The Raccoons 🦝

This one is for a friend lol …

When I saw this I thought of

Reality continues to ruin my life — Read on

I thought you would like it … and look at how many!!! 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝 lol omg


On my way home tonight I saw one… 🤨🙄 he couldn’t decide which side of the street he wanted more or that would be safest from me lol… I just waited until he decided 🤨😄✌️ he was adorable though ❤️ (from afar, while I am in the car lol) their eyes glow electric green in the headlights 😮😳

Anyway I thought of you when I saw this:

He has them so chubby 😄😄

4 thoughts on “The Raccoons 🦝

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    They’re cute as can be but carry rabies (and fleas), don’t mind attacking humans, will move in and destroy things, and their poop is LITERALLY hazmat (brain burrowing parasite that even fire doesn’t kill).

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      1. I was not aware of dangerous poop lol … and yeah I can see them not being friendly towards other animals especially since they are not typically domesticated.

        I do go near any wild animals lol… I do not like being out at night lol


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