No Habla Espanol 😮

I just found an issue 😮… I usually don’t run into this ?

I had a Spanish ONLY caller 😮 I could not speak for her to understand me 😮… and I could not understand her

So I called around to my fellow homes… I called the mothership… one of the guys in care center speaks Spanish … he is calling her for me to see how we can help.

Ok so there is an area that is lacking – we need a Spanish speaker

We are in California – extremely high Mexican/American population – this is not uncommon… there should be more (or at least some) Spanish speakers

One of our girls is Russian, and speaks Russian – we have a big Russian population here in Sacramento also.

We should definitely have Spanish!! That is the second language of the United States

Usually people speak English – I only know English. That’s it

I can say “como esta?” Lol but I won’t understand too much of what they tell me back. 😮 … no habla espanol 😮

Usually they will have someone who can interpret for them… this one did not

I don’t know if we can help this one?? 😮

Whoa 😳

What do people do if they don’t speak English and have no one to translate?? 😮

So I found an issue today!! Spanish is a HUGE language here in California

I just don’t have anyone around me who actually speaks Spanish … I have Spanish friends but even they speak English – I even called a couple … hey you speak Spanish? They say no


So yeah the next person they hire – they may want to get some Spanish in here.

It makes you realize how helpful and important being bilingual is… I wish I was

I hear there is an app I can learn Spanish in 2 weeks – I might check that out… upgrade my worth lol ✌️

I can’t believe I only found 1 Spanish speaker in our system here in California – what the hell is that??

We need Spanish people!! They need to hire at least one!!!

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  1. Ohh my god this problem We faced here in India. In every state there is different different language though our national laguage is Hindi and English but still some people don’t get understand. Oh my god it’s seriously a huge problem for not knowing different laguages though i know Hindi, English and Bengali but still I hired local people as guide where ever I go in India. lol sounds quite funny at the mean time it is problematic. I’m quite relate my problems to yours but yah mine is when I am travelling but in day to day basis this is kind a big issue.

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    1. In the United States – our language is English – if you know English you will have no problem at all.

      But Spanish is our number 2 language… sometimes things are said or written in both English and Spanish especially legal documents or school documents

      We have populations from ALL over the world… many languages… when people come here, if they do not know English they will stick around people who speak their own language so they can adjust slowly and not be so entirely lost.

      But some just never pick up English… usually they will have a friend or family member who can interpret for them.

      California in particular, used to be part of Mexico until 1848 when was given to the United States. The Mexican boarder is right up against California! Spanish is HIGHLY prevalent!!

      The situation I had yesterday, the people were from Guatemala 🇬🇹… they just suffered a loss and needed help… they had no one to speak English for them.

      What they needed we could not help them with… they wanted a service and then on top of that, they wanted transport of the body back to Guatemala – which then means we would have to deal with the Guatemalan consulate … and arrange that transport between the United States and Guatemala (the consulates are not the most helpful in ANY language they are 🤨) but the funeral homes handle all that so the families do not have to.

      When you have absolutely no one to translate for you – we just don’t have that multi-lingual aspect… but we should!!! Especially Spanish!! I am surprised most of the people in my area and corporation did not speak Spanish!! I am a little shocked

      Not only could I NOT help this family because we did not have any Spanish speaking person to do that… but we also lost that business … instead I had to call our competition outside my corporation… and hand it over to them because they had Spanish speaking staff who could help them.

      The person in my corporation who spoke Spanish was in the Carecenter and is in the body pickup department – not a funeral arranger – he was able to help me figure out what they needed

      I felt weird calling the competition and saying hey we can’t do this, but you can so here is some business for you (I didn’t say it like that but felt like that)

      So that was a learning experience yesterday. It would be beneficial for them to at least hire a Spanish funeral arranger

      That’s the first time I came up against that so does not happen often – usually they will have an interpreter …

      But if we had Spanish speaking person… all that business would come, and I wouldn’t have had to hand that family over. That poor family – that must be so hard and devastating for them right now!! In a news country and don’t know the language … But I got them to someone who could help them, so I guess that’s good.

