I’m gonna have to leave 😔

I hate to say this, but… I need to find another job… because this one is not right…

The job itself – I actually like it… and the people I work with are just amazing… we seriously have an incredible staff!!

So what is my problem?? Whew it’s a sinking ship… perhaps like the Titanic…

Upper management within the corporation knows that we need help… they don’t care… their answer is always “deal with it”

And they really don’t care about their employees or obviously their customers – say goodnight business … they gonna tank …

…and this is a job that … hmm how do I say?? People need… people always gonna be dying. Will always be business… but you won’t have a business without employees if you don’t treat them well and make them want to stay or have loyalty

So literally everyone is putting in notice and leaving – we have staff meeting tmrw where they gonna restructure …

Ok… so they said today- you either do what we say or you leave…

They are not giving us more help, they won’t hire or give full time… (we don’t even get lunches – they are working lunches if you able – which means eat while you work – no breaks) they won’t give overtime but want you to work.

The working conditions are getting worse and worse every day – and that stress level – I can feel the hormones releasing … do you understand that one? I can feel my body releasing things because of the stress

So I do have to leave – everyday becomes more and more clear.

So ok. I have to leave. That’s just it. Wasn’t meant to last – but I ended up getting attached to the job and the people.

My dad had the same job his entire life… that was when companies were loyal to their employees … treated them well and appreciated them… companies are not typically that way anymore …

However the water runs both ways… because good hardworking loyal employees are hard to find too… the work ethic mentality is different now

But I will say… they had an incredible team!! And they didn’t care and still don’t. It’s. Corporation – their bottom line is money… screw the employees

Life is pushing me to leave 🤨 I hate when life pushes me along lol – fine ok I’ll do it… fricken life and it’s pushing!!!

I am working tmrw … instead of Friday which is good… Friday 18 turns 19!! ❤️❤️❤️

So I have to get to bed again… ugh … I am just exhausted

I should be off by 2pm.

I think I need to move fast 🤨 it’s about to go down even harder. Whew alright then

That sucks 😔

It’s sucks and I don’t want to leave my people but everyone is leaving anyway, and the corporation doesn’t care, about the employees, the service, or evidentially the public

Bleh – ok I can do this… it’s time. ☹️

Note to self… no more corporations 😘✌️

I am getting very burnt out.

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  1. I always say Life gets louder & louder till you get its message.

    Might wanna remind the overlords that breaks and lunch are LAW. Or let the State remind them (I waited till after I left to report an employer). The Labor Board are NICE people!!

    I’m sorry it’s all going to hell. I had a job like that. In addition to high attrition, entire 20-person dept quit on day. We conducted employee polling to figure out hoe to improve employee satisfaction. Results came back that employees felt the corp prez needed to be more visible and that people felt they weren’t valued. I was on the call where the prez said, “Well the employees need to realize I’m busy. And they should be thankful they have jobs.” Yeah.. that didn’t solve a thing.

    Whatever you do, good luck!!

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    1. Well the problem is, we don’t have the staff to have breaks… and it’s getting busier and busier…without proper staffing and the kind of business it is…

      That phone is always ringing… and then cases are coming in – all the paperwork – with filing scanning uploading – families coming in etc etc.. you are pulled in 50 different directions constantly… there is usually only 1 or 2 people working

      And even with 2, it’s just as hard. But to skip lunch – they have to pay overtime and they don’t like that but they won’t give us staff – and everyone is quitting.

      I adore my actual boss.. I have loyalty because she has been an amazing boss. She is caught in middle between her staff at all 3 funeral homes… and upper management which ties her hands. They won’t allow us more staff… people are fed up and done so many are just leaving – you can not effectively and efficiently handle what is coming at you.

      This corporation … I learned yesterday, has been sued several times on this same matter … 14? Their penalties are just shy of 5 million $$$

      I am very thankful to have a job, love my coworkers, enjoy learning the job… but it’s been burning me out (and everyone else)

      They don’t seem to care of take note of any violations

      And to just say “deal with it” when we really need help?? They don’t care about their employees

      Their bottom line is money ☹️😔 this is supposed to be a compassionate business but they really suck at it because it’s a corporation

      They had told employees (not me, does not pertain to me) but those who had vacation time… which was everyone – cause no one can take vacation! Too much work… but they told them take vacation before end of year… (company doesn’t want to pay them for working and also pay them for the vaca time they didn’t take at end of year) they try to take vacations- but the work life balance here is horrific … they end up working on their days off sometimes – some more than others

      We have a meeting today … we see how goes. Little nervous to see how gonna go… scared gonna be even harder?


