Do not quit, do not quit, do not quit!!!

Omg I want to quit – I want to walk right out! F this shit!!! They do not pay me enough!! Fuck

Do not quit, do not quit, do not quit!!

I must find another first!!! Dammit I want to walk today

In my mind over and over today – I say…

Do not quit,

Do not quit,

Do not quit!!!

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  1. Wow that’s a great little animated gif 🙂

    By the way tomorrow morning [my morning, probably your late night tonight ] it’s all confusing the mini featurette is a new season of Mixitup and Playme 🙂

    If you check this link and scroll down, you’ll see the Theme – perhaps it’ll cheer you up – l am not blind to the post above. But yes, in today’s climate, you need to have another first Trisha. You are a fighter and a survivor, you can get through a fucksy job easy – take deep breaths and remember you are better than this 🙂


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    1. Hahaha yeah that gif right there… that was my mind today … “don’t quit” and then the other half “do it” lol

      Seemed like the perfect gif description of my mind lol

      Ooooohhh ❤️❤️❤️ yay!!! Yes that does cheer me up ❤️❤️❤️🙌

      Yes I know… I will get through it – they just suck… it’s a moment – I will fix it. I fricken fought cancer, battle an abusive ex and lost my family – fuck yeah I handle this punk ass job lol

      I was just really frustrated today!! Omg – and I can’t have that stress level – that is not good for ANY worker.

      But yes one way or the other – I be handling that 😘✌️❤️

      Thank you for letting me know of play me now ❤️❤️❤️ I love that ❤️ I will check out woo hoo!!!

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  2. I’ve been there. I was literally pulling out my hair, one strand at a time, till my desk was covered with hair. I was working over xmas break when the office was was supposed to be closed. I finally stood up and said I was going home. Mgr said “see you tomorrow,” and I said no… I took the holiday closure too.

    The full turning point was checking in to the St Fancis hotel in SF. The bathroom had huge angled mirrors and I saw the bald spot I had plucked out of the top of my head. That’s when the mental damage became visible to me. And ever day, as I tried to hide the bald spot, I was reminded of how the company didn’t mind abusing me.

    When I returned to work, I stopped taking part in the abuse. I did a fair day’s work but nothing beyond that.

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    1. Yeah… I’m kinda there … we have no support from corporate – they say all kinds none of which are the same … they just say words without meaning

      So ya know – I do what can. I am putting in all hours and recording when no lunch.

      I don’t know if they check to see how many hours I have / corporate gave the ok… since Friday I work full days and then some…

      I already have submitted all hours so far – but still Thursday and Friday will be apart of that too

      It’s just nuts but now with shutting us down again – ??? I don’t know??


      1. You’re being shut down again? I’ve been expecting a return to stricter lockdown but haven’t heard of it actually happening.

        Do I need to rush out and get a haircut while I can?

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      2. Hahaha ya might want to do that?? I don’t know what else they are shutting down … I just know our cases got higher and are continuing to climb and Sacramento and surrounding areas are shutting back down

        See and with this job, I can still work


      3. Oh the mothership? Yeah I haven’t heard anything. I dunno what’s going on here is same corporation- part of us and also struggling

        Think I want to step away from death but I have to make sure what I step into would let me work during a pandemic 😮


      4. Cannabis!! I was trying to break into that industry several years ago but the city’s buttlaggin on establishing rules caused the position to fall apart. Major bummer because the boss liked that I’m not a user and I loved that he was super intelligent. AND it was redonk close to my home.

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      5. No jobs now. The one I was looking at was a sort of high level office clerk for company that had plans to be a major grower. But they ran out of funding while LB took over a year to approve it’s cannabis laws.

        Now it’s companies without that level of vision or understanding about regulatory compliance. Most jobs are low paying sales staff, which require you to be a user.

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      6. Well I am not a user – but I am an advocate for use during cancer and medical issues. I believe it helps with pain, anxiety and keeping food down (if you have issues with nausea)

        Could help in your areas of pain and you be paid for doing that – a job better than no job and could actually have benefits for you if you do not have issues with that.

        Could be fun and all the people would be happy 😄✌️


      7. Yeah CBD doesn’t seem to do anything… it’s the THC that helps with pain and anxiety issues – there are different types

        Helped me through a section of my cancer things ❤️ liked that better than having medications to prevent the nausea … they would give me Rx so I would have both… but I hated the pills and they never worked – seemed to make worse… pot helped just to relax and eat and not feel sick ❤️

        So I do advocate that. I am very thankful to have had that option

        It’s up to each person – so ya know not right for everyone .

        I do not use currently – just because I only needed that through some of the cancer stuff. I just needed help in areas


      8. I tried about 10 different kids of mj for pain. All made me paranoid and I’d have 30min to an hour before blacking out for 2hrs. No pain relief and no restful sleep.

