Handling well ❤️

Alright so… let’s just take inventory for one moment…

I have handled the car… I have gotten myself a tiny little car that works well and is working out nicely…. I don’t speak of it everyday… but that is awesome little car – it is kinda golf cart-ish but whatever – I was a cart girl… I know how to drive those things creatively lol 😄❤️✌️

I’m kidding – I am a very good driver.

Alright so I have a car… I do still have to get rid of the other car… I know – I haven’t done that yet… I will … that took a backseat with everything happening!!

Anyway so …

That is 1 down, 1 to go

Then today… I got a promotion… they gave me everything … they gave me the job I wanted … they brought me full time and did benefits … 401k, vacation all of it… and I have my very own location. I still help with the 3 … but one of them is mine.

I will need a system. I will learn … it’s gonna be a lot more… cause now I am in charge of entire location – everything… all paperwork, bills, office supplies, van & hearse Maintenence, just everything, approving checks doing bank runs, post office, etc – I will have to have that place spot on. I have a chance to shine – woo hoo!!

So I will be playing catch up for a minute.

I could have stopped at the other place if I didn’t work all day… but I just got handed a really good thing (I worked for it) and it’s good. I am building myself. One little step at a time

If I start somewhere new – I start all over … and this one I do love the job and I do love my staff… and if the corporation can actually work with us on things like needing staff which they also say they doing currently!!

They gonna have 2 arrangers, one office manager and one part timer at each location eventually ❤️ finally

Mine just needs the part timer ⏲

So my boss needed to go away so all that crap got to fall on corporate lol … cause now they doing shit!! Now we can do it.

That went fast.

So car, job… (still have to handle 1 car)

I may update my residence? But I don’t know? Not yet. Just wait until all my pieces fall so I know where I stand. Plus how would I leave all these amazing people around me? ❤️ they step in and just made my life better every moment they are in it ❤️

It was fate for me to find them

Oh yeah… and tonight on my ride home… so I was really happy and everything is going really good ❤️

When I was in middle school… I happened to like Boy George lol


Well my parents bought me Culture Clubs cassette

But what ended up happening is that – they STOLE lol my cassette and it became theirs


We had a 1985 Electric Blue Pontiac Firebird… was my dads toy car? It was bad ass lol

But they made us go for Sunday Drives in that… so allow me to give you a vision…

You have a 1985 Pontiac Firebird…

It looked very similar to that but no white trim and the blue was electric and shiny 💙

So that was my dads special car lol …

So you had my mom and dad up front in the spacious bucket seats ….

Meanwhile I am in one back seat, my brother in the other … and my sister on the hump 😄

This was way back when that was still ok to do lol 😮✌️😄

My father would put in the Culture Club cassette … and BLARE that!! While I sank down in the seat and hoped not to ever see anyone I knew lol 😄✌️

Anyway… Culture Club played my whole way home on the radio – I am a channel flipper

But I dunno… I was happy and then that just reminded me of my dad and ya know, that sorta thing. He just loved Culture Club 😄😄 … it was the music… my dad was very particular with kinds of music… there was something about Culture Club for him ❤️❤️❤️

Culture Club did have really awesome music – I also blare them when they on “now”, makes me remember ❤️ felt like he there for a minute … just for a split second he was in my mind because of that.


I also have to lovingly add this one …


Today was a good day …

I am getting a grip ❤️ I fricken work for it… but is working ❤️ woo hoo!

What else do I want? What shall I aim at now? Lol ❤️✌️


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  1. Seriously you have such nice neighbours. People who have these kind of helping hands are lucky so you are. I think every people should help each other and care for each other. I mean why not because that’s make a healthy community. Hope one day every family and every single person will get their own residence and have wonderful community around them. A world free of refugees. Probably I’m not that one who could see the changes because it takes huge time to drain all the evil from each and everyone and put some kindness. But still I’m praying for the better world and healthy community like this. where people got engaged by heart and kindness and love not by need. Stay happy and stay the same the kind, gentle you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have the most amazing neighbors and friends – I have incredible people ❤️

      They are very sweet kind and thoughtful.

      But we are in country… in the city is different … is weird – I will explain that one day

      I be back later

      But yes – I love my people ❤️ they are amazing

      Liked by 1 person

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