Zero percent % 😳😮

Sacramento just came down with zero percent today…

Which means we are shut down… no services and zero percent for next 3weeks at least

We have a full board of services this week… what that means is damage control… we don’t have this say… is the “county” it halts everything!!! All surrounding Counties also 😮

All services need to be halted – we have massive flower deliveries coming tmrw every location!!! We gonna have to call flower shops, churches, everything 😳😮

We were at 25%… now we at zero.

Luckily I have tmrw off to handle my own personal stuff omg tmrw will be crap!!! 😮

And next 3 weeks

If you or someone you love dies… your family can not have services – nothing – not one thing 😳 oh boy

Our coronavirus cases are up.

I am going to have over 50 hours for this week alone 😮

We still work… cause we still have to handle what we have – I don’t know what’s going to happen – we have to notify families now… they be doing that tmrw … and we still have to take in the deaths… and we still have to do the paperwork!!

So this will be interesting … again!! 😮 oh boy

I am not home yet – leaving now ✌️

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      1. Services – we can still cremate – but no gathering – no wake, no services … nada

        And burials … I’m not sure where that is? Last time the family had to stay in their cars while we lowered the casket. ⚰️

        It’s just a mess – makes it very messy. It’s deaths so people just are upset anyway and that makes it worse.

        Death doesn’t schedule death unfortunately ✌️ but you may not schedule any services or wakes or whatever else / nada 👎


      2. Yeah… very tough – they already really upset and then we have to say “oh I’m so sorry, we closed down again” so they kinda have their hearts ripped twice ? Once with the death, and once with the shut down. Cause while it is a job to me… to them – that was someone they loved and to not be able to have a goodbye or any of that.

        Some will panic, some will be really upset, some will put things on hold. Most understand – but still not easy and very tough.

        I imagine if was my mom ☹️ (sorry I have to) … I would be devastated by the death and devastated again to not have something for her! Just to say goodbye one last time – I haven’t hugged her in over a year. So yeah it can be devastating


      3. And go where? Lol… the rest of the United States is also going up… and no other country is going to want an American right now 😄✌️😘

        I don’t usually see many people anyway and if I do, I am suited up. Full face gear, I wash my hands and use sanitizer like crazy. I stay away from anywhere that has a ton of people – and I live far out in the country

        But ya know, if it’s gonna happen, it’s just gonna happen.

        I can not run or hide from it


      1. Yeah… also that… and we don’t know how long that person had Covid … we don’t know if any of the family was exposed? So that is a thing too. We have to be very careful with those cases


      2. Japan has invented an easy to wear & sterilize full “astronaut” isolation suit (clear head; internal fan) which protects both the wearer and people outside. They hope it will allow people to visit loved ones. But it’s not in full production yet

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      3. Actually, it looked like it would end up with reasonable pricing. I’m sure that is part of the goal prob not something meant for the average person to buy but affordable enough for care centers to stock them.

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    1. Death? 😄😄???

      I am not sure… it should be under funerals? I would have to think?? Crematories? Try cemeteries cause they with have massive restrictions too


    1. Well so far I am REALLY liking the new one we picked 🇺🇸❤️

      But yes hope and pray for best … it will be ok… it will be over at some point – we need patience and being careful – no gatherings – even family – masks etc

      But we will get through it. I hope we all learning something from it ❤️

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