        In my entire life, I only experienced the pot high once, in my 40s. No idea what that strain was. I sat in the backyard watching leaves blow for about an hour. It was nice. I’ve never felt it again.

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      9. Lol… there are all kinds!!! And each store carries different things… it comes in anything you want – even chocolate 🍫!!

        There are just so many… wasn’t like it was in high school 😄😄

        I have a very funny story about the first time I ever went in a store lol

        So I got diagnosed with the cancer, and was told just have it – Incase pain too much and want to try, don’t have to try if don’t need

        So ok… I knew nothing 😳

        So I GPS it … I’m thinking since is medically prescribed that it will be a medical office type thing???

        I’m driving along and I see this big beautiful what looks like a medical building on the left – and I’m following GPS and I think that is gonna be it… I was waiting to hear “you have arrived at your destination on the …” but instead of saying left … it said right 😳😮 I wasn’t looking to the right …

        When I looked … there is an overpass and a crappy looking building under the overpass 🤨 I’m not going in there lol … I called my girlfriend and said it looks like a crack house I’m not going in forget it…

        And she said just go in… it will be fine … so I did and there was armed guards and all that… you have to pay cash… and they are good with helping you find what is best for why you want it… they really help you.

        But I did not like that experience lol 😄😄🙄

        It did help when I went through that though. And I didn’t need to stay on the other medications very long… I would rather pot over oxy. So it helped get off everything pretty quick after all those surgeries


      10. LOL. I think the first place I went was a store 1 block from my office. They kept having me smell things and I said, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be smelling… they all smell like pot!” I told them I had NO knowledge (an add’l reason I was checking it out) and should prob start light. They sold me an indica called “Snoop OG”. DOH!!! That’s not gonna be light!!

        I tried edibles and drinks. Still have a lollipop and a brownie which was in a sealed foil “space pouch” (my term) and must be dust now. The hoarder in me thinks it’s funny to keep.

        At some point, I had about 10 medicine thingies of different types. I read about keeping them fresh, or refreshing, by adding citrus peel. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and when I offered all of them to a friend I found they were all moldy.

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      11. Hahaha … I think if I remember correctly … indica is the sleepy zone out one?? Haha and with name like Snoop Og 😄😄 I bet it was not light 😄😄

        I never tried the drinks – I always got the Rice Krispie treats usually lol … also in the beginning – I did not understand there was doses of that lol … I learned real quick lol 😄✌️

        I do not have any left and never saved any of it. Once was done and I had to come back to life – I was done with that. I needed focus – that was for pain and cancer stuff

        I have not heard the citrus peel keeping fresh thing?

        I think you can possibly keep in freezer? But over time might lose potency? Like anything else

        Yeah might not want to try the moldy ones lol – that might be a hallucinogenic at that point lol 😄😄


      12. Something about the oil in citrus peel refreshing the dry leaves. But you only leave it in for a couple hours, not months!!

        Yes, Indica is the sleepy one. But on me, so is sativa and hybrid!! It was not good with me… I never felt good and couldn’t control it’s effect. I’m not a fan of blacking out!!

        I have “reverse” effect from a lot of stuff. Vicodin is no different than water. Aspirin could kill me (extreme allergy). I know I’ve had varieties of oxy with no problem but I’d rather not take any chances.

        Once, when my intense bile stone pain first started (way back in my 20s), ER gave me a shot (in my arm) of something. I said, “mmm, cherry!” I looked down and it looked like cherry cough syrup. The said most people taste pennies. But I had strong cherry. I felt WONDERFUL and completely sober. Later that day I followed up with my primary doc (fab funny flirty SEXY gay guy) and asked for more. I don’t know what it was but he looked it up, laughed, and said he couldn’t give me any because it was a major narcotic. I still don’t know what it was but it was the best I’ve felt in my life!!

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      13. Oohhh I was not aware of that at all.

        Haha yeah I can understand not enjoying blacking out lol

        For me was good … I helped minimize the pain better and did help me sleep depending on what it was …plus helped me not be so nauseous with all the stuff

        I don’t take ANY medications usually at ALL… so I was not prepared for what they do lol

        Hahaha that is funny – cherry 🍒 I wonder what was ??


      14. I’m guessing it was some variety of morphine.

        I embarrassed the heck out of some MRI/CAT technicians. When they gave me the injection of contrast fluid it made my naughty bits tingle in a really good way!!

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      15. Just looked up the info. No change here – we’ve never made it out of purple.

        For a second I thought that might be what I’ve bern dreading… job opps disappearing again. But it’s no impact for us so that must not be it.

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      16. I am! I go into the world once in awhile but always masked and avoiding others.

