Sunday stuff-ish 🤨

I am at work… I am still excitedly happy – but I’m at work lol 😄😘✌️

There is still residual shit hitting the fan… and will be probably massively for next 2 weeks… gonna be lots of drama 🤨 ugh 😑

But I have no ceiling on my hours this week … so I be working this week big time!

I am a neutral person? I am diplomatic and stay out of shit… or try to. 🤨✌️😄

So here we go 🤨

What happens is – I am sandwiched between the workers and management – I am admin…

So then what happens is because I am neutral… I don’t repeat things and I don’t say anything bad about anyone… I will tell you how it is if there is an issue – I am very forthright

But I get both sides telling me their side … and then here comes the corporation

Anyway… both sides tell me things – neither side knows the other side is saying things also – I keep EVERYTHING to myself

My job is admin… paperwork… not drama!! I do not do drama… paperwork… nice quiet paperwork. 🤨

But anyway my point is… both sides are saying their sides to me…

One side shows me who they are … and I like that they do that… I feel like I can trust them… I like them… those are the workers … arrangers

But I am admin … so I also fall around upper management … and they tell me things

Upper management I don’t totally trust… I have heard not to trust… and sometimes things said do not make sense or feel like a pull along?

Anyway I just let people say whatever

Over here trying to do my paperwork

So I had all that going on… all day … while trying to do my paperwork 🤨😄🤨

And then… family calls and is like we coming down for paperwork and tour

Umm what?? Cause no one told me anything… I dunno that one is weird …

All they needed was release and wanted a tour that took an hour and a half lol

Another new family keeps handling everything omg … we do that!! That’s what you have us for!!

This morning they calling cemetery and cemetery is calling me… what?? What is going on?? They prearranging everything before they even meet with us and already have a preneed!!!

So whatever – I checked with arranger and then locked down cemetery and time. Then they asking me about the obit… cause they have a preneed

They tell me paper wants almost $3000 for the obit 😮😮😮 fricken what??? Are they taking out a whole page??? 😳😮

So I gasped lol … what? $3000??? How big is the obit? Lol

They said it is long and they have several pictures lol omg ok

So the preneed was written for an obit to be included at $700… they will have to pay the obit themselves and we will reimburse off the preneed. Up to the $700. But that takes 7-10 days – preneed pays funeral home and then we cut family a check.

They want obit in paper for Tuesday which gives them until 1:30pm on Monday to get that Obit in. If you don’t do on time – won’t run on time. So they have to get on that.

Fricken $3000 😮😄 I almost died!!! For an obit??? In the paper?

Ok whatever

For me… she was here – she had fun – now she done lol 😄✌️

But that did almost kill me when they said was $3000!!! Damn!! How was your life?

So I dunno – was pulled in many directions except for paperwork 🤨

Ok well I have to finish up. Was a good Sunday… just steady stuff all day!! And every time I went to either go to the bathroom or eat something the phone rang 🤨

Ok have to go back later I

13 thoughts on “Sunday stuff-ish 🤨

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    1. Yes … every single time today!!! It would be nice an quiet and I would think ok let me heat up my lunch… it would ding… I would get out of microwave … sit down to eat and phone 🤨

      And it was always something really long and involved – so by the time I went back to the food – it was cold 🤨 ugh

      And the same thing with the bathroom… I have a cordless phone I can bring with me – but I don’t like to do that because when you turn the light on in the bathroom … is loud like a jetliner 🤨 there is no way I am answering a phone like that 😄😄

      All day long it did that! Some Sundays are quiet and peaceful… some are steady and some are crazy.

      Today was just steady.

      😄😄 funny though it was like every time as if people knew 😄✌️

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  1. I understand life tributes and all but who even reads papers anymore? Are they putting in the Wall Street Journal or some ccx such? $3,000… so many better ways to pay tribute with that amount of money. But whatever works for them…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha I know!!! We have a free one we do for them on our website and legacy picks that up also…

      Who the hell reads the paper still?? And if I do get the paper – comics and done lol 😄✌️

      I’m not like … hmm 🤔 let’s see who died today 🤨 what??

      And yeah that is ALOT!!! $3000!!! I guess the old school families still do that…

      My mom has the announcement of my birth in the paper she saved from that long ago 😮

      They have my great grandmother (1979) and great grandfathers (1966) obit …

      So some old school people still do for the tradition I suppose – but that is insane!!

      They are seeming like no expense spared – but they do have a preneed with a good amount on it already. So they won’t have to pay for what deceased wanted … anything extra besides the preneed they will have to pay for.

      So I suppose … since preneed already has most of the big stuff handled – they pay for whatever else themselves now?

      Just that caught me off guard!! Lol $3000!!! For an obit in the actual paper lol

      That is going to be one amazing obit!! 😮 I kinda wanna see what a $3000 obit looks like 😮

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      1. Hahaha it’s our Capitol paper – the big one for this area … you can get at gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, and of course those paper things – yes I have still seen some of those 😄😄


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