16th of December ❤️

So many things happened today!! 😮 I don’t even know where to begin …

First of all… Today is my daughters bday ❤️🎈❤️ my baby girl turned 14 today. I have no babies 😮😮 omg they all grew up really fast on me!!

She was born December 16th, 2006… at 6:40pm Pacific Standard Time ❤️

I had 2 boys already – I had thought she was gonna be another boy… at the ultrasound the technician said “you are having a little princess”

What? What does that mean? Cause I was soooooo sure was a boy again lol

So she says “you are having a little girl?”

What? Maybe check again, because you know, I have boys

The boys were with me… just me and them ❤️

I didn’t believe the technician lol… I must have made her check at least 5 times to be sure… and then she finally explains what to look for and yes – obviously it was a girl lol

I envisioned this little doll ❤️ oh she would be the cutest!!

The boys both had tons of hair at birth… so I figured I would have hair to style (yes the boys had THAT much!)

The girl came out completely bald 🤨

She is a carbon copy of me, but like I am with MY mother – a more updated version lol … she claims to not be as girly as me… but it’s coming on… there is an interest in make up and also… when she showers lately – and then opens the door after showering … steam and the smell of my lotions and perfume fill the house lol – even the boys are like what’s with the heavy perfume lol

I don’t know what she does – but it’s funny cause she is a girly Tom boy … so she has the part that is similar to me… but then she around her brothers and all 3 of my kids are really close ❤️❤️❤️ (I got that part completely right ❤️ they are very very close ❤️)

Anyway… she’s a little scary to wake up sometimes lol

And she is strong willed and driven – good girl, listens … but is also very strong lol… so woman would make an incredible lawyer someday because her debate skills are on it 🤨😄 lucky me❤️

I think maybe I can share an older picture … these are my babies ❤️

That’s my most favorite picture ever ❤️ I could stare at that photo forever. The boys are men now, and that baby is 14 😮 … this was her first night at home … all 3 kids together at home for first time ❤️ I knew she was my last.

She had homeschool and I had to work… so we had some dinner, cake and I gave her a little something … but we see boys Friday – so we do presents and things then

I do have a funny birth story from when she was born… they gave me an epidural … the nurse did not explain to me fully …

She handed me “a clicker” … and said “you get 3 clicks – save them for when you really need them”

Ok then, I will!! I literally saved all 3 clicks for when she began to crown 😮

So… the doctors were like “push” and I was paralyzed lol … I had literally zero feeling – best labor ever!!!! But I did not gain my feeling back for a few days lol omg

Anyway… so today is her 14th birthday 🥳 … my baby is 14 😮

I am both excited she turns 14… but then also sad she grows up… I always think of this:


I do wish you could save time in a bottle to visit anytime you wanted – I would have so many bottles lol ❤️❤️ I would want to save many moments!!

Anyway – on with the day… I went to work… time kept getting away from me.

I was supposed to run an errand – which I never got to 🤨 (I have everything in my trunk and I have to go do first thing… FIRST THING in the morning) tmrw will be a day 😳😳😳 🙏 oh please go smooth 🙏

I don’t have enough hours in the day!! And so much comes at us… and I am down one arranger who has a head cold – she has been staying home. If you sick- please stay home.

She has been tested – she is fine, just a head cold. But still, feel better first.

We had a good day, just me and the other arranger – we handled it …

But… not sure if it’s covid or we were just spent? But by the afternoon we were laughing at some many things lol


So… first there is this company that we order things from… every time we order something from them they send us Lollipops 🍭

Well isn’t that sweet?

But my arranger says “we joke and say it’s because they are calling us suckers” 😄😄

So I laughed … and she says “but I don’t really think that is why they do that”

So I looked at the lollipops … guess what kind they are? 😄😄 they are Dum Dums 😄

So I said well I dunno… they send those Dum Dum suckers so lol … that actually may be the reason – their stuff is expensive 🤨 and then they go and send us what we order with those Dum Dum Lollipops lol … it does look kind of suspicious lol … but whatever – we laughed

And… I have a few families that are little funny ❤️❤️

The first one:

They are very very very sweet family and they are serious …

First they ask me… we aren’t sure, but if there are gold teeth can we have them? 😳😄

Ok so I called the Carecenter to ask about that – and they were like … oh stop lol … they made me laugh… and then told me if family truly wants that… they have to find a dentist who will come in and do that – good luck I guess usually they won’t?