      With Spanish being so prevalent here that would be very beneficial for us to have that ability!!

      I do not know any other language… We have languages in school but only high school usually, unless a private school or class … and usually only 2 years are required not enough to be fluent and I am older I don’t remember

      I see other countries with way better education on being bilingual – WAY ahead of the United States in that aspect!!!!!!!!!! You need to start that education young – and have it be required just like math, science, history, etc… Everything is not only English and being bilingual is such an asset!!! Huge asset!!!

      Very much a flaw here!!!

      When I read people from other languages here on blog – I use Google translate … I just started that when I began to blog because the world is here – I want to know what people are like all around the world whatever language – Google translate opened my world with that…

      Like being deaf, and suddenly hearing!!

      Knowing more than one language completely opens the world!!!

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      1. Yes I agree. I also use google tranlator for read those blogs which are written on different languages. Obviously being bilingual is advantageble for everything like for work for doing daily stuffs and for travelling also. Here in India junior schools used to tought English as an universal language and State language for me it is bengali. But the state language differ from state to state. In midschool and the highschool we are used to tought 3 languages one is English 2nd is Hindi as our natinal language and the 3rd one is state language. So I can say it is pretty much time to learn about those languages and be fluent on it, but still in the 131 cores of population some people left their education because of poverty or less culture to education and they started small home business kind a thing. So they can’t be fluent in the national language nor in the universal language they are just fluent in their own local language so this is difficult to communicate with them in the time of travelling. Even as solution to this problem our official paper have 3 language options one is English 2nd is Hindi and the 3rd one in state laguage or local language. I can understand how much problematic it is in the day to day basis. But google did very helpful thing by launching the translator feature atleast language is not a primary boundary to communicate with other communities.

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      2. It is soooo interesting to learn how it is done somewhere else … your education systems sound better and more advanced than ours when comes to languages.

        Typically here, people do not usually leave school… but it does happen sometimes – not as much now – but it does still happen… usually due to a pregnancy or something like that… or a kid will just drop out for various reasons. Sometimes is poverty or to help family – sometimes just juvenile delinquent

        But is not as much anymore – but our schools are severely lacking!!! Other countries are WAY ahead of us educationally!!! We rank something like 27th… our schools need to be redone… sorry but they lack severely!!!!!!!!

        Wow so let me see if I understand … the universal language is English

        But your country has a National Language… which is Hindi right?

        And then each state has their very own language? Or local language 😮

        That’s crazy… pretty much all of the United States speaks English – that is what they zero in on in school… English English English

        All states speak English

        In high school and college you are offered other languages – most often Spanish or French – but only 2 yrs are required and is basic… Unless you take more than 2 years

        Each state speaks English but they all have different ways – different dialects – but still English – you can tell where someone is from by how they speak English

        I love being able to read others words even when I do not know their language … suddenly my world opened up to sooooo many people – and you can see similarities or differences or how people live … it’s been amazing

        And in person – you can use a translator that is right on the phone making that easier and you can at least communicate somewhat

        But over the phone – I don’t know how to understand over the phone for business

        That’s a huge flaw for my business!!! We are there to help people and comfort in a time of need – language should not be a barrier

        But since we are America – we have every single language from everywhere. We can’t cover them all always…

        Spanish in California is no excuse not to have in place… I was shocked

        We do have a Russian girl at work – she speaks fluent English and Russian (we do have a Russian population)

        We have a lot of languages in the United States – English is just what is taught in schools to us from day one.

