Too tired 😓

I was too tired last night. I could not keep my eyes open to come do a post.

I had been up since 5am.. worked all day long …

They have me doing those training manuals … and I was the only management that was in yesterday 😮 … so …

I had to run reports that I didn’t know how to do yet 😮

So ok… they gave me the reports and I have to put and fix them in excel … at first I was not really sure how to do??

They call me at 10am to tell me to do this… ok when is due by? And they say now, 10am 🤨 … ok well that is not happening – you will get them when I finish them- I will do them now

And that is what I did.

I had someone check my work once… they tell me what I did wrong and after that – boom I had it…

And if the things and reports are like that… it is easy … I can do that for one location!! But that is just one report – there are others …

And the others I have to have all kinds of receipts and things

I am in the process of reorganizing how things are done – because they are not organized at all and that drives me nuts in work setting

I like things with structure. I like procedures. I like to have … well, I like it to run like a machine. So I want that. I am making it that way… but is out of whack currently 🤨 so will take me little while to get hold on everything

The girls are happy and excited to have me with them… so far or that’s how they appear. I still kinda have guard up little bit – because I know they have gone through office managers

I am just careful.

But they are thrilled to have structure and procedure!! So yay!! They are liking my ways lol 😄❤️✌️

It just runs more smoothly MY way! So far … but I’m still new and still have to learn MANY things omg – I am still WAY new

So whatever – I will organize as I go. So far so good ❤️

Then I had to go to one of the other home to relieve another for lunch since is only me. Lol so did that… stayed there til done… did my training modules

🤨 I am slightly offended with the training modules 🤨… what am I? Fricken 5???

Cause some of these modules speak to me that way – like I am 5 🤨 and some even have cartoon characters to explain things to me 🤨

That is dumb. That annoys me. It also distracts me from what I am supposed to be learning. 🤨

I being all serious trying to learn their shit, and they gonna give me cartoons and speak like I am a idiot?

There is a time and a place – but cartoons? To explain procedures and things in a funeral home?

Perhaps trying to make a lighter situation? Not sure?

But I am trying to seriously learn things – and then this one module is a cartoon and it’s an important module!!!

I can not concentrate correctly when it is a cartoon 🤨 and then I am also annoyed with it being a cartoon and speaking like I am 5 🤨

What kind of training is this?


Just saying 🤨 … not really liking the cartoon modules 🤨

They have a really sucky training program. I find that odd. Maybe it’s me?

When I got the job I had zero training – I was just thrown in – but that was also at the hands of Covid… back in March 2020.

So all of it has been unusual. Been learning experience for sure.

They just don’t seem very – spot on it?? For a corporation ?? That confuses me.

But whatever – I work and stay safe for now – I am thankful ❤️ (just annoyed with the modules lol ✌️😘)

I got to leave little early… 4:30 instead of 5 ❤️ cause rush hour on Friday is just so bad 😝😩

And aren’t these people supposed to be at home??! Go home!! Stay safe!!!

How many people are deemed essential? So healthcare, emergency things and businesses, groceries, cars, funeral homes, … there are a lot of essentials 😳???

What is not essential? … that would be the better question?

Boys came over… they do not go out, neither one – and they also suit up and isolate. They already had a lecture from me about NOT killing your mother – do not kill your mother lol ✌️🤨

I should start taking their temps before coming inside – I think we will do that ☹️… I have to do that to my own children. Awww 💔 I will have to start that – that gives a sting a little… I am scared to lose my children and be without them… not because I need them there… I don’t … I could fare fine…

And it’s just the moment… but I can’t bare the thought of – I just can’t. They are completely my heart – and yes I can let them go if I have to 😭💔 – but would break my heart too much – very severely

But is probably a good thing to check their temps. I think it makes me sad because these are my children, my heart – and covid makes me have to have guards up here too. With my own blood. You are only truly safe alone. 😮

It’s really hard. How is it not real for some people?

Ohhh yeah and I was telling my kids about people I know who are currently sick WITH COVID-19…

As I was mentioning, they stopped me and asked me “are they Trump supporters?”

Umm yeah… the ones who are sick- yes actually they are 😮

Then I was left stunned because I didn’t even think of that aspect 😮 … very interesting.

Then we had dinner.

Me and the oldest were tired. The younger 2 doing their laughter thing…

Oldest had brought a game … when I first saw the game – I got pretty excited!!! 😮❤️

All I could see was the word “Slay” on the box

Well there used to be this game I loved called Slay lol

It’s like a takeover game… taking over territories lol … it was fun lol … and I used to like the little noises the guys would make when I took their territory lol ✌️

It was very fun. I normally do not go for games like that but that one was cute and just fun. I liked it!!

