Coffee, parts & labor

I have few more things to do today… I have been busy today.

So I took my car in first thing this morning… took it to my new car guy… I don’t really know him well, he has just worked on my car.

They were going to do my oil, change the spark plugs and just check over the engine.

He says to me – you got a ride?

Nah, I was just gonna grab a coffee somewhere and just wait…

He says “in this neighborhood!?” (It’s the “hood” lol)

I said “why? Is there not a coffee place close by?”

He say “c’mon we go get a coffee, I could use one too” 😳 (I always wear my mask)

So he took me to Starbucks, bought me a coffee, we chatted in car… he said the mechanic he works with used to do cremations – I said well my cremations are done at such and such place … and he says that’s where his mechanic used to work 😮 what a fricken small world lol 😄

We came back to the shop… and he said I could sit at his desk… so I sat in the visitors chair in front of his desk

And he sat AT his desk lol… I thanked him for the coffee…

We chit chatted while his mechanic worked on my car…

He told me about this woman who is like his daughter – she was the daughter of his ex girlfriend… and the ex girlfriend gave the daughter ultimatum – you choose him or me, can’t have both… so the daughter chose him 😮

He has a heart cause he has helped her out a lot…

She doesn’t sound very smart? Not to be judgmental or anything … but here’s the issue…

This woman does not take responsibility for her life and lives in a dream world 😳 that’s not going to go well.

Just according to what he said.

We talked about my cancer – he also had cancer and is doing ok… I do not like the kind of cancer he had… I hear that – and it makes me instantly worry – his was prostate – that one sends a fear through me

He also had heart surgery, and told me about that. He is fine now… I am not sure how old he is??? He is not old? Very much? Lol – maybe 60? I am not sure – I suck at guessing ages

The whole time we talking his mechanic just going to town on my car… and he is ordering all kinds of things for my car and they doing this and doing that

It has to be done so I had to do it anyway… if I have a problem – I will talk to my landlord. I was expecting to be buried. I was really worried. But I will deal with whatever it is…

While I was there – all kinds of people came in to bring him food. He asked if I wanted any, no I was fine lol – I had the coffee ☕️

I spent the whole morning there!! And he just took the time to learn me? And his mechanic installed all kinds of new things and fixed things

He said just a few things that sent up a red flag for me?? I dunno – he is really really sweet… but he sounds very umm?? One way or no way?

I got that vibe a little anyway. I was laughing and chatting but I still kinda observe and listen to what you say.

That one way type thing – sends up my red flag 🚩

He’s really sweet, good heart, nice guy …

So I have my credit card out 💳… ready to pay… kind holding my breath cause I see him writing down numbers and using calculator … whew ok … what is the damage?

He only charged me $190 … for changing oil, spark plugs, all new valve cover gasket and well seals, plus fixed my alternator belt…

And then he says… I see you again in 4000 miles lol 😄😄 you are aware I drive a lot right? Lol – so next week then lol – kidding lol

But yeah he is really sweet. He seems like a good guy.

He’s very sweet to help me along like that. But I am also very careful

I’m not really sure how much that “should have cost”? But I am sure he did not charge me what it should have been. All that… plus labor? Only $190 ?

Anyway… I have few more things to situate currently – I will be back later ✌️😘❤️

21 thoughts on “Coffee, parts & labor

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    1. Yeah he’s really good to me. He is a very good guy… why I trust him and his work… I don’t worry about being taken advantage of … I worry that he doesn’t charge me enough lol 😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha yes I thought about that… but I was thinking of sending them those firehouse subs 😄😄😄 cause those are amazing… I am obsessed at this moment lol 😄✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😄😄 ahhh I see … I don’t snack too much – I forget about food when gets too busy lol

        I try to bring everything from home so be cheaper and maybe healthier? But I also love junk lol 😄✌️


      3. We are a funeral home – we stocked with coffee – we have many Keurigs … for us and guests… I don’t like the particular coffee they have at work 😝 so I bring my own … of course is always Dunkin ❤️😘

        Mmmm coffee ☕️❤️❤️


      4. For me stress makes my tummy turn… so I don’t want to eat.

        All we have is Keurig’s … we have no pots at work… I have a pot at home… but here we just have the pods because then is always fresh for the mourners and the girls like it that way too

        I keep teasing them and say you need to order “death wish” or “wake the hell up” coffee pods 😄😄

        That would be hilarious in a funeral home! My humor can be warped 😘✌️

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