Here comes the new year 😮

Alright so sometimes I drag my feet lol …

But I finally handled something else… little by little I am handling everything – just give me time and I will square it away.

I sold my little Toyota 😮 lol ☹️

Awww I have to say goodbye. That car was amazing – it let me push it hard! Whoa! Awww my little car ❤️ with the little Pokémon in the window ❤️

On my new little blue car I have a pink ribbon 🎀 with butterfly 🦋 and hearts 💕 lol ❤️✌️

One could very easily fill entire back window with really cool window clings lol … I won’t do that… but that idea is thrilling lol – I have no idea why? But I have urge to do that, I am just holding back lol ✌️ I do need vision also 😄😘✌️

It’s only because I looked at them – and there are TONS that I love! That would be so cool

I hate having to pick. Sometimes it comes down to Eenie meenie miney moe lol

I might just want one or 2 more maybe eventually – I won’t let it get out of hand lol ✌️ (would those be famous last words?) no but I will be careful not to do any more than that

It sorta reminds me of Colorforms ? From 70s … omg yes … I fricken love those ❤️❤️

So yes I will control how many 🙏 lol (but it is REALLY hard!)

Anyway… I sold my car 😮 I let go 😮… that takes your breath away doesn’t it?? It does mine – I love it, but time to let go. 😮

Yeah that is a hard human quality … excruciating … when you love

I dunno – it’s a car lol ✌️😘 but it’s means a lot so little attached 😘 that is only a object lol – pile of metal… so ya know it’s time ☹️ wah

Whatever – that little car pushed it for me … my little car was like this:


So like that, just great little car.

So ok that will be done… 😮 this year is going to be more intense massive change for me 😮

But at least I know that is coming so ok – hopefully 🙏 I do well 😳🙏🙏

Ok so. I guess that’s it then

Cars completely handled. 😮 well sort of…

I have to call my car guy to do my oil and stuff … it’s time… I drive a lot … I looked at mileage yesterday and was like omg ok it’s time. Oops… it’s always going to be time – I drive a lot!!!

So 🤨… but at least he’s good to me and I can trust him with my car and business

I have got to call him and set that up.

I will have to take a day off of work 🤨 but ok whatever – I have to square away all my things

Whoa 😮 here comes 2021 😮

15 thoughts on “Here comes the new year 😮

Add yours

      1. I am an optimist.

        I am working tomorrow, and taking Wednesday off instead…

        Then they will be picking up the vehicle on Wednesday between 8 and 12 … then I have to have my own vehicle serviced again – I hit the mileage mark. 😮

        So I will be doing all that on Wednesday 👏 just lined all that up

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well… I almost died a couple times so, I am thankful for the extended life. ❤️

        However I was like that even before but that kinda magnifies it? lol 😘✌️

        Oh yes lol… I do… I put many miles … is hour to work and hour home. So 2 hours of my day are spent driving. And then sometimes I jump from different locations – usually I use funeral van – but there are times when that is too difficult

        So yeah. Always driving.

        And oh yes … I will stay safe 😷 🙏

        You stay safe too ✌️😘

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well it’s just special – there is meaning attached … I am one of those 😘✌️was a milestone? I never thought would last like that ❤️ so just sad to see go – it really stood strong for me and lasted for me so ya know?

      Yup one of those ✌️❤️ it was my first by myself

      So it is weighted ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am junking it.

      No I never named it… just what came to me when I needed and held up while I needed even though was dying ❤️ was a symbol and my first so just has a place ✌️ it held up for me amazing ❤️

      And thank you 🥰❤️❤️

      I adult sometimes lol ✌️😄


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