Stuff and photos ✌️

Oh I am exhausted! Whew.

I am on call tonight 😳 please no one die… just hang on… you can do it!! You don’t want to miss Friday lol ❤️✌️

I had a contract that was not populating correctly today 😠 ugh that was a mess 🤦‍♀️

One of my girls spent the entire day trying to handle the contract? And we had to call help desk and they had to do it because it was just too much!! It would not go the right way!!! It was just doing whatever it wanted 🤨 it was the taxes, they had to adjust the taxes because of add ons and adjustments – it was just messy 🤦‍♀️😝

And then I did not have access to something managers need access to? 🤨 so it says “request access” lol

And it gave a little box for me to write something to request access…

So I just wrote … I am an office manager – can I please have access lol

And it writes back… your wish is granted lol 😄😄 ❤️

I do like when my wishes are granted lol ❤️ that was easy ❤️

I love when there is a cool sense of humor lol … I love delightful little things like that ❤️ granting my wishes and stuff lol – yeah I really liked that answer lol

Then I had to pick up groceries (only drive up – I already ordered) now I am home… but I have to do stuff … I am so tired I do not want to do stuff.

But I do not want it being all crazy – it’s driving me nuts – I have laundry to put away, finish putting away groceries (I already did the perishables, I just needed to sit!)

I can’t have it like that… tmrw is Friday so I like it all ready to go smooth and awesome ❤️ I like everything perfectly ready ❤️ I do everything now … and then it be done and I can relax tmrw . Yup

I have to cancel my car appointment next week and book it a week later. I have services for way too many families next week there is no way I can take a day off!

Tmrw that guy who wants to know me is coming to the office. He asked me for a picture today 🤦‍♀️

Oh that is almost a kiss of death lol 💋 🥀

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ I don’t like taking pictures … it’s not that I don’t like my pictures they are fine… it just makes me uncomfortable?

He sees me… so what do you need a picture for? … he can very easily come and see in person – so what is the purpose? Why do you want that? He doesn’t even know me yet

He is not very good at knowing his audience lol

Can I have a photo 😄 the dude sees me “sometimes” lol … I’m sorry… but why?? When you see me??

I do not trust him – but I also don’t know him. So whatever

It’s just funny… know your audience 😄✌️

I think he doesn’t understand me? At all – not even slightly

So … I am not the type to be all excited just because someone interested … and I don’t really give anyone my time. Lol … except here ❤️

And I’m really not sure where I am with that yet? Because that makes me nervous? …for so many reasons

So he’s gonna get speed bumps because I am going to be careful and slow – he’s not gonna be able to handle that…

I don’t really have time – he knows this

Something just is off? Cause there are some people that I will instantly just click with…

Like for example… country boy – omg … he had a fire … I didn’t want to get burned … but he had a fire about him … do you know that fire?

It’s like that fire that wants to pull you close like a magnet, and you breathe heavy 😮 omg

But… his ship has sailed so whatever … there are other fires

But I don’t feel a fire here? I think it’s me?? I don’t know?

Ok step one … umm you have to put in effort first of all lol… cause otherwise you won’t catch my attention

Step two… maybe know who I am first lol (duh) but that again returns to effort ✌️

Step three… umm I don’t know step 3, cause I am new at this… but slow your roll lol … don’t go too fast

I think you have to make me want you first?

So let’s see that ?? Show me the skills – can you read me or not?

Ugh so alright well – he comes over funeral home tmrw.

I have not sent a picture

If you want stuff like that then you have to actually put some time in… I have to be at ease

If can’t handle that then alright

I don’t think he can or knows how to handle me?


So anyway… tons of stuff.

Since I am oncall I have to have my phone ON at ALL times lol … 🤨

I was in parking lot of grocery store waiting for my groceries and the phone rings lol 😮

Oh crap… a death call … but it wasn’t!!! It was one of our new hires not knowing which location to go to lol… his first day is tmrw

Well I was so excited it was not a death call I was all peppy and friendly lol… “oh hello… yes hold on let me check – you are going here and welcome aboard”

And he’s like “oh my gosh thank you so much that was so nice” lol

You are kind of surprised with how amazing and thoughtful people are in this business when you first come – I remember that too. But was just funny cause I was all excited was just that and not death lol

Sounds like he will fit well… we have some really awesome news hires ❤️ excited to have them!

Alright well I do have to get my stuff handled – I am sorry my time is limited but I have the weekend off and completed most things already – so I plan to relax on Saturday ❤️

I am doing absolutely nothing but being here on Saturday – hopefully ❤️🙏🙏

Ok … ugh I have to do my stuff it’s killing me… I will try to be back but no promises – I am exhausted

Just incase – good night 💤🌙😴❤️

8 thoughts on “Stuff and photos ✌️

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    1. Well then I am glad I didn’t send a picture.

      He asked me how come I haven’t given him photo yet? But I did forget about it and I just don’t do that, and I don’t know him

      But I think I have handled this one? I laid it out.

      I basically just said… am not fast, not looking to just let go with anyone- not that type, I want to be careful and want to take my time.

      He has no idea how to handle me, and I really think he just looking to get in my pants ?? So that will be a no.

      But he has been quiet since I laid it out so maybe handled ✌️

      They all just wanna get in your pants anyway 🤨


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