        Plus our parents usually speak English – and if they don’t … sometimes they will experience hardships because of that? And they don’t want that for their children – so their children become Americanized because they are not taught their heritage language – only English which does open opportunities here

        But to be bilingual – opens incredible doors – especially in areas of high population of whatever language it is

        I am Irish (mostly) all my Irish people always spoke English only… my grandfather might have thrown a couple Gaelic words at me here and there – but that’s a dying language – we don’t have that here at all lol

        My great grandmother was from Lithuania and she only spoke Lithuanian … I was really young when she died … my grandmother (her daughter) spoke both English and Lithuanian … but it was never taught to my father or his brothers … and once my great grandmother died – my grandmother had no one to speak it with… and now we are all English only

        Languages are hard cause you will never understand every single person without some kind of translator here and there

        Luckily now a days we have technology to help with that for most part

        They just need to get that on landline phones now lol 😄✌️

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      3. Yes the last line is very true lol. In business purpose it is very difficult to help other with different languages unless you don’t have a human translator. I’m bengali and all my grandparents and their grandparents were used to talk in bengali or in English but my grandfather spoke the korean language lil bit. He actully trained himself from the Rammrishna Mission, a private language lerning instituition. Basically he was obssesed over the country. But he passed away when i was in my pre teens so I couldn’t get a chance to know the language better from him. Anyway But I can teach you bengali lol. Like if i say you “Thank you” then in bengali we used to pronounce like “dhonnobad” and in hindi it is “sukria”. It is funny actually but yet interesting to know better and closer to the different communities. Anyway have a nice day you much be eating your dinner now. lol this is funny. Anyway far away from me but I can wish you so Good night .😊Have a nice sleep.

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      4. Hahaha… well … আপনাকে অনেক ধন্যবাদ

        That is soooo cool … I would have no idea how to even say that!! I do not recognize your letters/writing – but I know how to pronounce now!! I am very impressed with your English! I am jealous you know more than one!!- very worldly!!
        Is one of your languages the one that reads from right to left? Which one is that? I can’t remember but I know there is one at least that does that.

        My oldest loves everything Korean and also Japanese

        He can read it and I believe he can somewhat speak it … he got that all from watching anime’s which he loves – since he was like 12… he would watch the anime’s with subtitles and eventually started picking it up

        I would love to learn!! You already know English really well… I don’t know what I could teach you? You are ahead of me lol

        Do you pick up the other states languages a little in your travels ?

        Hahaha yes I did just have dinner a little while ago 😄😄 almost bedtime now lol – work again tmrw

        How was breakfast? Lol 😄😄 it is funny

        Enjoy your day! ❤️

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      5. That is Urdu our north most state, Kashmir use to talk in Urdu. Ahh! Today I started my day with some south indian dishes which is actually my current favorite with Tea, delicious lol. Actually Indians are very much obssesed over tea. I think in westies Coffee does the same role lol.
        Yah definitely I will write some blogs over this topic lol our very diverse languages of India lol. Anyway I hope your dinner was also good and yummy. I actually like to eat westies burger and sandwitches actually we have it in India but i don’t think the way you gyz make it not the same way that we make it lol. So hope one day I will visit to your country and you will show me everything about your country starting from the food (as i’m a foodjunk lol) to every corner of the country.

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      6. Oh Google translate told me was Bengali … I hate when it doesn’t get it right!! Lol

        Yes coffee in the morning is heavenly ❤️❤️ mmmm coffee!! Lol

        I only drink tea when I am sick lol

        Ohhhh I would LOVE to read that post – I will watch for it!!

        Hahaha oh we have incredible foods… I could definitely show you some of the best!! I could show you some really amazing things!! From foods to places!! Both will astound you! You won’t want to leave lol 😄✌️


      7. Yah eagerly waiting for that day lol when I will actually experience in westies with my Americam friend lol sounds quiet funny. Anyway I have to sleep now hope the day will go good for you. Have a nice day for you and have a nice night for me lol. 😂

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      8. Lol that day and night thing is sooooooo funny!!!

        And the westies thing too 😄😄😄

        You will love it here!! I totally know that already!! I can’t wait to maybe someday see your world, learn the culture and see the history!! Is beautiful over there

        Work kicked my ass today lol… it was crazy … I will try to post … it is now night for me – thank goodness lol

        That was a very rough Monday!!!

