Just sing ❤️

When I was little… my parents had this beautiful stereo and they would play music all the time…

They played umm… 1970’s folk or easy listening music … actually I didn’t even know there was other music until I was 12!! Lol (then my music world exploded! lol)

But anyway… there was probably 2 songs actually that I just always loved… I love the music, I love the lyrics and the woman who sings it… to me… her voice is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

These songs kinda set down my personality??

So the first song is a happy bubbly song… probably a little corny lol… but basically be who you are and have your own song… don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Doesn’t matter what it is. Be who you are. Be free and do that.

The chorus of all the lala’s can kind of annoy me sometimes – but as a kid I loved that lol ✌️😄

And actually, as an adult … if I don’t wanna listen to someone or something- I always think of that lol 😄😘✌️ la la la la lol 😄

This would be the first song…


Someone made me remember that today ❤️


And the second song for my personality is probably this one?? … this one I know ALL the words completely lol 😄✌️ I really love this one!

Is for when your life becomes amazing ❤️ that feeling when you burst with happiness and all seems right with the world… and you are blinded by nothing else

Not to say that there isn’t bad and terrible things because there is… there always will be… and sometimes it is crushing… so it’s not always these songs – but these are songs that make me know and remember happy ❤️


But I really love all the Carpenter songs – their songs are beautiful and heart felt and amazing – musical genius … and that voice!!! I love her voice

Her story is extremely sad though – I think some of that comes out in the lyrics in some of their other songs

That is when music was classic and it was an art!! When they told honest heart felt stories through music. Like a beautiful painting – you see with your eyes, beautiful melodies and lyrics – you hear with your ears … art in the same way.

Like I said her voice IS my favorite voice of all ❤️ I just like to hear her voice

Their music is very beautiful and kinda timeless ❤️

Ps … my personality is kinda a mix though… I also have sad songs and angry songs and funny songs – I have a list of songs lol 😄✌️🎶 it depends on what mood I am in 😄😄✌️😘

So just sing ❤️🎶

18 thoughts on “Just sing ❤️

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      1. That’s kinda cool… you are a world away from me – I think? But also similar

        Just out of curiosity – when is your birthday? I ask because I want to see if that has anything to do with the similarities?

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      2. 11th December 1948

        My life path number is 9! And when I went through the Mayan ceremony early last year in Guatemala- the lady told me as per Mayan’s my life path number is 5 !

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      3. No wonder we are so much alike!! You seem very similar and familiar to me.

        How funny!!

        My mothers birthday is
        July 15, 1947

        And my dad was…
        September 24, 1949

        You fall right in between them

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      4. If I did it right? I found a site that does your Mayan life path… but it’s the internet so ya know, not always right lol

        It says I would be an 8?? Lol but I don’t know the Mayan ways… yet lol 😄✌️

        Very interesting chatting with you! That was fun!

        You are very kind ❤️

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