Flowers 💐❤️

Ok last thing and then I am off to bed…

So today when we had that memorial service … there were some really gorgeous flowers … tons

Well the family only wanted the flowers for the memorial service… they did not want to take any of the flowers home.

They said either take them yourself or throw them away – we don’t want them

So they ask me… do I want some flowers?

Well sure, I love flowers 💐 there was a beautiful vase… with peach roses, babies breath, carnations, lilacs and daisies… it was big and beautiful … ok yes sure I will have that … be nice to have beautiful flowers – how you throw that away??

Then they want to know if I want the standing spray 🤨😄😄

Ummm … yeah I don’t know how that would look in my house or to my neighbors bringing that out of my car and into my house 😄😄 omg

Do you know what a standing spray is??

😄😄 umm ok let me find a photo of one lol

Ok… this is from Teleflora… but it looks like the exact one they asked if I wanted to take – I am pretty sure this is the exact same one…

Yeah no I think I am good lol 😄😄 how am I gonna bring something like that home? 😄 … I would totally just accentuate that weird funeral girl persona if I brought that home!! Lol

Yeah let’s not totally go and do that lol… it was beautiful though ❤️❤️ I just couldn’t – the vase was fine … the big giant standing spray was a bit much… I am not sure that would have even fit in my car 😄 and how would I drive home with that lol

Whatever I didn’t take it. I only took the beautiful vase with flowers

Then tonight… I’m sitting here reading blogs … when every so often I keep hearing bubbles 😳🤨 what is that? I would go investigate and nothing

So whatever – I go back to reading… then I hear bubbles again???

Ok did I bring home haunted flowers or something?? Cause now it’s starting to freak me out lol

But what it actually was – was not the flowers at all… it was a 3 wick candle I had burning 🤨 😄 evidentially there were air bubbles in the wax 🤨

Mystery solved after I thought the flowers were haunted for a moment lol

The flowers smell amazing ❤️ and they are beautiful ❤️

I have flowers ❤️💐❤️

When they were trying to talk me into taking all the flowers lol… they were like c’mon what woman doesn’t love tons of flowers lol

Well yes … flowers are beautiful but I do not want the standing spray – it is too much funeral type flowers – let me be normal 😄❤️✌️

It was just funny ✌️

Ok I’m really tired – I be back at some point tmrw after work and voting 🗳 😳

Gnite 😘❤️… and to some – good morning 😄✌️❤️

9 thoughts on “Flowers 💐❤️

Add yours

    1. Yes they do 💐❤️ … not too sure about the standing spray lol – while very very beautiful – umm ?? Might be little too funeral for me

      But I do love the flowers I took… they are beautiful and they smell amazing ❤️

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  1. oh peach roses I just love it. Though very rare to find peach coloured roses in here. Most of the roses are trade here is yellow and red but I love the peach one lol. Whenever I have any occation or something in my home I just need peach roses and white tuberose stick to brighten my home. Anyway hope you had a good day.

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    1. We can do and get ANY kind of rose you wish… purple, blue, peach, yellow – even black… whatever you want … you should see the incredible flower arrangements they can do

      One family was Hawaiian – so all the flowers 🌺 were Hawaiian – omg – so beautiful!!!!

      My favorite flowers are red roses 🌹 of course … I also like purple … but red is love ❤️

      I love purple flowers … and I love the smell of jasmine 💜❣️

      Any flowers brighten my home ❤️❤️

      Yup had a great day so far!! Worked and voted 🗳… so gonna be a long election maybe?? Not really sure what gonna happen

      Just got home and I get tmrw off – I am not doing anything lol … maybe 😄✌️ I say that… and that never happens without a shut down lol 😄✌️😘

      Hope you have a great day 😘✌️❤️


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