Fridayyyyy ❤️

Ok so let’s see – today was Friday ❤️…

I worked … and it was ok… there are just things. The corporation makes it suck… but the job itself and the people are awesome… why does a corporation have to ruin things so badly??? I’ll tell you why… it’s called the “almighty dollar” 🤨 I really hate that. Welcome to life.

Anyway… went well… there was a burial today and then tonight …

I call it something different than they do??? Tonight they had a “visitation” 🤨… I don’t like when they call it that… that is such a weird way to reference it… to me … it’s called a “wake” … but whatever

Anyway… that was going on tonight… but I left at 3… I had to set it up though…

You should have seen the flowers for this 😮😮😮 omg … was incredible!! No expense spared – flowers everywhere!! Big ones and medium ones and little ones !!! Omg

The really huge arrangements of flowers were Hawaiian 🌺 … there was a Hawaiian connection… and he was well known… just flowers upon flowers 🌺

Anyway really beautiful!!

Annnnddddd…. I got to see my favorite guy today!!! Woo hoo!!! I just really love working with him!!!! We work well, and then it’s just awesome cause he is hilarious and interesting!! Totally love working with him, when I heard he was coming in … I was like “YES!!!!” 💪

He is just the best!!! Will suck when I leave… gonna miss him.

I know things … people tell me things… I just keep things to myself… it is not my place to say such things – so I keep my mouth shut … you tell me something – I will not share that

I do NOT want to be the one saying ANYTHING!!

But whatever – people tell me things – I know things. A lot of things 🤨 … many times I do not want to know these things lol ✌️ but whatever

Anyway… so I know that things have been going on, and I know people who are leaving, and I know umm issues going on.

Anyway… things have been said to me, which I keep my mouth shut about… I just listen… that’s all I do is listen…

But so many people tell me things that you begin to see the truth in areas? Do you understand…

It’s like you get pieces of a puzzle 🧩 from many people… and eventually you have a full puzzle! 😳😮 uh oh

So anyway… some stuff was said to me by boss… ok whatever – like I said I just listen.

And today he say something about someone and what he knows 😮 … sorry I have to be cryptic here because I don’t know for sure, and I really hope NOT to have this happen. But I do see it coming

As he told me, I just listened. I am an observer – I watch and listen. I didn’t say anything – what could I say? I just am a little uneasy with it – if it goes down … because if it does… it lines me up… and I don’t want to be lined up here. Oh boy

Whatever. Crap

So anyway… that was work.

Then came home…

We had that language discussion… the kids tell me other countries just teach basic knowledge of other languages … enough to speak in conversation

But I think they are wrong?? I think is taught fully? With all the rules that go with that language? I dunno… but other countries seem to have a greater sense of foreign languages all around. We drop the ball on that. (Sadly)

We had a lot of discussions about things – current event things …

And my daughter is a really strong girl 😳😄🙄 … fierce little one she is!! There will be no injustice around her lol

But I made a comment about how this generation is called something??? I know it has a name… but I couldn’t remember …

Until my oldest pipes in… they are called the “cancel culture” 🤨🙄 meaning you slip up once … they will cancel you!! Period – you done

🤨🤨🤨 ok see the problem I have with that is … are they perfect? I’m sorry I was not aware…

You are aware people are human right? And humans make mistakes … whatever

I think they are too harsh…

It’s not very nice to judge others … and I dunno I just do not like that whole thing. That’s so mean.

I dunno I have some feelings about that. It bothers me.

So we had that convo… and then we gonna watch something…

19 has been on this kick lately and every time they come over he wants us to watch MegaMind 🤨

Every single time he say … let’s watch MegaMind lol 🙄😄😄

We did not watch MegaMind lol… we have seen it… but we will probably end up watching it one of these Fridays lol ❤️

Instead we watched SNL stuff

I’m sorry but that election ad from SNL is hilarious 😄❤️❤️❤️

Anyway… I work tmrw … is the weekend. I am not sure how will be 😳

I have to be getting to bed soon… but I be back here and there 😘✌️

Gnite 😘❤️

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  1. I know “visitation” as a viewing, and “wake” as a party celebrating the person’s life.