        Now that neighborkid is in school and able to socialize, she has nothing to do with me anymore. That’s one big risk factor gone!

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      17. I’m the same. I was already weird about hanging with the kid because her family was socializing. But at the same time, it felt rude to be everly paranoid and nice to have company. We only socialized outdoors and generally stayed at least 4′ apart (I know it’s supposed to be 6 or more).

        We were both burning out (me of her; her of no new cats) so it’s worked out well.

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      18. It’s so hard because of the distancing and fear of the virus – that part sucks.. you have to think of it!!!

        It’s very hard – it is nice to socialize and also extremely tempting!! I miss it too!!

        I keep my distance with my people… with everyone except the boys … all my children…

        They all isolate themselves …

        And IF I could possibly die anyway… there is no way I give up my time with my children ❤️ unless I know I am infected … then I give them up 😭💔 (but that will kill me in itself!!) it actually would ☹️


      19. I constantly think about who & how to notify if I suddenly need hospitalization. I really don’t have anyone in my life to step up and take care of the cats, esp if it becomes long term or perm.

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      20. What about your girl that helped you with their medical issues ??? Or that other friend who checked on you when covid first started ? You knew her from some job?


      21. The covid person is out of my life now. I think that’s the same as the medical issues person.

        I’m still in touch with a job friend (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) but she’s too far south to take care of my cats. Neighbor-dad is severely allergic and they have too much on their plates already. I’d probably turn to the TNR person… if she couldn’t help me out she’d find someone.

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      22. Noool Jessie!! First, he barely speaks English. Second, he’s been trying to sleep with me since his wife left (15yrs ago?). Third, blech. Fourth, really… blech.

        The biggest issue is the state of disaster of my home. Letting anyone in would be horrifically embarrassing.

        I have a non-notarized will leaving my property to my cats (aka: if you take a cat then you get 1/4 of any money).

        I carry a keychain tag that says “My cats are home alone”.. in case I’m in an accident or something.

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      23. 😄😄😄 oh thats too funny!

        Ok I have a clearer picture of Jessie now lol

        I don’t know that would hold up without being notarized?

        If you don’t have that set… they will search for anyone closest with blood ties as next of kin

        The law is really umm what’s the word I want?? Lined out?? They go by the book unless something was legally set.

        Otherwise is just like something written on a napkin at a bar or something … they won’t even pay attention to it.

        Just mentioning because I just watched that happen recently ☹️

        That is a great way to make sure the cats be taken care of ❤️


      24. Yeah… I thought about that again when I saw a sign for a notary public at the end of the street.

        I’d be PISSED if my “estate” went to my sister or father. Not only have we been estranged for 30 years but I’m certain my dad has a will (or living trudt) SOLELY to ensure I don’t inherit anything.

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      25. Your father would be considered your next of kin since he is a parent and you do not have a husband… if he was no longer alive, then it would be your sister.

        I think you can do wills online now? You would have to research that though – I am not familiar

        Awww ☹️ why do they leave you out ? You don’t have to answer if don’t want to – am aware is personal … but that is mean of them 💔

        I do understand families – my own family can be buttheads and being in the funeral business I see families do horrible things to each other!!!


      26. I’m certain I’m excluded due to our estrangement. My mother probably wouldn’t have gone thar far but he’s always had an intense bitter streak.

        As a late teen, with undiagnosed depression, I once slept in on xmas morning. I knew from history that I wasn’t getting anything I wanted and it all seemed pointless. In response, my dad NEVER opened the present I got for him. It sat, wrapped, in a hall closet for months before I finally unwrapped it one day and put it back. I don’t know if he ever saw it.. it wasn’t a closet he used. He wouldn’t have acknowledged it’s existence even if he saw it.

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      27. Well sometimes people do not understand each other and take offense to things unfortunately.

        That is very sad 😔 I’m very sorry ☹️ I know how painful 💔

        That is not something to hold a grudge over ☹️ especially for blood family!! But in my own family there are similar type things 🤨🙄 fricken morons ✌️

        My dad didn’t speak to ANY of his brothers for years before he died and the youngest brother just wants nothing to do with the family at all. So whatever – families are difficult sometimes – Irish people hold massive grudges!! 🤨

        I have to get ready for work 😘✌️ probably back tonight


      28. The person who came with her mother and brought me cat food and sundries? If so, that was the person with mondo health issues. We sort of mutually lost touch. I think she got offended by something I said (warned her that a painting she make might be seen as culturally offensive). Then she did some things I saw as outright weird, plus exposed a series of lies, and we faded out.

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      29. I have not been to work today so I do not know the situation lol ❤️❤️ ahhhh – do you know how nice that is?? 😄❤️✌️

        I will know tmrw


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