Meh 😒

It went fine … was more than 2 people which what I told … not a big deal but I had no idea that’s what I was walking into… if you gonna do that to me – fricken communicate!

And then there are things I can not do… so that is just how is. I can not lift or do heavy things – so that’s just gonna have to be fine. Oh well they know this – they well aware

And I have no idea how to do some of the things … so whatever – went fine I guess … I also had flower deliveries before and during that 🤨

Tmrws flowers came way earlier than 4:30 🤨 like 2 hours early!! 🤨

And then another flower deliver from another flower shop while family and people were getting here.

The arranger text me during everything and I said flowers here – she said “what? no flower shop delivers flowers on Sunday”

Oh yeah? Cause these 2 did 🤨

I have never accepted flowers before either … cause I am not an arranger … I have only been doing office things … I don’t handle the flowers at all… none of it… I have helped show families in and seated them for conferences and I have attended 2 burials during height of covid… that is it

After first delivery I see there is clipboard so I have him fill out… thank goodness I caught that!!!!

Knew nothing about it – saw right before he drove off

Ugh … then second delivery came exactly as family get here and I trying to handle family

They gone now and it went ok… the phone did not go off … I did not die… nervous and panicky but I didn’t die

The person to pay money never showed up, I am glad though – that would have made me completely panic with all this. That would have taken me forever to figure out their computer payment thing

I would like more training for these things – I don’t like being thrown in the fire unexpectedly – if you can’t communicate – I have issues with that. Especially here!

Alright getting ready to leave

I be back later if I can get home ok lol 🙏 cross your fingers!!!

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