And it’s Sunday again ❤️

My week will be thrown off because all day tmrw will seem like Tuesday lol but oh well

This coming weekend – I have Friday Saturday and Sunday off!! Woot woot!! 🙌

Not that I can do anything with that – but I have it off lol

Friday my car HAS to be serviced!! I think I am just going to prebook appts with him way far in advance … so takes me about 2 months and then I need service, so I’ll book 2 months in advance… if he will let me?? 🙏 lol

I had 2 imminents and they both died. ☹️💔 we have several more than what we had when I left on Friday ☹️

I think the guy I don’t like comes today? We shall see – it will either be him or his wife 😄😄😄

I am sorry I just find that funny. He can’t handle me, so he has his wife do it

Whatever 🙄✌️

Way to man up!

Yes I can be a smart ass 😘

But whatever… I don’t care as long as work gets done. It’s just funny to me that he can’t handle me lol … I am like the easiest person to handle…

Just don’t take advantage and we good ✌️

Alright… I have a lot to do and a lot of families to call. ☹️

I be back when able ✌️

18 thoughts on “And it’s Sunday again ❤️

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    1. Lol … I wrote back and said I have to leave at 5 so make sure can be done and wife just says he will be there at noon to ensure done by 5 lol

      So ok he coming at noon now

      Almost done with this! Ugh 🤦‍♀️

      He does not like me at all lol … not one bit! Oh well

      This will be a fun work day with this dude 🤨😝 … I don’t actually like him either lol … also not one bit

      So yeah this should be awesome lol ✌️

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      1. Hahaha well he was half hour late but he showed up 😄😄 and brought his wife lol … guess he didn’t wanna face me alone? His wife had to hold his hand so whatever 😄


      2. Yeah he needed a buffer or a woman translator lol 😄✌️

        Funny thing was … I am from Massachusetts – they came decked out in Boston hats and jackets lol

        Did someone inform them I was from New England lol … she used to be in the business lol so she knows people – she just doesn’t know me

        But was a little humorous that they came in Boston stuff lol ❤️ that is one thing that softens me lol

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      3. Oh yes she was very diplomatic! It was just funny he felt he needed that. But whatever

        I am thankful that is over with!! Woo hoo!! Water heater free week 🙏✌️😄

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      4. One of the girls here says … he didn’t wanna face me because he was wrong lol

        Whatever 🙄 then man up not wife up lol

        But is funny.

        It is sooo nice not have to deal with water heater stuff lol ❤️ ahhhhhhh

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