Marvelously Monday ✨

So what a nice Monday ❤️ thank you for not dying today ✌️❤️

Was peaceful easy chill Monday. Not crazy!!

All went well with that service 👏

The office was nice and chill

Oh here is something … so to do a death certificate … the doctor – (usually last dr to see or primary) must sign off on the death and provide us with causes.

We then have to get that approved through the county.

The doctor has to record saying I, doctor so and so, sign off on the death of “this person” – blah blah blah

Well this one doctor just can NOT say the name of the decedent if his life depended on it 🤨 … how you gonna go through that many years of medical training and hopefully know that shit, and then can’t get a name right???

Twice now mispronounced name… and he is hard to get a hold of too!! Wasting time and money because he can’t pronounce a name. This is your patient dude!!

We even specifically kept calling and making sure they could say it right 🤨

It is not a hard name 🤨 ridiculously easy. The longer he takes to pronounce correctly – the more we are pests – it will still need to be done correctly – he has to 🤨

They have a time frame this needs to be completed in. It is the county not us… he has to comply.

We do sometimes have issues with getting a hold of doctors to sign off on death certificates!! That is normal… the worst ones I have seen are the ones who work for the umm?? Low income health insurance ?

Those doctors – I am surprised they have any patients cause if you were dying good luck getting a hold of them 😮😮😮

And when you are dead you will need even more luck 🤨 how is that even health care?

That is terrible!

We just had 3 cases with that low income health insurance 🤨 was same exact thing on all 3 !! Good luck … after I dealt with the first one and the other 2 came – I said to them – “good luck” you won’t get them. And they did not. We have to go through county at that point and they tell us what to do.

But whatever

Today was good.

I’m still little confused why country boy text me? That kinda makes me think something??

So… ya know… I like him. He’s really hot, he always treats me really amazing, he was there for me through things etc etc. he’s amazing ❤️

But I meant what I said about what I wanted. Period

I am not currently dating or anything

I have been too busy situating my life. So what do you want? Ya know?

I feel like he just doing that to make me think of him?? 🤨

Here’s the thing… I was explaining this to the girl at work today …

Ok… so… I am very different than he is. I could not be anymore opposite – and do not go telling me opposites attracts – nope!

I am extremely girly… very very much all woman!!! I also had a certain type of upbringing. So ya know I know a certain kind of “world”… I can fit into any world, but my mannerisms and demeanor and just instilled

I am poised – proper with an edge lol 😄✌️ …proper with a wilder side? You just have to know me for the wild side lol ✌️😄😘

I was raised in corporate America – I know corporate America 🤨 … I can be in any world but you can easily tell my fabric?

But he is very different, he is country… all man… very manly… hunts, fishes, camps, does tons of those things. Baseball player… owns 3 businesses and every single one of them is something using your hands

He is not poised – not that it matters … cause it doesn’t … but sometimes I just noticed maybe some disregard for social standards? On some stuff? Very much does not want to be told what to do by anyone including the government

He is a Republican which again, totally fine – I could over look that lol 😄✌️ I’m kidding – I just wouldn’t listen lol

He just is very country and rough around the edges – I am suburb and my edges are smooth.

The girl I was with said “oh that reminds me of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton” 🤨😄😄

Yeah that would be a good comparison somewhat


Ok wait… no not like that 🤨 the only similarities are that I am more main stream suburb and he is country… severely lol ✌️

We are same in that he is country and she is not… that is the same as us.

But it’s not like that. I’m sorry I may like him ALOT… and yes I think about him… but whatever … I am not willing to just drop what I want. It is severely important to me!!

I only ask for one thing. And it is nothing bad or anything like that… nothing that one would question to do … either that is how it is or nope I’m out. It is that important to me. And it’s nothing huge to ask – but if you can’t do it – then I won’t want you … even if I really do.

I’m sorry – I need to have that one thing and that’s it.

I’m not settling. It’s either there or it’s not. I can not be with anyone who can’t give me that one thing.

And I don’t play games – he is used to girls who play games – yeah I’m not 20… I am too old and too tired for games so don’t even approach with that… it will totally just push me further away

So… I just get the feeling he doesn’t want me to forget about him? Like when I am ready to date or something?

Yeah Buddy listen, without that one thing… there is no way. No point.

And then I also thought – well I could just keep him as a friend right? – and I don’t see him anyway…

I dunno? He has an electricity to him? So it is good for me to stay away unless he’s serious so ya know??

And I don’t even know if that be ok because we are very different. We are not from the same type of world 🌎

So I am just careful.

I will leave it as is, unless he texts again then we will talk lol – I am the communicator – he is not – but he is aware of this lol ✌️

I heard this on my way to work this morning ❤️ I love this Christmas Song ❤️

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