Handling life! … sorta ✌️😘

Ok so not doing the cleaning job anymore – I can’t – it makes me hurt too much. My arm is not good… I don’t rest cause I have to get done in one fall swoop … it’s too much added on top of the stress from work… so I told him too much and it hurts too much. I can’t really do the physical pain like that… He understood.

So today… I gonna take test drive on that car and hopefully bring to mechanic guy… we see

I am concerned that with all the driving I do… this little thing won’t be good. It concerns me a lot on highways. And bad weather is coming – not yet but it will – thinking ahead!!

Alright so bleh…

I am pretty impressed with my little Toyota ❤️ I really love that car – I take care of it as much as possible… and it lets me push it ❤️ great little car!! I kinda want another Toyota because of that. I already love them. I wish this one I have would be ok, but it’s dying. I do have to handle that.

I just have to decide if this Kia choice is good “for me”?? The amount of driving I do – seriously concerns me – and also I would like to not die in an accident!!! I want to feel safe!!!

I like safety… and peace lol – I want both of those lol …so we see

Financially- do I take the moment – or bite the bullet and go for long term? What I want? Crap – stupid decisions!!!

I don’t want to be strapped and go under … and have huge car payment with everything I am handling at work…

But I don’t want more car issues with a car I don’t like just because be easier for right now… I am concerned on that part – bleh

Ok well whatever

I am just scared of car payment right now – but I am scared of bad car decision too!

I way over think my decisions!!!! I just want to be ok.

Alright so handle car today, and check out jobs 🙏

Ahhh so many things – I also have to work on court stuff – meeting next Tuesday

And should probably get to doctor… I just hate going to the doctor and right now during this I really don’t want to 😝 I am procrastinating

I soooooo do not like going to dr!!! They always say stuff I don’t wanna hear and I don’t want any bad stuff 🤨😄

Ok whatever – I have to run – I have to get my butt in the shower and handle this life lol 😄✌️

Back later 🤨 I want another shut down for one minute!!!

Where is the “pause” for life ??

Every time I think that… it reminds me of the movie “click” which I HATE!!! That is the movie that made me not like Adam Sandler anymore lol

I went in thinking be funny awesome movie like he does… instead I cried – I don’t know how many times!!! 🤨😠 do not make me cry lol ✌️😄 hate that movie!!! But I do want a pause for a moment!!


Also this song… bringing it back old school 😘 I could have gone so many ways … but I’ll do this one ❤️✌️ classic ❤️


6 thoughts on “Handling life! … sorta ✌️😘

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    1. I was about 7… but my parents had a very hard time keeping me away from comedies like that 😄 … I always found a way lol… that whole entire cast is amazing!!

      This one is just awesome!! Great movie! Very funny and such a wonderful moment in time ❤️

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Life seems to just have exploded everywhere 🤨 can it NOT do that???

      We should have a world wide holiday of shutdown at least once a year so we never forget what we go through!!! ✌️

      And yes – the Kia is pretty cool ❤️ I like it so far lol

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