Ahhh my mansion ❤️

So I’m at the mansion lol ❤️ all by myself 😳😮

It is steady

Something weird going on here they didn’t tell me til I come here lol

They are changing locks and something about turning off all lights at night and by the next morning …lights be mysteriously on 😳

So I dunno 😳

It is not haunted lol – something is going on … I dunno? not my job

Is a little eerie

I have never been at this place in the dark 😮😳 it’s just very grand, kinda large… hallways and corridors… all by myself lol – which is totally fine – I’m just saying.

I’m gonna start doing all that in 20 minutes when it is still light out – cause … no for in the dark lol 😘✌️ just let me have that – it is a funeral home … I have vivid imagination that will run wild in the dark so no – nope … I will freak myself out

So is best to do that in 20 minutes lol ✌️

Ok well it will take me forever to get home from here – but I will be exhaustedly back later 🤨🙄😄✌️


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