Parking lot 🤨

I was almost late 😮 I am never ever late!!

I leave early so I have time to leisurely open and not get all hot and sweaty with that lol

I like it calm and peaceful so I do it that way ✌️😘 I like to be calm and ready for people and what comes at us.

Well thank god I leave early!! Because the highways were fricken parking lots and for what reason you ask??

Who the hell knows??! There were no accidents 🤨 who is causing the back up?! Move!!

I had to call my on call at 7:30am and tell them hey… I’m stuck on the highway parking lot 🤨 can you keep my phones for a moment? Lol

But I made it at exactly 8am on the nose 👃

And Sac is Foggy… my area not so much. People were idiots on the road today. It’s a Monday 🤨😝😮

6 thoughts on “Parking lot 🤨

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    1. …it was totally like that lol

      Crazy day… but went well. Just crazy.. and that sucked this morning. Lol thank goodness I always leave early!! Or I would have actually been late

      I am the opener – it is my funeral home – I open it … so running late sucks for me, so I always make sure to have plenty of time thankfully!! I come from far away. Makes my life better with these instances lol ✌️😘

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    1. Well sometimes there are sections of the highway that slow down in same spots every single time for no reason what so ever

      But this was one was not in one of those areas and is a accident prone area cause people are like in the Indy 500!! So was probably accident residuals.


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