I hate shopping 🛍

So handled the car… I had to go over to sisters house to do all that…

She asked me to take off shoes before entering house cause she just had carpets replaced – so I did that.

My shoes are old… but whatever I don’t care – is only my tennis shoes 👟… But is what I wear all the time at home… is the only pair I have. I have 5 pairs of shoes… black flats, black tall boots – both of those are for work… snow boots, flip flops and those tennis shoes.

I don’t really spend money, literally just to survive… and I bought that car, is cheaper than what I would have had to do taking that loan.

So anyway… the neighbor who has dog, the dog came over the house by himself while we were handling the car info… and took my shoes – chewed them all up – to shreds- I had to walk home barefoot 😮 omg

Now I have to go buy tennis shoes for myself… ugh … wasted money I should not be spending

Either I have to get all dressed up and wear the other dressy shoes I have – or borrow my daughters shoes for today. I not doing snow boots or flip flops! I will borrow daughters shoes.

I suppose I need new shoes ☹️.. I just don’t want to spend the money right now. And it’s for tennis shoes… stuff I wear at home.

Bleh… I hate shopping and I hate spending money!!! So I am just complaining because I have to do both of those things. 😝

Ugh right now is not the best time for that.

Ok well whatever – is what is. I’m going to have to shop 😝 … and I’m going to have to spend more money. On my fricken self

I am stressed with seeing lawyer today and now I have to shop too… and spend money… yes I am complaining very much.

Also… I have to say this… I wasn’t going to share this story yet… but my boss told me yesterday that 2 positions be possibly coming up for arranger and would like to put me at Haunted Mansion. Told me not to say anything to anyone yet

Haunted Mansion is really fancy and people with money use Haunted Mansion… so the money would be good.

I don’t think I want it. The stress level of no staff, and what is required and what I have learned with how the corporation operates with their employees – I don’t want that extreme pressure and stress and then the other thing is Haunted Mansion is furthest from me… so my mileage going to be huge.

I love working there – but again if there is no staff and I am in charge of all the arrangements in someone’s death… and they are not willing to give overtime or help – and supposably they monitor the time you spend on their presentations to the family… regardless of how well you do, you can get in trouble for not spending time on the presentations regardless if family say they do not want. You have to basically force the family to see entire presentation 🤨 and if you don’t – you are spoken to… and also their systems crash – but they don’t care about that either – they will still speak to you

I just see too many problems. I don’t want that stress level – sorry I can’t handle.

All their staff is up and quitting… and they are not willing to pay what worth or understand what worth is – yeah why would I take that?

I am not desperate enough to totally kill myself for some cooperation that doesn’t care about its employees – screw that shit! I am a person… not a money maker … and they have referred to me that way before … that I am not a current money maker 🤨 because I don’t do sales … they only care about money

I was not expecting any of that from my boss yesterday… and that was said after work…

And a few things do not sit right with me…

So one girl… said when they tried to force her to do something – work weekends – which was not how she was hired… and they milk this girl for all she’s got already!! But when she said no, they say take or leave it – so she leave and they didn’t care how good she is…

Ok I listened I watched

Then another from one of the other homes… mentioned to them she was not happy… this one is really good and very experienced… does amazing!! She is not happy because of the severe lack of staff, is difficult to do the job… they expect you to do your own job plus more, but not pay more… or care at all… so when she voiced her opinion… they are now actually encouraging her to leave and find another job!! 😮

All across the board at all the homes in the area – not just mine… people leaving.

They don’t care.

This is a business you are supposed to have compassion with!!! The thing they say all the time is… is all about the families, the families come first…

While yes of course, but if your own family is dysfunctional – you aren’t gonna be of service to any families!!!

And if they are too blinded by money to see the incredible staff they had and appreciate the team work we all had… well fuck it then.

What do I care about making a corporation money when my own family suffers? And then also I am not killing myself for them.

I do actually love the job itself and loved the staff we had… but now no staff and the job be too stressful. I can’t

Whew so alright … whatever

Ok lawyer then shoes 🤨😝 ugh shoes 👟 I hate shopping!!!

4 thoughts on “I hate shopping 🛍

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  1. Too bad we aren’t neighbors with matching foot size (I’m sure you delicate little feminine feet) cause I have tons of shoes! I remember someone once blogging about their overwhelming 9 pair of shoes. I replied that I prob have 9 pair of every type of shoe… sneakers, sandals, work shoes, slippers, high heels & stripper shoes (I can’t even walk in heels anymore!!

    You’re wise to know what you want and what you don’t. I’ve often been encouraged to aim for mgmt roles but I know I don’t want that… it doesn’t interest me and I’d be terrible at it.

    It’s sad that your company recognizes it has talented employees but doesn’t value them!! I hope you find a good solution sooner than later!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol well… I suppose… I don’t know if I would say delicate and little lol … I am 7 1/2 usually

      Yeah I just don’t have the money for that so work with what got.

      I am 5’7” so with heels 👠 I feel like Amazon woman towering over everyone lol … I don’t really like that 😄✌️ I used to have heels… for like special occasions

      Yeah, it’s sad cause the job itself is a good job!!! I like helping people through that and that compassion helps me too!! I love the connections and I love seeing death in a different light. I love learning all about it!

      And the staff we had… was amazing … you know those offices when you enjoy the people who work there and you all work together and be supportive to help each other – was like that…

      But the corporation does not care about the employees – not at all. So they all leaving and those left have to deal with it… and the employees they just let go – are hard workers and have bent over backwards for the corporation and I sit and watch them kinda be screwed so I do not want that!!!

      I know I want to enjoy my job and the people around me and the work I do… I want to be proud of where I work and who I work for.

      I don’t want to be miserable, sales are also not my thing – I do not push on anyone ever!

      Yeah I’ll find something ❤️ I hope you do too!! Be great for both of us to have it be awesome! ❤️🙏


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