Draw my life and alarms 🚨

I think death is wrong for me.

I just do.

Everyday… something shows me it is wrong. Something is wrong. It was not meant to stay with me?? That kinda sucks because I do love certain things about it … and I completely adore the people I work with… but bottom line … like this – it will kill me. It just will.

Anyway so there is that.

Then I went to be with my kids… the car concerns me… that’s gonna be an issue soon. I am going to have to be a little faster here … I am going to have to situate that pretty soon. I pray I can last longer – but I don’t think that’s gonna last much longer.

Then I am with my kids and someone who is close to the people I am housesitting for calls me and says alarm is going off 😳😮

They can’t shut the alarm off without the password… luckily I knew and actually remembered the alarm code. So they shut alarm off and did not call police …

I called the neighbor and asked if they had just gone over? Yes they had…

They went back over about 7:30pm and the digital screen on the alarm system was reading that a parameter window was broken 😳😮

I said we on our way… is hour away

We got here at 9pm and neighbor guy met me outside and came in with me to make sure there was no one in house – there are 2 big dogs anyway… scary dogs but they are sweethearts not really scary – they just sound scary and look big and scary… but they are not if they know you – they are sweethearts ❤️ very very sweet

Anyway we check the house and no broken windows no issues …

Is weird? Never happened ever before? And no broken windows? So I don’t understand?

Nothing stolen and everything as I left it. Was just a weird night

With my kids before all that happened we were gonna watch a movie… but NONE of us could agree on what to watch – we are all different lol

And they have different humor than I do… they like dumb mindless humor lol 😄✌️😘

I like intellectual type humor? Lol you just have to know lol ✌️

I have mentioned this before lol ✌️😄🙄

They try to find things funny… I just do not find dumb humor funny so I just sit there not laughing..

I used to love these things called “draw my life” people would draw their life and tell stories ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I absolutely loved those …

I have told my kids to do that and they tease me and say “mum that is soo 2000, no one does that anymore and no one cares”

I always say … I do… bring it back… retro is always best… you should start it back up!!!

They say wouldn’t work

I disagree

They were my favorite – why people stopped I do not know?? It was awesome!! Someone should do that again!!

My kids could do that… 18 is incredible with his cartoon drawings ❤️❤️❤️ I love his drawings ❤️❤️❤️

And daughter loves to tell stories … she has funny modern outlook ❤️❤️❤️

And my oldest is also good with stories but also animation and coding …

Ok you people do that!!!! Listen to your mother lol 😄✌️

They all groan every time I say that!!

So anyway … we looking for things we can all enjoy … I don’t like their humor… they don’t like mine lol 😄

But then oldest shows me this…


At first I wasn’t too sure… but then I loved it!!! I kinda remember my oldest showing me him before??

He said he has been watching him for many years… ever since this video…


I remember him showing me that one

I like this Swoozie person!! He has a mix of story telling, kinda draw my life… and he’s very funny … ok sold!! I like him lol ❤️

And then that’s when all the alarm drama happened so kinda cut short and quick

Ok well that was my Friday night … I wish the kids would team together and make a draw my life or something like that – I think they would be brilliant ❤️

I have to go to bed cause I work tmrw – we have a Saturday service at one of the homes so not sure how tmrw gonna go

Here comes the weekend 😳

I believe there is something Sunday but I don’t remember … I think I will be accepting a body?

And then Monday is a Catholic service

Here we go

So good night for now… I am having hard time to read recently but I will hopefully this week??? 🙏 I really miss reading!! It kinda unwinds and lets me connect to the world – I like that a lot

Gnite 😘❤️

4 thoughts on “Draw my life and alarms 🚨

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  1. Weird about the alarm. When my neighbors went on vacation their side door alarm went off. House was fine but I was pissed thar I had to ask police to check it with me… they were just gonna leave based on “seems fine”… wth? We later figured out that days of rain had caused the door to swell and shift just enough to trip the alarm.

    Sorry work seems to have gone from fantastic to frustrating! I hope you find your next move soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I have no idea what tripped the alarm like that?? Was weird … we have not had any rain but maybe the neighbors set the alarm wrong? They check on dogs while I am at work and gone. But whatever everything seems fine. (I kinda can’t wait to be done and go back to my calm relaxing country)

      Yeah … I’m sure I’ll find amazing again – I always do. It’s just that job and people have been awesome and it has helped me through things so sucks they won’t hire proper staff. Then it would be incredible!!

      But you know … corporations … all about the $$$$


  2. I have dog also he is not scary. He is sweetheart as always with everyone. His name is coco. Don’t you have stray dogs over california. We actually have. There are so many dogs you can find in streets of India and they all born and grown up in Streets. Mine is also a.stray dog i.adopt him when he was one month old. So big dogs are not scary for me lol. Anyway do you love dogs?
    oh my god this is a daily problem whenever I watch movies or series with my mom and dad. They kind a love to watch family dramma genre but I like to watch detective and all kind of suspicious stuffs. Sometime we do have issues with remote that who can take ove the TV lol.

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    1. I DO love dogs!!! Very much!! ❤️ … we have stray dogs but not many… we have Animal Control here… they will pick strays up and bring them to shelters where people can go and adopt them. We do not have too many strays just loose and growing up on streets – animal control always takes them. I love all sizes and types of dogs ❤️ I am a dog person ❤️

      I love comedy, or documentaries or biographies lol… they don’t want to watch any of that lol … we do not like the same types of comedy either lol

      Hahaha that’s funny 😄 funny how is same all over the world like that lol

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