Insane and summer dreams ❤️

Ok this is not working for me … here I am driving an hour into work … they want me to be in 3 different places at once… that’s not happening – I am one person and I am not cloned!!! 🤨

And then when I go to one place – it goes nuts … the phones light up… families are upset – I have to diffuse and I struggle to get out (it’s insane) and the other place texting me where are you? We need you 🤨

So I fuckin handle the shit, take cases with me… get in the car to got to the other place…

I am fucking driving on a massive highway … did I mention MASSIVE? Cause o gotta do highway 50!!!! and Capitol city freeway … massive traffic

And the place texts me while I am driving and says – we forwarded the phones to you

Fuckin bullshit – sorry don’t get the text while I drive, and I’m not answering calls while I’m driving – fuck it – let corporate come talk to me … come on – I dare you! Yeah come talk to me corporate

So yeah – then I had to go off on the girls about that – do not forward phones to me while I am driving between locations – your phones will NOT get answered – I am not doing that shit- that’s bullshit.

I told them – if you have a problem with that then you tell corporate to call me… end of story.

And then I walk back in the door and it fuckin lights up again!!!! Are you fuckin serious

And so then I am pulled in every single direction – so much that it got to the point I was having a hard time remembering what I was working on … and we are talking death certificates, and releases and major things!! Omg

And when the phone rang today – I was in so many different funeral homes – I couldn’t remember where I was 😳 yes that bad!!!!!

And then I got no lunch cause there is just no time whatsoever … it’s fuckin ridiculous

And shit is still hitting the fan … and look I am honest… and I won’t say anything I can not say to your face.

So management asked me something … and one of the workers who say it to me was right there … so I told the truth

I wanted both parties to know what was being said and there is no behind back.

This is was said to workers. And this is how corporate is portraying it … and corporate is saying something completely different to management

That is bullshit – so here – you people need to talk… corporate telling you each different things

That is bullshit… bad bad company!!!

I almost walked today… I was right there… if that was a ledge and a wind came along – I would have went over … it was that close to me saying fuck you! I’m out

So I’m just gonna take all the hours I can for this week… next week will be very very bad… it’s going to be really bad!! Omg

This is bullshit – ok ok ok … I have to get out… I need to line up something else …

How sad is that??? And this is a nationwide corporation handling deaths 😮😮😮 – shame on them!! They do not care about the people aspect in the slightest!!! Ugh it is so disgusting!!

I have never in my life worked for a company so full of shit, and incompetent with how they handle!!! Wow!! Mind blown

I told my manager … I am not paid enough to deal with this shit and they don’t want to offer me full time and benefits while I drive an hour to help save their asses – fuck that shit… I said – I am looking – if it doesn’t change before I find something – I’m out – you lose me. I’m done.

Fuckin A!!! That was the fricken day from hell

Fricken cold ass Monday!!!

Breathe 🧘‍♀️🤨

Ugh… it’s insane!! I can’t even tell you how much- I explain here but that doesn’t even give you the full extent!!

So while all that is going on… I am just crazy from everything

Anyway… my phone rings is my landlord to tell me … hey… you do not have to pay November’s rent… (tmrw is my day I pay rent) … she said – that’s my Christmas gift – you take that so you have money to get the kids some gifts 🎁

So ya know… after that whole day – and then for her to do that… I just cried

And my coworker saw me cry… you ok?

Yeah I’m fine just personal stuff. I don’t mean to cry sorry.

And then she said – well at least we at a funeral home so crying is normal here lol – which made me laugh while crying ..cause yeah ❤️ It’s normal for that at work lol omg

I love the actual job, I love the people and what I do…

I hate the corporation. They are imploding. Sucks

And my landlord ❤️❤️ it makes me cry to think of because she is sooo good to me ❤️

Alright so whatever that was my horrible day. I have never had a job so horrible in my entire life not the job itself – it is definitely corporate

I am home. I work a full day again tmrw. Whew

Ok Tuesday is not Monday – it will be better right??

Having a job like this, it is toxic

It is FREEZING tonight 🥶🥶🥶🥶 omg … so cold!!! ⛄️

Here… let’s just imagine 😘✌️…

… winter is just a little longer – let’s just imagine summer

❤️ ahhhh summer

Ok whatever … dreaming for minute ✌️ … gonna answer and read – I might get sleepy to finish but I be around at some point 🙏

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

… winter breezes do not make me feel fine 🤨😄😄✌️😘

16 thoughts on “Insane and summer dreams ❤️

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    1. Yes it was!! I hope today is better. I can’t really deal with that, that stress has an effect on some of my medical things – and I do not make a lot of money to be handling so much!

      So at some point this is going to be stopping.

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  1. That SUCKS!!

    I’m pretty sure they have to pay mileage when having you go between offices in a day. Actually, I’m pretty sure they also have to pay mileage for commuting to anything further than your first/hire location!

    I hope you find a solution ASAP.

    What a wonderful landlady!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I use the funeral van during the day when bouncing between locations – no way am I racking up that mileage and wear on my car!

      I did not know they required to pay mileage for further than first location? I will have to look at that.

      Yeah I hope to find a solution too. It will be fine – whatever happens – I will figure out… I just would rather not quit before I have another lined up – but I kinda wanna quit to round out 2020? It’s a lot and I want different … I want a good job that appreciates and doesn’t try to kill me!!!

      Oh yes ❤️❤️❤️ she did the same thing last year – from the moment I met her, she became family??

      I moved in and I kept to myself, I was quiet and just paid my rent on time and that’s it … but she would reach out – hello, just want to say hi, hope you doing ok, let me know if need anything

      Or if my car was home on a day I usually work? She would check and make sure I was ok

      And then I just came out little by little … and she learn my story and all the medical stuff … she has just kinda taken me under her wing… because of her I survive ❤️❤️

      She will always say to me every single time I pay rent – and especially during that lockdown… are you sure you ok paying rent… I always tell her same thing – let me pay if I am able to pay… if there comes a moment I can not, I will let you know, until then I want to stay current

      She really watches out for me and cares ❤️❤️ her and her sister ❤️

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      1. Today was not as bad as yesterday for “me” but all of us are stretched really thin – handing everything – or trying to

        My day was ok today – thank you 🥰❤️

        I have tmrw off – woo hoo!!

        Hope your day goes well also! 😊✌️❤️

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    1. Yes… is me… my manager and my boss who do that. But my boss is on vacation.

      We have been short staffed for a long time… when I started … I worked twice before everything shut down and I was all alone… but was Covid so everything was silent

      It wasn’t until we started to reopen that everything blew up and staff was fired or left… they are still being fired or leaving… we are barebones.

      So it just got sped up really crazy from maybe June til now… but they shutting us down again so ??? Not sure what gonna happen


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