        I hope you had a good sleep! And have a great day!! My turn to sleep shortly lol 😄😄 it’s like a revolving door with us 😄😄


      9. Yah this is funny for me also. Everytime I just write down to your comment section i just wait and remember ohh! thats morning for me and night for my friend lol. It is funny. 😂😂 Yah i’m eagerly waiting for that day when we will meet. There are so many things to see and learn from your culture. And i’m so much inspired to that fact that you gyz obviously girls way more stonger than us. I mean you hold a position in society even in village areas also. But here in middle east in rural places their condition is so poor that they even can’t raise their voice. The middle east has lot to learn from westies atleast in this aspect. Anyway Have a good and tight sleep with sweet dreams ❤️Love from India❤️

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      10. Hahaha oh we raise our voices over here lol 😄😄 oh my goodness we do!! Lol

        You can be anything you want here … you make your own life whatever you want it to be.

        You do need drive and desire but you have freedom of speech, freedom to do as you please … etc etc

        We have corruption in areas and some of our systems are broken and need to be fixed – but 2020 is doing a nice job of presenting all that lol

        We have poor areas too – but they have the same rights as anyone else.

        I think we have a lot to learn from each other 🥰

        lol… I am just starting my day… I have the day off – woo hoo!! Lol …

        Have a good night 😄😄✌️sleep well! Sweet dreams to you as well!

        With love from America 🇺🇸❤️

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      11. Haha your last massage is too cute lol. Anyway i haven’t dinner yet. Here in india we used to have our dinner late at 10pm or 10.30 pm and it’s 9.45pm here. Anyway good morning to you have a chill day. I love day offs oh my god netflix and chill lol but i have to wait for sunday lol. Anyway enjoy your day❤️Love from India

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      12. Oh wow!!! So you eat right before bed?

        We don’t do that … at least I do not… I have dinner around 5 or 6pm (usually about 6/6:30 if I am working)

        We have dinner at that time to let the food digest before going to bed. I was raised that way and how I have always known it.

        Hahaha yeah I don’t get to Netflix and chill lol… at least not currently. I just need to position myself better then I can ✌️😘


      13. Yah we did our breakfast late at night but not right before to bed time we go to bed at 11 PM and we have our dinner on 10 so 1 hour ahead to bed time. Actually we have another meal at 6 to 7pm which is heavy basically and prior to bed we eat light stuffs like toasts kind a stuff. So yah in the basis of heavy meal we do that in late evening on 6 to 7PM. Actually this short dinner is done for not letting the stomach completely empty during the bed time. Beacause once you are in bed you are not going to eat anything for further 7 hours so that time your stomach is empty and it may cause the rection of Hydrogen chloride in your stomach to the mucous lining of the stomach as HCl is highly reactive so after 5 hours of empty stomach there is no food material to react with so according to it’s nature it goes to react with mucous lining and results as forming Acidity in your body. So this is the concept behind that we use to break down our meals in 2 halfs. The bigger percent we eat in between 6 PM to 7 and the lesser percent we eat 1 hour prior to bed time as not letting the stomach empty during the sleep time.

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      14. Oooohhhh I will have to read on that!!! You have peeked my curiosity again lol

        We do differently … but I am interested in your health info!!! Thank you for sharing that!!! I will read about it!

        We have 3 meals – breakfast… first thing in morning … lunch which is about 12pm or maybe 1pm… and then dinner which is about 6pm or so.

        People snack sometimes in between meals but that is not always usual.

        I am always looking for health info so thank you ❤️


      15. Here in India we eat 5 times in a day. The first one is very lite you can call it breakfast. It’s only Tea and biscuits with almonds and dates you can add other fruits also. Sometime in the place of tea quite a few people use to eat Milk also. we have it like just after brushing our teeth. Then we go for jogging and for free exercise. That varies man to man actually. Some people go for walk or some are go to gym or some just are not go for anything those are the unhealthy one. So yah after that we return home then we have a another meal which we call as “Tiffin”. it is done between 9 to 10AM. There after we have our lunch at 1 to 2 PM and then we have our two slot dinner. The bigger one is in between 6 to 7PM and the lesser one is one prior to bed like 10PM. We eat small amount of food each time that’s why we break down it like many phases. And yah there are plenty good snacks also those are taken by in between two meals. Some people used to skip that 1st half of dinner by eating snacks but again those are the unhealthy ones. I generally don’t eat snacks kind of stuffs usually. It is very rare to find me with a plate of “fuchka” (popular Indian-Bengali snacks) lol. So yah we do have so many snacks all over India and you don’t need to go any restaurant or Mc Donalds of any Cafe for that there are so many food stalls and food car avilable in side of streets. we call it street food. Again I don’t eat that much but people do. Sometime if you are in work and you don’t have any time for doing the 1st half of dinner so people used to fill up stomach partially by eating snacks. So yah that’s how we doing meals lol.