Nothing ever became of that…

Then today… they want a viewing… is not a covid case … and deceased is not embalmed … but it’s been maybe about a week? In the freezer

So they want to make sure they are not going to be disturbed by what deceased looks like

I again call the Carecenter and say how they look?

The carecenter says to me “well on the top shelf so couldn’t see very well – but seems good”

So that what I said

And my arranger was like totally laughing … said watch the verbiage because I told them was on top shelf so that gives mental image 😮

But it was the words “top shelf” that made it a little funny – it didn’t even cross my mind I was in work mode.

And then I have another family who comes every day because I do not believe they quite understand email or are comfortable with computers or maybe don’t have internet?

So that’s fine

They have an arranger – but they REALLY like me lol ❤️ … even when they talk to their arranger… they call her by my name lol … they actually like dealing with me the most lol

I like them too, very cool family!

They dropped clothes off today and whoa!! They send in a tux like suit 😮 crazy fancy… goin out in style! He be ready for the after party.

But me and my arranger by the end of the day kept laughing at everything and then she said – do you think covid is making us crazy? Lol 😄✌️

Maybe a little ?? Lol ✌️


But ya know… laughter in this business is really good… you need a balance behind the madness … I love that I laugh with my coworkers… having amazing coworkers makes work pretty awesome

Still careful of them a little but it’s been really awesome ❤️

So anyway… and now here I am … I have early day tmrw – I have to run that errand for the funeral home… and get to work!! I have a ton of work!!!


Oh yeah… and … today since that one arranger been out this week I was at her computer this morning to do something and it was meeting time… it has a camera 😝

I just groaned … I was gonna switch to mine but my arranger says “Trisha, you are so pretty why do you hate the camera so much?

I just do. It’s more of a privacy and security thing to me?? I am cautious. I prefer to avoid ✌️

I like being behind the camera more anyway. I do still actually take pictures – because one day I will be old… and I can remember how I once was … so I DO take pictures sometimes

Like I said, I just prefer privacy and security. ✌️

I could never be a celebrity because the paparazzi would probably be way too much for me lol (I like to blend in, not be noticed or hunted)

Alright well I should go to bed. It’s almost Friday ❤️✌️

I have the weekend off so I be around most then.

Gnite 😘❤️


14 thoughts on “16th of December ❤️

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter 🙂 hope you have fun. Your work sounds fun!! It is like a comedy sketch….. he is on the top shelf so seems fine hahaha. The gold teeth family sound like fun, maybe they can do the extractions of teeth 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much ❤️ we always have fun ❤️❤️

      Ha! Work is not always fun or funny. It’s hard alot… so laughter just kinda helps here and there

      Today was only crazy because ?? We just get so crazy busy!! And there is nothing you can do

      So by the end of the day today we were just laughing…

      Time got away from us and just everything – so we just laughed

      That’s why she asked me if covid was making us crazy? Lol

      Sometimes it is like comedy lol … it depends on who I work with and what is happening lol

      Today was crazy but not bad – was good day ❤️


      1. I was not with them this time last year… this time last year I was working at a school. Last year was my first Christmas after cancer ❤️

        I started in February 2020. They were busy when I first started – just in general? They were having normal services when I first started … then a month later Covid hit … we shut down real fast and I lost my job at the school – so the funeral home became my focus. And here we are lol

        But yes our numbers are beating last year!! ☹️

        Yeah and laughter is good for the soul ❤️✌️


    1. Yeah I could forever stare at that photo ❤️ I love their faces … I love everything about them ❤️ they melt my heart too ❤️

      Thank you very much … 😳 I’m coming into those teen years 😮😱 lol ❤️ god bless her and god help me lol 😘✌️😄


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