Whoa 😮😳

You won’t believe this 😮😮

The shit just hit the fan lol omg…

So MY boss on vacation … and you know how we been hurting? Like really bad and the situation is horrific?

Well it is… it’s really bad. With lunches, hours all of it… we are imploding

We are told upper management knows and says “deal with it”

So… MY manager on vacation… the head honcho is in…

So… when I couldn’t work all shit hit the fan and it all came out!!! To upper management – the girls said everything – no breaks, no lunches, no staff, won’t give me hours nothing

And the staff told him … Trisha is a diamond – you gonna lose her…

Last week … we have a girl who does nothing – she doesn’t work at all and won’t no matter what you say to her… we can not fire her because we need that body… we are desperate – we are THAT desperate and this girl knows it – so she does nothing …

Last week a family called in with a death… on her watch… she did nothing… because that would require work…

I came in the following day and the family calls in again and says they just called the hospital and their loved one had not been picked up yet…

The hospital told them they needed a release from us – which is normal protocol … so I acted like ok let me find that file and get that release right out to you and we will get that handled by docusign…

I took his name number and email… he said we handled his mother 2 years ago

I pulled up her file and looked at it got information from there

I went into computer to pull up the new one and there was nothing… so I looked around the entire office for the paper file… also nothing…

Ok so I had half the information … but where was the new one??

So we called this girl at home and asked about this call… she said was imminent that’s what she said the family said

That is a flat out lie because the deceased died at 3am… that call didn’t come in until approx 11am – that is not imminent

And even if was imminent YOU NEED TO TAKE that info!!!!!! The family calls you for a reason!!!

So then I had to call the family back… tell them the hospital did not relay the info (they usually don’t – it should have been taken from the family) it was not a hospice case

But I had most so I was able to get the new info quickly – get that in – get the documents and put them through docusign (that was while that telephone guy was there last weekend)

And she still has a job. We can’t afford to lose her – if we lose her it’s more pressure cause we down another – we don’t have enough as it is

We are seriously imploding

So I call in… and I am told about everything that happened …

The head manager had no idea this was going on… he had no clue.. we are just being told he says deal with it… he was upset

He said bring Trisha on – I will ok ANY hours and if we need to bring her on board we do that 😮

Whoa 😮

Now I don’t know what to do lol

So I called him back got his vc mail left a message. So we see what happens

Omg my manager gonna shit when back from vacation 😳😮

And how/why keeping this?? Why not say how bad is???

He is also getting pressure from his higher ups.

Whoa so that’s a development 😳

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    1. Yes it is!!! This is what I talk about!! This is how stressful it gets on top of not having breaks, lunches all of that… we go nuts and we implode – that’s why I can’t take it – the stress level is insane!!!

      It is a lot!!!

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      1. Yeah but we are dealing with death of a loved one… you do not have room for bullshit or errors in that.

        I bet the prison can be hard because you are watching a bunch of grown children, hopefully you have a good staff and all support each other

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  1. Why would you keep/pay a person who’s just filling space and not actually working? That’s INSANE!!

    Remember that you are allowed to take a better opp from your current employer but continue to search for new jobs and leave with little/no notice. They clearly are not loyal to their employees so there’s no need to have loyalty to them!!

    And if the added work is too much, refuse the change!!!!

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    1. Because we are hurting sooo badly … if we lose her we just have 5 people working 3 funeral homes … we need her or someone and we aren’t allowed to hire anyone – we are worked to the bone.

      It is VERY Insane!!!!

      I will listen to what offer is… I have heard all of it before so we see if they actually going to bring me on… I don’t want to be an arranger – I would be admin only so we see

      He had no idea this was going on so they say.

      I guess was good I didn’t go in, cause they exploded today and now everything is known. We had no idea upper management didn’t know – we thought everything was coming down from them

      Communication sucks with these people!!!

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      1. This is true… I do not know their job though… and I was told they have pressure from above them… is all numbers game

        Even when he called me … I didn’t recognize the number … I don’t ever speak to him… I have seen him in our meetings but you know I hate those – I am quiet

        He was thinking everything was fine because we thought he knew … my manager was telling him everything was fine? So as far as he knew – it was … until today 😳

        Oh boy


      1. Well we do not have enough staff to man all 3 funeral homes on weekends… i take one on Saturday … she has the middle one… and another does haunted mansion…

        And then haunted mansion is closed on Sundays … I take the middle one Sundays and the do nothing girl takes the one I was at on Saturday

        But without her we don’t have enough people. I dunno

        I have no idea why they keep her – if I were boss she would have been fired long ago – there have been several fireable offenses!!! SEVERAL!!!

        It IS insane!!


      2. I was discussing that today… I’ve had a couple male coworkers who somehow aced interviews (I wasn’t in them) but turned out to be complete wastes of space. We’d tell mgmt early, so they could axe them during 90day probation period, but they always ignored us. Then it took tons of paperwork and processes to fire them… usually with a buyout offer (“we’ll give you $25k if you go away without a battle”).

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      3. Yeah things have to be severe before they will fire… and have to have good reason because people are so Sue happy … but sometimes companies are shady

        I was hired at same time as that girl… we both hired together – she had funeral experience … I did not

        They hired one good one (me lol) and one dud (her)

        I am absolutely floored how she still even has a job… but again we are soooo short staffed so we are at mercy there


    2. It’s not the first time she has been spoken to… my boss supposably talks to her and she cries… and my boss doesn’t fire her or anything – no matter what she doesn’t do.

      She is a young girl… 20/21? Laziest person I have ever seen!! But ya know they let her do it so whatever

      If we lose her – we be fucked – we just need that body there but then you have to question if she does nothing anyway what good is it?

      I have no idea 🤷‍♀️ it’s all really stressful

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      1. Well… I know – I agree… but she’s the only dead weight… the other girls also work very hard and are really awesome coworkers

        So ya know… they work hard – I work hard – we a team… just one wheel is broken 🤨

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      2. Also, I had a a job where I was working redonk hours, workload, and stress because I was supporting all US offices… only person doing my specific job. I don’t recall what happened but I suddenly slowed down plus refused to work OT. It wasn’t till then, and about a 40% reduction in throughput, that mgmt realized how valuable I was and gave me a massive raise and perks (even though I was doing far less work). Till then, all they saw was that the work was getting done… not that it was killing me.

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      3. Yeah well I guess eyes have been opened now!! It must have been insane today…

        They said he was so upset and so sorry and bought them lunch and everything

        And they said he want to keep me so we see – I have heard before… so believe when see

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