Mr. Telephone Man 📞

Busy morning!! Oh my goodness! I had to hussle 😮 and then I look up at clock and is noon!! 😮

And while all my stuff happening there is some phone guy that comes … umm what?? Not one told me crap!! Communication!!! Hello!!!

Who are you? What do you want? Lol

He is hired by my corporation to come and audit the phone lines … he say that over the years when companies switch providers … sometimes lines are still left active and you still pay on them without knowing 😮😮😮 he is doing phone line audit to check that

So whatever he is going around to all my homes today doing that … I just happened to be first 🤨🙄😄 and I was not aware that be going on today

He trying to talk to me… super nice funny guy… but I had phones ringing, I’m doing docusigns … so I listen but not well… cause that stuff has to be done in a timely manner and I have to handle with care – I can’t be talking to some phone guy lol … plus I got a million package deliveries too???? On a fricken Sunday! They deliver on Sundays??? Amazon stuff (office supplies)

One came by USPS (United States Postal Service) and the other came by the blue Amazon prime truck lol … both from Amazon – really Amazon man can’t bring them both at the same time???

And also funny USPS Amazon package was ginormous… 🤨 delivered by a woman 😘✌️

And the actual Amazon Prime truck delivery – delivered by a man … was a teeny tiny package 😄😄😄 oh yeah that made sense … it was just funny

Anyway I had a lot happening and while phone guy talking to me and asking me questions lol

I was nice and polite but just not all there? My focus was not on him and I was zipping around everywhere like a pinball lol

He had to access all the phone areas … I had no idea?? Lol

I had to walk him around and say – you tell me lol

We did find it after going into the garage and there is a small closet back there with all the phone system wires

He saw the hearse and says wow what a nice hearse 😳😄😄

I said umm are hearses usually nice? Lol

And he said yeah, but I have never seen one with so much leather on the roof (ours is fancy yes)

But I said have you been to haunted mansion (I used the actual name not haunted mansion lol) and he said no not yet … but I am heading there today…

I said wait til you see that hearse!!! That one is off the hook!! That whole funeral home and everything about it is stunning!!!

You pay money to use that one for sure!

But it’s funny cause I work here so I don’t really notice that stuff anymore lol

I had to take him in the prep room lol … thats a fun room

It’s just funny to see someone react 😄😄

It’s funeral homes – that’s what is … we have those things 😄 people just normally don’t see them.

Ok well anyway whew – I am going to eat lunch!!!

Oh yeah and he tells me – you are really funny lol … I said yeah funeral people are we just don’t tell you that lol

He said yeah he has to do all our funeral homes NATIONWIDE and so far all the workers are hilarious

See I told you funeral people are really funny – you just don’t see that side normally because we are being respectful and compassionate lol 😘✌️

We are always respectful but also very funny lol 😘✌️ it’s a thing … shhhh 🤫

4 thoughts on “Mr. Telephone Man 📞

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    1. I had not heard of either 😳

      But lol … I wasn’t expecting, no one told me anything… so I wouldn’t let him in until I verified this supposed to be happening. 😄😄 hey ya know I’m by myself and they tell me nothing 🤨

      I’m not letting some strange man in my building until I know who he is and if he supposed to be here.

      It is weird but he said he has saved company $150,000 so far!! And they just began! 😮 all that money down the toilet for nothin 🤨😮 wasteful!!!! Ugh don’t get me started


      1. Exactly!!! That part is stupidity

        …and also they have lost ALOT of employees so that have all that salary cushion too!! A lot of major employees with substantial salaries


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