    Sorry work is on such a strong downward slide! I never heard from the small firms with the cats. I realized it would be nearly the exact same step backward that I took around 1998… same industry, company size, and type of work… but for even less money than in 98! That was a good transitional job… killed time till I got the job that gave me my next career Maybe Life has something better in mind this time?

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    1. Yes they say visitation or viewing…

      For me… a wake is same thing but not a party… you pay respects usually the night before the funeral

      I don’t know it as a happy party… just paying respects and one last moment to really remember the departed. You mourn and pay last respects, be with family and friends and remember them – it is very very sad though…

      Like I said night before the funeral…

      It’s the same thing as their visitation or viewing.

      And btw… I never remember it happening at someone’s house but I do know they USED to do that, way way back.

      So like the way we had it… what I know for my own family… you have the wake… is very very sad… that is the night before the funeral …

      The next day we have the funeral which is also very sad… we have mass first (am Catholic so there is gonna be a mass) that’s usually about an hour or so… then you immediately go to the burial … and that is sad but usually quick

      And then after that we would have something WE called a Mercy Meal… a meal for the loss… a time to tell funny stories about the one lost and remember their awesomeness … is sad but happy at the same time … and it’s like a potluck… it happens at the families home… everyone brings a mercy meal… to have the family eat, they have probably been too sad to… and it helps with building their strength back up after the loss … is mercy for the family and the loss. That is a bit happier, you walk away remembering really good memories, having been with people you love and a full belly.

      At work they call those “receptions” which make me think of a wedding not a funeral lol

      I dunno I call things different than they do.

      Yeah I think life does give what is meant to be in due time… there are reasons… must not have been the right thing… I have to find something else myself… and I want to find that quick

      Bleh 🙏 hopefully we both find what is meant to be soon 🙏❤️✌️


    1. Yeah 😄😄😄 we had that whole gen z discussion on one of our Friday nights lol 😄😄

      My oldest is a millennial and I am a gen X lol

      I will get back to you… I just get busy with kids and work!! And I like to take time to respond too ❤️ so I think of things

      Happy Halloween lady!! 🎃👻

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    2. We talked about the generation being “cancel culture” because of JK Rowling and Harry Potter

      I don’t really know what happened ?? Or what she did? I have no clue

      But they were going off lol

      And then that brought up how if someone missteps or says wrong thing – everyone jumps on it and next thing you know – they cancelled and out 😮 career/life ruined 😮😱

      So harsh!!!

      Is teaching opp… not cancel opp

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      1. Well no lol… it’s ok to be whoever you are… that’s what I mean… people be too judgmental … should not be that harsh

        Let people be … and if they do make a mistake, help them, don’t jump on them.

        Have a discussion and maybe show them the err? Explain it? Maybe they don’t realize?

        That’s what I mean

        But you should always be who you are

        Always be kind and respectful … but ya know also be you ❤️✌️

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      2. Yeah people make mistakes – it’s called being human lol

        But this culture is like a bulldog!! They attack 😮

        It does make people feel horrible and ya know like I said people are human – we gonna make mistakes – it happens

        So yeah be who you are always, but also learn lessons and know when you wrong … that’s all

        No need for attacks lol … that is what I find too harsh

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      3. Mhm exactly there’s a saying “look before you leap” but nobody does anymore? I try too but sometimes It gets the better of me. I went by that saying today some older man tried to make contact with me. I was going to ask who he was but I decided after seeing his profile picture not to. He was a creep! So, I blocked deleted and reported abuse for child endangerment.

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      4. Oh yes definitely be careful!! You can not be too trusting!!

        Trust is a very hard lesson in life.

        Do not be overly trusting – trust your instincts and never ever give out your personal information to a stranger – which I am sure you know already.

        Some are friendly and mean well / but not all do.

        Just be aware and be careful!!

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