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      16. Ha!! Americans do not have the healthiest diets… we have many unhealthy ones here!!

        Our breakfast can be anything … like pancakes or eggs and bacon or cereal, bagels – whatever … they will have milk or orange juice or coffee.

        Some people are Tea drinkers – I just prefer coffee

        We do not typically have your “Tiffin” … if there is a special occasion we call that “Brunch” a mix of breakfast and lunch lol … that can be various breakfast foods and lunch items like sandwiches or whatever (but usually Brunch is done for special occasions or friends getting together)

        Our lunches are pretty light salads or sandwiches or whatever someone wants

        We have fast food everywhere here … we also have street food – usually Mexican or things easy to eat…

        I don’t do fast food usually either… but we have ALOT and it’s a big thing here… quick fast easy and convenient- Americans have issue with that – that causes health problems

        Dinner is a big meal – usually homemade… unless that family likes fast food or restaurants lol … Americans lives are very busy usually. We don’t have that walk time or whatever … you have to be at work early … 9am the latest… and you work until 5 or 6pm depending on your job – hours can vary but people are always busy. Fast food is convenient – a big issue here!!

        But dinner is usually the big and special meal… when the family can come together and eat together, talk about the day or the happenings … is good family time … but ya know some don’t always have that… it would depend on their hours

        Usually both parents work most of the time. But there are traditional families also… they are just more rare now

        I don’t usually snack either… and to be honest sometimes I am so busy I forget about eating 😮 not good I know.

        My kids might snack before bed occasionally … by snack I mean toast or sometimes chips or whatever but is not a meal

        I have heard it is better to space out meals like you do.

        American lives are umm?? Busy. But that’s also an issue

        The life of the American family is very different than what it used to be

        I am careful with what I eat and how I eat… I have always eaten healthy for the most part … but since cancer I am more careful with everything I eat. You really have to pay attention

        Americans have any kind of food or things they want at any time … we even have 24 hour restaurants and things … every family is different and has different schedules – I just tell you what the typical norm is.

        Heart disease, cancer and obesity are big things here


      17. No Indians are kind of health freak. Most of the Indians are use to eat Organic. We prefer organic things. Indians love spices prepared organicly. Here office hours start from 10AM to 5PM and Indians are early risers. I wake up everyday like 5.30 AM. My mom is fatser than me lol. She wakes up everyday at 5 AM. So yah before going to office or school or university we have time to walk or do some free hand exercise. But again some people are late to rise so they skiped it. But in India if you go to parks or green fields near by your house at 6 in the morning you can see lots of people doing free hand, jogging or yoga kind of stuff. We actually believe that the fresh air of morning makes you feel energetic all day long. And the interesting part is for senior citizens every colony or you can say locality has a loughing club. Here men and women of 60 plus age come regularly in the morning and they start loughing and it is continues for 20 or 30 minutes. Actually it’s a kind of exercise. At the time of loughing your diaphramatic muscles and mucles from gastric cavity continuously relaxed and contract so by this motility of our digestive tract is become smooth. So we can digest food easily. Even our street foods also made up of lots of green veggies, Rice, wheats, Organic stuffs like that. So yah Indians are kind of organic eaters. And we use to maintain to eat home made foods usually. Even if you are in office or in college people use to cook in home and packed it in a lunch box and carry it to work place. But again there are people who have no time to eat home made so they go for snacks or in reastaurant foods which is again most of organics. We used eat Pizza, burgers or pancakes ocationally.
        We don’t face that kind of obesity or heart problems. But yah there are people with extra fats and heart problems but not in a large amount. And even someone is gaining extra fats Indians are very much protective over their weights so they immediately try to loose extra calories . Even we use to exercise only not for our body health it is improove us to calm our mind and be steady mentaly. Yoga is very much aplicable for Indians it is very much helpful for busy mentalities. You can also try yoga at home it is good for your mind and health both.

