Ⓜ️ Friday Ⓜ️

Friday’s ❤️ I just love Fridays sooo much ❤️💗❤️


Friday’s make the week just soooooooo much better ❤️❤️❤️ melts it all away ❤️

So boys got here and we talking about the election stuff … they are extremely anti-Trump … I don’t say much to them about it… I let them have their own mind and decisions. They can think and believe however they decide to.

But yes – they are very anti-Trump…

We just can not get over the things he says and does, oh my goodness – it never ends

We kinda laughed cause he’s is just ridiculous with how he’s acting and what he says. Ya know – be an adult.

We don’t understand how so divided people are with this. How are people ok with how he does and what he says??

Then we spoke about Kanye 🤨😄… and I said if he tries to run in 2024… and people get behind that – I am moving to Canada! I be done.

My oldest laughed and said Canada isn’t going to want us all immigrating up there

And that made me laugh cause then I envisioned Canada needing a wall 😄 it was just funny – keep the Americans out lol

I showed them that hilarious YouTube video about the “Leave Me Alurn” 😄😄😄 I just can’t stop laughing about that!!

Then the subject switched over to feminism lol 😄😄…

So I explain to them, when you are a woman – any woman… men tend to just do stupid shit … you are hit on literally constantly… you have to be on guard at all times

Men sometimes “think” they are better than… equal sure – but not better than.

Now let me also say… there are equally awful women also so I am not picking apart men … but I was explaining to them how goes…

Men will sometimes make crude comments, things are always sexual, etc etc

So then I said… how would you feel if I didn’t know you and came up to you and say “hey sexy, how’s that hanging?” 🤨 or “you packin some heat there cutie?”

But I didn’t realize to men that sounds good 🤨🙄😄😄

Cause they laughed and said “mum of a woman comes up to us and acts all into us and tells us we have good package, yes of course we gonna like that” 🤨

How is this point lost???

But they did agree that men can be creepy in their approach lol

My oldest said there is a feminist group that says “death to all men” 🤨😮😳 he said when they start talking like that then he doesn’t want to listen at all… cause that’s not right – you can’t just say they all the same and wish ANYONE harm!!

And that’s true… not all men are bad, and same is for women

I told them how men are towards me and things that go on… I am your mother… is that even ok??? I am a mom!! But that still happens 🤨


Anyway that was our feminist discussion. It was a little funny because my “how would you like it” did not work so well… cause they would 🤨🙄😄😄

Then they show me some video that was a Vtuber?? Pekoea?? 🤨 with a carrot 🥕 … most annoying thing ever!! But they thought hilarious 🤨😝😝😝 not at all!! It goes right over my head … was gonna be a 10 minute video and I say omg please no… that is torture … so they stop

They show me Minecraft’s new update coming … all the cool new stuff – I like that ❤️❤️❤️

And then 19 wanted MegaMind Ⓜ️… but daughter did not…

She will have him play with her and do things she wants … with the promise that she will watch MegaMind … but then she doesn’t 🤨

So he was a little down about that … so I took his side… let’s watch MegaMind

Oldest didn’t really want to watch either because is hour and 1/2… but he will do whatever we all wish – we do what he wants too…

So we watched MegaMind … both hilarious and I forgot all the awesome rock music it had in it ❤️❤️❤️

** Do not watch this if you haven’t seen yet and plan on seeing… this is a awesome movie clip but also HUGE spoiler 😘✌️


And the moral of the movie is… your destiny is what you make it … it based on the decisions you make for yourself ❤️❤️ I love when movies have morals and are funny too ❤️❤️❤️

*** ALSO a Spoiler *** only watch if you have already seen or will not be seeing … but it’s a really cute awesome movie (2010) … this will spoil movie if you have not seen it yet


So that was a good night ❤️ to hang and chill after so much drama crap today… ugh 🤦‍♀️ drama.

I work tmrw … hopefully all by myself 🙏✌️ not that I am antisocial or anything – but I would like some peace at work possibly tmrw 🙏 … also please no one die!! 🙏🙏🙏

Anyway I should get to bed. Early morning… and it’s cold… I will have to force myself out of covers 🤨 I just want to hibernate through winter!!

Gnite 😘❤️✌️ boy am I exhausted 💤



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    1. Yeah that’s because all the mail in votes are being counted and some states are going to count again – the race is close … Biden pulling ahead… they don’t want to call it yet because it has to be done fairly and correctly. We be patient for that.

      Trump is not happy.

      We will not know for awhile… you are looking at probably another week or 2?? Possibly?? I be surprised if earlier than that

      They want to make sure is correct, fair and by the law.
      Probably be some recounts also.

      It was a wonderful evening – thank you 🥰 Friday’s are the best day!!