I do not like the game “Risk” 😝 so I don’t know why I like Slay? But I just do!

When I saw the box labeled Slay… it instantly made me remember Slay!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

😱😱😱 did they make into board game ??? But no – instead was this game:

These people enjoyed it – I did not understand it at all. ❓

It was probably because I was so tired ??

And I really wasn’t into reading abilities of things lol ✌️

But we had fun. ❤️

We have so many games – it’s like endless games … but is all mostly games oldest likes – which are ALL usually card or dice type games lol

Monopoly too long – same with the Game of Life lol (❤️) … I get them to play scattergories and that is really hilarious and fun ❤️

I like charades too but these people stink at charade things lol 😘 – they think on a different wave length then I do lol ✌️

Pictionary is also very fun and hilarious 😄❤️

We are always hunting for that amazing game we all love lol

Daughter likes Connect 4… eh… it’s ok. We will cycle through everyone’s favorite for Christmas ❤️

19 is not a game picker… he just goes along with whatever we do… unless he says he doesn’t want to – and then we beg and plead lol … to which he will usually say “fine” lol … in that annoyed tone with the deep breath 😄😄❤️

The funny thing is though – he won’t want to play something… we will beg and plead, he will play, and then end up loving it and laughing so hard lol … so dude just do it!! Lol ✌️😄❤️

But yeah we had a good time. I think he won (19) lol – so of course, he really liked that game lol

After they left, my daughter was right here and I laid down on couch for one second 😮 … and I woke with the internal alarm still there on the couch, and all covered up lol ❤️

Alright well … I am turtle slow today… I have the weekend off ❤️ so I should get few things handled – I am just slow.

Until I get going I am slow unless I am running by the clock. Then I am on it

I am not on the clock today… so today I am slow lol 😘✌️❤️

Alright – I should run … I be back later ✌️❤️

18 thoughts on “Too tired 😓

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  1. Glad you had a fun night!

    Maybe Corp relied on someone else to design the training and haven’t put any thought into updating it.

    I’m glad you got some sleep!! I was exhausted but didn’t pass out till 6am… then slept through all of today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I am not sure about how they update the training, but not very good training.

      Yes was really good to get sleep. ❤️ and to have the day off! Is weird to have weekends off?! Feels weird?


      1. It’s going to be weird for me to only have weekends off!!

        I saw that there will be a Fred Astaire movie marathon stating at 5:30am Wed, with my fav movies shown in the afternoon, and am bummed that I can’t watch it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pfffttt!!!
        I setup the computer (after dealing with a REALLY rude helpdesk tech) and found 40 emails, almost all mtg requests. And I know at least 3 mtg requests are missing!

        I have meetings from 9-5, no lunch, on Mon. Overlapping mtgs next week. And a doc to review. I’M NOT ON THE PAYROLL YET!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 😮😮 that is very stressful

        I would think they be little more helpful since is working from home – help situate you better?

        Good luck today ❤️🙏❤️ you start today I believe ??

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The guy was asking for stuff that I didn’t know. After literally yelling at me, I let him remote in to my computer and… tada… an essential piece of software wasn’t working!

        I know they’re used to dealing with noobs but ASK before treating me like one!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Noobs lol …

        Yeah those IT people think they literally know everything lol

        At my place … if you call help desk enough time’s you will eventually get someone who will tell you what you want to hear lol

        I’m kidding but if you do call because issue is not resolved – eventually you reach someone skilled to help you lol ✌️


      6. I had an ex working at one of ky providers and it was great because I could immediately say, “send me to a level 2 tech” or ask for him by name. Now I have to spend an hour with someone in India or Malaysia saying, “I already did that.” And they tend to give up rather than escalate!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Lol… our help desk is somewhere here?? We call them for everything. They help with all of it – any tech issue what so ever – our machines to our passcodes lol


      8. It’s apparently preferred that you open a trouble ticket. But when logging on is the issue, there’s no way to do that. But, seriously, the guy was a massively rude a-hole!!

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Ours are never ever assholes … ours are really nice… sometimes they can’t always help? But that’s when you just call until you get someone who CAN help lol – you get someone new every time you call lol


    1. Yes is just a nice fun activity for family night ❤️ brings us together and there is laughter ❤️

      We each have different games and type of games we love lol – we take turns lol ❤️✌️

      Is very much a stress reliever and just fun ❤️ – is memories and just time together ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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