So …

I have news 😮😯😮🙌✌️❤️

Ok so… I am now office manager of my very own location (but still also 3 🤨😄✌️)

I am now Office manager ❤️❤️❤️ of a specific location – ok ladies … we going military style… I want to see organization communication lol … I’m kidding -totally kidding lol … don’t worry the power won’t go to my head lol 😘✌️ woo hoo!!!

I’m just gonna need it more organized just for me so I might do that. It’s my office now lol ❤️😘

Oh yeah and I have my very own desk and computer , and a raise…

And I knew first 😄… I went to log on to work and kept saying my employment changed …

I am full time and have my very own location (but also 3 🤨) but I have one that is mine ❤️✌️ woo hoo … now we gonna be on it!

I am office manager yay!! ❤️❤️

So I kinda forget about anything else I am supposed to say or do today because now my smile is really really huge and I am really really excited!!!!

I am so happy! My smile and excitement is just getting in the way of just everything !! I supposed to be working at funeral home!!!

I am too happy currently – back later



I need to stop smiling so big!!

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    1. They gave me everything I wanted ❤️ they gave me a location – that’s mine… I’m in charge now… how smoothly that runs is on me!!

      I need to whip that.

      Anyway… full time, full benefits, vacation, 401k… everything I want – and also another raise ❤️

      I still have to help out with other 2 … but whatever

      And I am now “Office Manager” so I will stay, have longevity, wrack up the skills, and mic drop this shit – woo hoo!!

      I have my very own desk and area… phone… extension woo hoo

      And I still get to be hidden away all nice and safe ❤️… still practicing safety measures also.

      Anyway… I worked all day… and I am building really good here ❤️ I am building a good life ❤️ woo hoo

      And I was just a mom, lost everything and here I am ❤️ so is awesome … I just got everything I wanted

      I hope I want it 🤨😄😄✌️❤️ kidding – I do!!! I am on the team now woo hoo!!!


  1. well 2020 isn’t that bad lol. A heartiest congratulations to you. I’m very happy that you got your big smile. Keep smiling and keep going on your track because you are in your right track. I always pray for my friends included you also to give them the reasons of smile all time. And look you are smiling. I’m very happy that you got a permanent position. May your smile never fade away. Stay happy and healthy❤️
    with Love from India.

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    1. Yeah I don’t think anyone can take my smile now ❤️

      I am building my own little empire lol ❤️

      Thank you very much ❤️❤️may you always have a smile also… on your face, and in your heart 😘❤️✌️

      Stay happy and healthy also!

      With love from America 🇺🇸❤️

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    1. Thank you, thank you 🥰❤️🙌

      Yeah I been busy lol … busy little bee 🐝… why you have not seen me lol

      I am building my life, and then one day when I visit – bringing those Kit Kat’s … lol … we gonna party like it’s NOT 2020 lol 😄✌️

      Yeah I am lining all my stuff up – I have been working my ass off this whole 2020 thing. And ya know learned all about changes and stuff lol 😄✌️

      Whew!! Fricken 2020 man!! But I’m workin it ❤️❤️ I be around to read shortly ❤️

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      1. Thank you very much ❤️
        Came back from a lot ❤️

        She’s been gorging on KitKats since Halloween lol 🙄😄 I just bought her a bag or 2 lol – we didn’t go out lol (wah!)

        Yes I am excited for 2021!!! I can’t believe we survived 2020!!! I can’t believe everything we went through – it still feels like this movie or a dream – what is happening now? Lol is always some major thing … since 2020 began omg

        So yeah – looking forward to new year, new president, new job, new stuff ❤️ woo hoo 2021!!! Almost there!!

        It did have some pretty awesome moments in there also. I just didn’t like all the crazy insane abrupt change constantly happening lol 🤨

        I think will be better now ? Lol 🙏🙏🙏


      2. For me, 2020 wasn’t that bad. During lockdown I had a chance to give my life a second thought and made some pretty good decisions. Lol! But we humans only emphasize on the empty side of the cup! Lol!

        I wish you a prosperous 2021! 😊

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      3. Oh I had a pretty decent 2020 as well… I learned many lessons, became even stronger, handled stuff, learned all about change, have not minded isolation and enjoy some of the features 2020 has to offer ✌️😄

        I wish you an incredible 2021 as well!!! ❤️✌️ it’s gonna be an amazing year ❤️


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