      1. The reason to involve Labor Board is to force them to hire more staff, and get extra pay you’re owed. I’ve been there. My biss required 8.5hr days, refused to pay OT but would deduct even 1min late.

        I mean, obv do what feels right to you but consider notifying the Labor Board (esp if Corp has been dumb enough to put anything in writing) or advising others of the option. No one should be treated like that and it’s pretty difficult to fire an employee after they’ve gone to the Labor Board because (1) they keep ID confidential and (2) firing whistleblowers means more fines.

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      2. That’s a tough decision. My boss is good person and is amazing / but she stuck between corporation and employees

        Did you do labor board?

        That’s such a hard decision


      3. Yes, I had planned to go to the labor board but wasn’t sure when I could take the time off work. Then I got fired (only time in my life) for “this isn’t working out”, and went to the labor board the next day… with a year’s worth of payroll data for all employees (small office and I kept the records). Everyone was SOOOO nice!! And oracticallh giddy that I had copies of the payroll records, so they didn’t have to fight to get them.
        He w as violating add’l rules, such as msking us all salaried employees when there are laws about that too (so virtually all of us should have been hourly).

        Several months later I got a small settlement but some employees got $20k and above. I just loved that the a-hole owner got screwed… because one of the last things I saw shortly before being fired was his over $1M fine from the State Equity Board for not charging or paying taxes on products he sold.

        It’s the job I mentioned where the I had a a bad feeling during the interview (later realized it was the total silence, and heads down, in a large open office). I regret not listening to my instinct but it taught me about the Labor Board and that was it’s big lesson.

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      4. Yeah I don’t have records like that.

        I also don’t trust courts and lawyers or any of that.

        So I don’t know how much longer I be there anyway?

        If I trusted the legal system or the government – then maybe… but I don’t so nope, I’m thinking not a good idea. I’m not in that position… and then also – there are people I do adore that I don’t want hurt or anything… so

        I probably just find something else ? Leave quiet and let be


      5. Oh, Labor Board isn’t like that at all. You tell them your info and you’re done. They investigate. If they verify what you said, everyone gets a piece of settlement based on hours worked. If not, nothing happens.

        If they put anything about working lunch and/or OT in writing/email, you’ve got them. If they don’t, it tells me they know what they’re doing is illegal.

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      6. Well it difficult because we are told to take lunches but without staffing we can’t – it’s literally impossible… they say nothing in writing… and we have to deal with it

        I know what you say, but I have zero trust in this area

        I only want peace and that’s it… This is areas I have zero trust.


      7. Yes very true… I do believe is time to move on. And hey why not complete the 2020 experience with complete change? Lol ..from start to finish lol ✌️

        Yeah I’ll figure my path eventually. It would be less stress that’s for sure – I have never ever had such a stressful job in my entire life!

        So I’m not really supposed to have that in my life. Just too many things make me stress and worry here

        So yeah I just have to learn my path ✌️😘 I don’t know that yet lol

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  2. Just do it! I know it’s hard to change the environment that you got used to, but do it for your own sake! I did it a few times too, and I’m very glad I did!
    And as always, I’m just gonna repeat it, “You should move to Canada!!”

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    1. Yeah I do have to… It’s hard because I do enjoy aspects of the job and I do enjoy the people I work with… but it’s just too much and I can’t handle that stress. It’s getting too much

      But yes – I always end up loving my next step lol ❤️✌️ I just have to find it. I need to really focus on finding something better.

      Hahaha… well I just might someday lol 🇨🇦


    1. Yeah I think so… but that’s ok… just a new chapter – new adventure.

      So many changes in 2020!! Whoa!! 😮 I think back on this whole year and wow!! Crazy!

      Thank you very much 🙏 I will have to start focusing on a new move 🙌

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