Guess where I am lol ❤️✌️

Yeah – I stayed tonight. So far is just me but at least one of my arrangers has no power at home … and I don’t know about the other – so they may come back and stay with me – because the funeral home has power and heat … I have a whole kitchen, bathrooms, etc

I set up a cot in my office which is the warmest room ❤️ I have extension cord for my cell phone

I already let my boss know I was staying over for the night – and we good 👌

The girls were like “but Trisha lol, are you gonna wear pajamas?” lol

Ok but prior to that there was a funny story 😄😄

Some man’s mother died and she had a box labeled “clothes for my funeral” lol… she was in her 90’s but when we opened the box with the son – it was “see through” 😮 there is a viewing lol 😄😄😄 it was a little see through nighty lol

The son was like “nope” 😄😄😄… he said she can be buried in that if she wants that’s fine – but I do not want to view her like that – so he gave us different clothing for the viewing lol

So when they asked me if I was sleeping in pajamas – I said do not worry – none of my stuff is like that ladies lol

And I would not bring that to work to sleep in lol – what are they thinking lol … my pajamas are little bottoms with a long sleeve top. It’s fricken cold 🥶 and pouring!! I am not wearing see through stuff at work thank you – at home sure. Not at work.

Anyway… so this is interesting. This will be little tiny life adventure ❤️❤️

The winds are really bad and so is the rain!! It’s crazy!! I won’t have to drive in it tonight or tmrw…

Ok let me get my NON see through pajamas on lol… I be back ❤️👌

Also… I haven’t had dinner yet… I have a kitchen but I did not shop so I might just order a pizza 🍕

And then they come to deliver that pizza and I’m in my pajamas at a funeral home lol

It’s just funny or I am so over worked that I am delirious and this is weird lol … but right now I find it cool and funny so we see how rest of night goes

When I came in this morning… across the street from the funeral home a tree had fallen across the road. 😮

Crews had that cleaned up fast

There are downed trees, power lines, tons of damage from the wind and rain… yeah I don’t wanna drive in that.

Ok let me get my jammies on ❤️

That is the fun aspect…

However… if the following things happen… I am out and I will get a hotel lol ✌️😘 cause no! …

Yeah if I see anything like that – I be out so fast lol

Ok jammies!! I want jammies

I be back ❤️✌️

5 thoughts on “Guess where I am lol ❤️✌️

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    1. Hahaha yeah no lol … it was cute though – she was adorable!! It was just hilarious what she picked ❤️ I love her ❤️ 😄

      The funny thing is… it made me think of some day… when I am in my 90’s … what shall I put in my box labeled “clothes for my funeral” lol ❤️

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