What a difference coffee and favorite people make ❤️

I got coffee this morning before I went to work ❤️ funny how that makes a difference lol

I look nice today, but I wouldn’t say dolled up… just normal nice… I didn’t curl my hair so it’s bone straight 😝🤨… didn’t do anything with it. It’s long but whatever – I mentioning for a funny reason

I am just not totally feeling beautiful today lol …

So I get in – right away another huge flower delivery all for same family – so much we needed to borrow another van from one of our other funeral homes 😮 and you should have seen how incredible and beautiful these flowers are – whoa!! Crazy!! And those are expensive!!!

Then an attendant arrives – I’ve got to take him to the other home and get the van … I have ever met him before lol – new to me 😄

Very much so a conservative 😄 way over on the right 😄 … so he talking about how the left side created the division in the country lol… whatever … I just listen – I said “so you are republican” lol

I don’t really speak politics – and I don’t mind people have other opinions than me… I stay independent with my own views… I will listen but carry my own opinions. Whatever not gonna get into all of that lol … I would like a nice day lol

But he was cool as a person – funny and very opinionated lol

Just a cool regular guy.

We ran and got the extra van… their van was dirty – but there was no time for car wash lol

He was complaining because he say women keep their homes all spotless, but their cars are always dirty 😄😄 … I was gonna tease and say yeah cause that’s what men are for lol … we handle the house you do the cars lol … I only joke – I did not say anything… he was joking too – but was funny

Then… my favorite one came… you remember – he is gay … I hate that he is gay because he is awesome!!!! I totally love him – he is so hilarious and just a great personality – I completely click with him… love working with him and just enjoy who he is!! He is awesome

Well he was gonna tease me again… but stopped himself and said “oh wait I can’t tease you, you are hot” 😄😄😄

I totally forgot all about that!!! That made me laugh and since I wasn’t feeling beautiful that made me feel better ❤️ see how awesome?!

Anyway… he did actually tease me at one point … so I said “that’s it, I’m telling your dad” 😄😄

Oh I just laugh and laugh with him!! He is so awesome to work with!!! I love people like that!!

Anyway I have a lot happening currently – have to run – be back after work

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