤️


      8. I once worked as an admin for a team if about 10 genuises (literal geniuses). You could tell when any of them got a girlfriend because their wardrobe would suddenly jump from 1960s to the present (mid 80s at the time). The only one who could carry on a conversation was an older guy with something like 11 PhD degrees. I adored him – but hated typing his line of degrees on letters (pre pc).

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      9. Hahaha I know!! Energy bouncing off the walls once upon a time

        I would run everywhere, ride bikes all over, walk all over town with friends lol

        Walk to the bus stop lol


      10. My mom always dropped me off and picked me up. I did not live close enough to school – I played volleyball and ran track

        But I am also strong swimmer just never for competition – swimming since age 2 lol


    1. Was my right side – the cancer side. I always have issues on that side… but after the second shot I could almost feel something around the implants – creepy feeling ish is hard to explain??

      Could be?? I do have massive scar tissue on that side too


      1. The feeling I’m imagining would align to an internal allergic reaction… body’s defenses temporarily reacting to the implants as bad invaders. Said as the Queen of unusual reactions to stuff.

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    1. Oh yes – I do!!! Thank you!!

      My fever has broken since I think Saturday? Most everything is back to normal… except light is still bothering my eyes??

      So I am not sure how long that lasts??

      But otherwise I am back to normal lol 😱😄✌️

      Thank you very much for asking ❤️

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    1. Yes I pretty much back to normal. Thank you very much for asking ❤️✌️

      Lol… yes math was always my LEAST favorite subject… I liked history and science ❤️ I could do those all day long!!


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