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      18. India sounds amazing – everything you said made me think “ok I’m moving to India” 😄😄✌️ ❤️

        I also do SOME organic things, but organic things are always more expensive here. I do prefer that too.

        I love the hours you have!! I wish we had that too! Our work is 40 hours a week if you are full time.

        School is different – and right now is VERY different for schools… they used to be in school from 8am until 3pm before Covid… now some are homeschooled (my daughter is still homeschooled) but some go to school from 8am until 12 noon now – that is the new school schedule currently – we have reopened alot

        I also wake at 5am usually. I usually leave for work about 7am. It gives me time to wake up and do a few things around house – then I get ready and go to work.

        On my days off – I still wake up early but I am slower moving lol

        I love the mornings before everyone else wakes ❤️

        I have never heard of loughing (my spell check does not like that word – it keeps wanting to change it and is telling me is spelled wrong lol… it does not know that word) I will have to look that up and try that!

        Typically American diet does not seem as healthy as the Indian diet does.

        I personally eat healthy, lots of vegetables and fruits … I do rice, pasta, grains etc

        I try to keep it really healthy. We do eat fast foods on occasion

        Typically Americans are busy and rushing all around so convenient foods are easy…

        I make my own and bring usually. But sometimes I am rushing too much. Not often but once in awhile.

        American diets are not as healthy as they should be… we have a lot of fatty foods and things that are not good for you.

        Our fast food or restaurant food is not good for you – full of fat and cholesterol

        India definitely has better eating and food habits than America … you are better than us there!!

        Some Americans eat healthy and watch their weight and take care of their body – but many do not…

        Obesity is increasingly a big issue here …

        I have always taken care of myself – and for the most part I eat really healthy… probably not as healthy as you…

        I do exercise when I can… I don’t really have a set schedule for it … but I like walking a lot … I walk as much as I can

        I used to do other exercising but have not since my surgery – I have slowed a lot with that… but I keep walking

        It is good for the mind ❤️

        So yeah now I wanna move to India 😄❤️ I like how you do things!!!

        America is definitely not as healthy as India! I like it better healthy!!! ❤️


      19. Hahaha that’s hilarious … I was thinking was something I didn’t know of

        Laughing I do know lol ❤️ laughing is essential ❤️ absolutely can relate

        Lol or loughing lol 😄😄 that does make me laugh ❤️🥰

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      20. Yeah I am English only.

        Don’t laugh but I might be able to say swears in a few languages lol

        That is only because of immaturity back in the day – those I remember lol ✌️😄 … is how I got away with swearing lol

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      1. Yah exactly. I think we do have a similar kind a mentality or I can properly say our perspective matches in some cases lol. This is nice actually having a friend from the opposite site of the globe with whom I can relate in some cases.

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      2. Yeah how funny is that… we have differences – however similarities around those differences lol … that’s funny … and you all the way across the world!

        I know I am enjoying it too!!! It’s very nice!! Really love relating like that!! That is sooo cool!! And interesting!!!

        And I enjoy learning about all your places and history and languages – I am very curious about all of it… it is very cool to learn – you open my world with that!!

        My friend lol😘✌️

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      3. lol sounds good that I became the interesting one not the boring one for you. I too enjoys your blog it’s very cool to open up our daily live infront of the whole world. I really didn’t know that much about the western countries and how they spent their lives in a day to day basis. It is very attracting actually every time I read your blog I actually can relate how different living in the western country from the middle east lol. I hope this friendship is benificial for both of us yet it is interesting from every aspect 😁

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      4. Hahaha oh you are very interesting!!! … I would not otherwise see the incredible sites you share and I love history of all areas and people… is fascinating to me… and I love learning your culture too!! I am curious also.

