Friday’s are best ❤️

❤️ Happy Friday ❤️ woo hoo!!

Work went well… I really like the new kid! He’s gonna work just fine – he keep asking me what he can do – or whatever I ask… it is done… he brings his little note pad everywhere

This kid is awesome!! He seems to be fast learner too

I had to take him with me today to go get the Hearse from Cadillac

So I let him drive us there in the funeral van. Lol … that was kind of a mistake

He’s a driver… but um… I had white knuckles … it’s not that he’s fast… no he is actually leisurely driver lol…

But his lane changes and things kinda had me on alert lol

When I went in to get hearse – they say which car are you here for? Lol

I said “I am with such and such funeral home”

And he still blank stares at me lol… what would a funeral home obviously pick up and how many hearses does Cadillac service? Lol

The girl behind the counter looks at him and says “it’s the hearse”

I said “we call it the limo” (we don’t call it the limo – only me lol… only I call it the limo, but whatever, not being technical lol ✌️)

They told me they have fun telling people their ride has arrived lol 😄😄

I lost the new guy for a moment in traffic but he did good. I like this kid. He drives a little slow … not that we speed – but he is slow lol

Then I had to drop hearse off – was for haunted mansion – they have the caddy ❤️

There was a 2 person viewing happening so I could not show new guy around The Haunted Mansion. (which I love for its detail and living quarters!!)

My location kind of has living quarters or it used to be maybe on occasion? There is a laundry room area and a kitchen area, bathroom, and a studio type room that is off the garage – it’s cool but not as cool as Haunted Mansion

Someone called around all my funeral homes and said … “I just had a loved one pass away – can you do a cremation by Tuesday? “

OMG no we can not… try adding another 2 – 3 weeks if you lucky …

They said someone told them they could have a cremation done by the 12th 🤨

There is one funeral home that we just hired an arranger from that has a bad reputation because it keeps changing ownership …

The arranger told us they have nothing and are soooo slow!! 😮😮😱😱😱 meanwhile ALL of my corporation owned funeral homes are slammed hard

We are struggling to keep up!! I do not understand how they are slow unless they suck really bad which could be the case… they do not have a good reputation to begin with

But whatever. It’s probably them telling this person they can do by Tuesday …because they have no business

So I taught new guy how to open, I did not teach close but hopefully girls did or will… he works with one tmrw and then Sunday he is alone.

He has my contact info if he has any issues. But he should be fine… I had him taking calls today!

Then boys were already here when I came home.

Right away they talk about what happened this week in Washington… ugh 🤦‍♀️

My oldest is like “did you hear what happened?”

lol of course – who hasn’t

It’s just appalling to see people acting like that. Maybe grow up and be adults?

But whatever. “People”

Also… hello… super spreader events … STOP DOING THEM!!!!! Do people just not care? Is it that??

People are NOT following distance rules!

Ok so… besides criminal charges … I do not want to think about politics – because I have had it and I am disgusted by the republicans. Disgraceful time for the United States – I can not wait for it to end!!

We gonna have some changes – watch what happens in this decade. 😮 but I hope so, because change is needed! 🙏

I talked about work, and was telling them how crazy it is… and how backed up we are – we can’t do fast enough

They said they saw that on news

They hear my work stories sometimes especially when they beat me here!! Cause I am freshly off of handling work lol

And then my daughter sent some fan drawing into some Vtuber who I guess is big… but I don’t know about those things so whatever – I had no idea

But I guess she got a Twitter shout out? She was all thrilled and excited ❤️

And it’s weird to have my baby be on social media things – she has a Twitter lol … and something else – but I forget that one?

She uses Twitter for Art 🖼

Oh yeah and tonight lol… we were talking about future stuff lol… and I said well we could all just get a place and…

But before I could finish what I was saying they ALL said no and laughed 😮😮😮 what??

And they were like because that’s weird… so where do you live? Oh with my mom lol

Well ok fine – when they put it like that lol … I suppose that is weird when you are an adult ?

But I would love to have my mom again. ❤️

That is my mom ❤️❤️❤️

Well anyway, that choked me.

But they say is weird so whatever lol … I would love being with my mom!!

So I will just have peace then

I put my kids as my beneficiaries for everything. I also wrote down some of the information needed for a death certificate … yes I know is morbid sorry… or it sounds that way?… but to me sounds good to do… always good to have the info

You need things like your parents names, where they were born, your own vitals (date of birth & where) things like that… I just want my people to get it right, it’s kind of important

I like details 😘✌️

I’m just starting to lay it out just a little, so it’s not this big thing.

My children are used to this talk… because when I had cancer – before every surgery I had to make sure my health care directive was still correct, and my things were in order – just incase

I had to discuss my wishes with my children. So ya know.

And then now… I work at funeral homes so they hear about death things and the job

So they are used to these things ?

We watched videos 19 picked …

Alright – it is late – I am exhausted – I was on call last night and it was busy so my eyes just sting so badly!!

Good night 😘 💤

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