      Happy Saturday to you also 😘✌️


      1. It could be sooner – I just doubt it… it is a very close race in some key states …

        And Trump is already questioning everything and threatening lawsuits – this is why they being very careful counting the votes and making sure everything is true and properly done

        He will need proof of the fraud he claims

        He is happy when he gets things HIS way lol… but can not accept responsibility for anything bad or any issues against him… like a toddler throws a fit when doesn’t get his way. 🤨 lol …is exhausting when that is your president!!


      2. Well yeah but that’s because the race is close… and then Trump, being who he is, is not going to go quietly. So they are being VERY vigilant about counting… they want to make sure before they go ahead and call those close states.

        Nevada is close to me… I know for them, by Nevada state law… have until November 10th to receive mail in ballots – those ballots must have been postmarked by November 3rd but Nevada does have until the 10th to receive all their votes ( this is because due to Nevada law, in times of emergency – they send every single person living in Nevada and registered to vote – a ballot. Covid-19 followed that guideline)

        Georgia … the race is so close… too close… so they will be doing a recount

        Pennsylvania … still has ALOT to count…

        Arizona … also still has ALOT to count, is those mail in ballots for these states that is causing the delay – and the closeness of the race

        And then North Carolina – they are similar to Nevada, they have until the 12th to receive all ballots as long as post marked by 3rd

        So these counts will be long… we had record setting voting numbers – and then, you know, pandemic

        So it will take a little while… and then you know Trump going to have problems if he doesn’t win – so they want to make sure “every vote is counted” and also counted properly

        The race is just too close and we deal with Trump. It will take awhile

        We can do anything easily 🤨🙄😄😄✌️


      3. The country was actually really divided … if you look at the voting map of the United States … east and west went blue… but the heartland area all went red… there was a large divide.

        I for one… am happy and VERY relieved … now we can work on putting the country back together and fixing everything Trump F’ed up!! Order will return… ahhh peace ❤️🇺🇸🙌

        Ugh technically he could run again in 2024… but ya know – I don’t think he would win then either – but according to the constitution no one person shall hold that office more than twice – but it does not say they have to be consecutive terms 🤨

        He fricken damaged the country severely! With many things – all he spread was hatred and turmoil

        Let’s see how well Biden can turn things around in 4 years 🇺🇸🙏

        God if he runs again lol 🙄😝🤨 … I am just thankful he is out now ❤️👏🇺🇸

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      4. yes lets hope everything can be fixed and American can become great again. I could not believe how close it was in the end so there where still so many people who either supported trump or did not trust biden enough. I look forward to seeing what happens now.

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  1. I had to look up “leave me alURN”. Funny!!!

    I can hit on your boys and the msg will get through. It was having men react grossed out by my flirtatious JOKES that made me realize I’m OLD!!

    I watched the mockumentary “No Men Beyond This Point” earlier tonight. It’s an amusing take on the idea of a world without men due to a fluke of nature.

    For a long while, I disliked Fri because it meant 2 days of being annoyed by people being home, vs the quiet of workdays (when I was the only person home). Now they’re just another day.

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    1. Yeah ever since I saw that “leave me alURN” 😄😄 I just find it sooo funny – and it even put the thought that – ohhh we have little urns ⚱️ like that… maybe I order one lol – cause it seemed pretty hilarious and brilliant 😄 watch it not even work right for me 😄✌️

      Yeah I raised really good men … the men I raised are quality ❤️

      I don’t think I would like a world “without” men… I think I would miss them and their shenanigans…not all of them are bad and some are really hilarious or delightful ❤️

      Did they miss men in that documentary? I do not know if a world of women would be cool cause that could be problems also lol

      I just always loved Friday’s – I was born on Friday … Friday starts weekend… and Friday is family night ❤️ I just always love Friday ❤️✌️


      1. In the mockumentary, the youngest man on earth is 37. We follow his life as a nanny and the women he works for. There are groups who want to let men die off… natural selection (women become pregnant without sex, like somr amphibians, and only girls are born). Others view men as endangered beings, to be saved.

        Most men live in really really nice “sanctuaries” and talk about rebelling but are too lazy to do so (all their needs are met). Their hunger strike lasts 1.5 days because, in their words, “men have to eat!” They complain about, “all military spending was cut. For what? World peace and electric cars? Pfft!”

        There are rules that men can’t gather in groups of more than 2. They’re extreme 2nd class citizens.

        It’s clear that one of the main women we follow is still attracted to men. Her female partner is part of the “let them die off” thinking.

        There are rallies for heterosexual acceptance.

        In the end, the woman and man end up together, fight for & win the right to marry. Science has allowed the woman to get pregnant with sperm (their bodies naturally kill it) and theyare waiting to see if she gives birth to the first male child born in 38yrs.

        It’s all about taking stereotypes and prejudices to ridiculous extremes.

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      2. Well I have 2 really amazing man sons 😄❤️

        I am very pro-man lol

        ❤️❤️ I do love my boys ❤️

        And there are really awesome men out there

        I would not like a world without men

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