        I started blogging just for myself… I had been through alot… and I had just finished all my cancer things, all my own personal deaths, and my divorce from “Satan” ✌️ … I was overwhelmed and wanted a sense of privacy but also to be able to be bluntly honest with my thoughts and experiences

        I fell like the more that dialog is opened – then it helps mental health which can be issue in today’s world all over the world.

        Everyone wants to feel heard and no one wants to feel alone … sometimes there are injustices and bad things … when you open that dialog you remove the power those things have a little bit …

        And I felt like… there has to be others who can relate to the things I say or go through … maybe they would have opinions or advice? Or maybe I could help someone else going through something hard? Maybe they wouldn’t feel so scared or alone?

        I know I can touch people either with emotions or relating.

        I also would like to show people it is ok to be exactly who you are – when you are comfortable with your own self … the right people come into your life.

        I respect those people who are sincere and direct with who they are – regardless if I agree with them or not – I appreciate their views and honesty… I know I can relax with who they are

        The people who come into my life – I want them to know who I am as well…

        When we take off our masks – we can be there for one another sincerely

        I know my things and my issues can hit nerves or emotions in others

        I do have a gift with people in real life … I have always had that… people feel an instant comfort? Or umm they are instantly at ease with me even without knowing me… I do know I have that gift

        But I also want to show when you can be free to be yourself – not only does your world open and you become strong and happy and like I said the most amazing people will come into your life ❤️

        Many are afraid to say things or don’t want to… so I will say them lol 😄✌️ b it at least you know what you get with me lol 😘✌️

        When I had my cancer – I spoke very raw with my experiences – the love I got in return humbled me and taught me to be whoever I am… people will relate and they do care

        I like to umm inspire? I want a world where people can be free to be who they are … someone once told me … be the change you want to see … so I do that

        I also strongly believe some mental issues people struggle with is because they feel they can not speak of what they fear …

        I kinda went silent in real life after my surgery … I had ALOT of attention during all that cancer stuff and my ex had been so incredibly brutal … I was exhausted so I went silent

        I still remain a little quiet from those who watched that turmoil… I just don’t want to explain – and that is behind me, that does not define me…

        I do speak and I am honest, and I do not care of others judgements – I have rebuilt myself after so much misfortune …

        I have a very strong spirit, but for awhile there I felt the heaviness of all the trauma I went through and I needed to heal myself – this blog helped me through that and continues to. I didn’t need medication or a doctor… I just needed to heal myself – I needed peace – I still kinda do

        I find peace in both blogging and coming into my own 😘✌️

        Anyway… I am chatty tonight lol… but all that together is how my blog became ✌️I still am learning and growing lol

        But I am happier and my life just blooms… I want to help others get through things – it just takes strong support or belief from someone to make someone stronger for themselves

        And I also find things about others that I admire and take with me. 😊✌️

        Not that you asked for all this info lol – but just sharing

        Is my life different than say one of a woman from the Middle East? Or your own? Cause the Middle East is a pretty big super power also? So what are the differences that you do notice? I am curious

        Anyway I have to get to bed… work again tmrw – rinse and repeat lol 😄✌️

        I’m glad I met you to, you are amazing friend as well!!

        Good day sir! Lol … for me – good night … I will see you again at end of your day 😄😄😄😄 that is just sooooo delightful and funny … I will wake and it be your turn for bed lol

