Yikes 😳

😳 ok please let today go well 😳

I was rushing this morning, forgot half my stuff …but is just my own personal stuff I like to lug around so not a big deal – I just want it lol ✌️ I can suffer whatever

Anyway… I got into work and there is a note 😳😳

The note gives me a description of a man… tells me not to open the door … and if it is someone in particular – the note literally says “do not engage” call security…

Does not even give me the number for security 🤨… so what is that… 9-1-1??? Cause that’s what I will be calling then 😳 wtf

But some other guy supposed to be stopping by today 😮

I do not know what ANY of these people look like…

I have a description of the “bad man” lol … but what if other one looks similar?? 😳😮

Please nobody kill me today 🙏

What the hell is that to walk into??… I am all alone 😳😮 … now I don’t want to open door for anyone 😳

Please no one come to my door today 🙏😳🙏🙏 please do not kill me today!!


🤨 that is not very peaceful on a Sunday!!! 🤨 the fricken dangers at the funeral home 🤨 what the hell is that???

I don’t even know… it is way too early and I have not had enough coffee… I do not like that note to start my Sunday 🤨

Now I just feel really uneasy. All alone!!

That would have been nice to be informed of yesterday so when I got here today I could be on alert 🤨😠 wow does communication suck!!!


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      1. No because the bad person is specific to THIS particular funeral home… I was at a different one yesterday … I bounce all around from one to the other… Saturday’s I work a certain one, Sunday’s are a different one … Monday’s I am where ever they need me – and then they usually get one more day wherever they want me… which is why I always have to pause for a minute when answering phone – so I remember where I am lol

        But yeah – that person is specific to this particular funeral home 😳 I don’t know what the deal is 😳 I just know he is after this one.

        I have no gate to be behind here 😮

        Staying safe though, thank you ❤️ … and there are neighbors behind the funeral home who are nice… they are usually outside when I leave 🙏 they are super sweet and kind!! So hope to see them out there later when my day is over 🙏✌️

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