Too sleepy 😴

Well I have tomorrow off… so I will be able to relax and read up on everyone ❤️

I want to stay up… cause I don’t wanna go to bed yet… I want to see if we have a president … but it’s close 😮 we are not gonna know for a little while 😳🙏

Anyway… I can not keep my eyes open even thought I want to stay up … and I want to be under those nice warm covers … I really want my bed lol ❤️ it’s calling me lol

So maybe I wake up in morning and we will know who the president is 🙏😳 I am nervous

Ok well I have to go to bed I just really need to sleep 🛌

Gnite 😘❤️🙏✌️🇺🇸

14 thoughts on “Too sleepy 😴

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    1. Hahaha I know!!! 😄😄 it is quite funny … you must be entering your night time lol… cause I am entering my day lol 😄😄

      We still don’t know who president yet 😳

      It is interesting to see the political map of the United States

      One needs 270 electoral votes to win

      They still counting – this is gonna take awhile, I’m glad I went to bed lol 😄✌️

      Well as I wake – let me bid you a good night sleep 😄😄 ❤️ it is really funny lol

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