        Good night for now 😘✌️


      5. You speak raw that’s why I got more and more interest to know you and love to read your blogs. I completely agree with you it is very nessesory to be you. Most of the people don’t talk much about themselves because of many issues some issues are society related also. I don’t know about the westies but in middle east society is a huge factor to open up yourself.
        May be I don’t ask you to share but I love to listen people’s thought. You know this is actually benificial for the listener from many aspect also, I think people should listen to each other and be there for each other and that doesn’t that factor “same community” or “same natinality” bound us to do that. We all are humans so our main nationality should be “Humanist” not Indian or American or etc. I love to talk with people from different countries and I really love that idea to share my thoughts with my writing. This is insane actually when I start to write blogs there is one thing is my mind that I want to share my experience from all over the India and encourage people that not to waste time because of heartbreaks and that kind a stuff I mean there is lot to know! The world is like a treasure box if you don’t open up your thoughts or if you don’t go outside to your small world by not sharing who you are to the other people from different culture then you may be missed the lovliest thing in life. In every moment In every person has a lesson to learn. And when I read blogs from different niches and different countries that inspire me the most to write and share. I tremendously believe that you never need a limit to open up yourself I mean it’s you and it’s needed sometimes to be raw and to be with your own. I love that fact that your thoughts kind a similar to mine which is great lol.
        Yah we have quiet a good number of super women from middle east but there is a lot difference between the middle east community and the westies. I mean this tactic doesn’t applicable for all but it does in village areas of middle east. Like in India there is a very bad rule or I can say a culture in village areas that they don’t want their daughters to be educated and they arranged their girls’ marrage in their 13 or 14 years age to a respectively old man like 50 or 55 years old.But in the meantime they support for their boy’s education. The girls didn’t even asked for the marriage either she is prepared for this or not. I don’t think this culture is applicable in westiest even not in the village areas. So yah we have superwomen like Indira gandhi and Kadambini basu and many more but people do have this kind a mentality from very begining. We don’t face these problems in city or cultivated area but in poor areas and village areas they faced it and kind a they used to it.
        There is many other facts also which is different from middle east to westies. And I really admire that westies are way more modern to middle east atleast from mental aspects.
        Anyway I talked a lot lol. Actually I speaks a lot whenever I meet new people I talk with them. In begining I tried myself to be limited with my speech as I need i little time to adjust with the opponent. But when I used to that person or I started to relate that person I’m just gone and gone lol. Anyway this is too much for now lol. Have a nice day❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Hahaha you and I would never stop talking lol 😄😄😄 that’s hilarious – I am same way… I am “wordy” with everything lol … I would love just chatting with you someday!! I do find you just as fascinating and interesting and kind and “human” ❤️

        I find it very interesting and funny you call us “Westies” lol

        Here … women are strong 💪 … we gonna have a woman President one day! It’s coming.

        Women and human rights in general are very strong here.

        And if we as Americans don’t like or agree with something – you gonna know that. Lol

        We are allowed to say whatever we want and be whatever we want. We are still working on certain issues such as equal pay

        I remember the story of Malala Yousafzai… that girl/woman has my complete respect!! What an incredibly strong human!! I am touched by her strength and determination!! Wow she is an inspiration!!! That is a strong and incredible woman!! Her story only heightened our awareness of what some go through

        It’s funny that men can be scared of a woman being educated or being strong… we can do anything a man can do – if not better… and we can make another human being with our own bodies … a man can not do that! So what use is he then? That is why they do not want women educated – they worried we will take over 😄✌️we could lol

        America has our issues too… just different ones – American is not perfect either. We have rights and we are strong … but far from perfect

        We have a lot to learn from each other ❤️ I am excited to learn from you!!


      7. Exactly I’m too, so much excited to know your cultures and learn from that.
        Yah sure I would like it too someday to chat with my westie friend
        I call you westies because here in India it is an honour to those who lives in west countries. Whenever someone came from west countries i means from The american continent no matter is he an Indian or not we honored with the title “Westies” lol. Have you a facebook account or anything like that? Actually I’m way junior to you still you are my friend our perspectives matchs this is incredible!!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I am excited to learn from you also… you have things I do not know.

        I kinda see people just as people – no matter what continent. We all have the same… we all have a heart and mind. We all bleed the same. We are people – no matter the culture or the race, religion or sex… we all are people

        Just different cultures – that IF the world came together could be soooo incredible

        When covid first happened – I was thrilled … sorry … but for one split second – they entire world kinda embraced itself and we all experience the same, we all stunned and scared – we all isolate together…

        Not with worldly leaders – just us all as a people. For one second it was kinda beautiful.

        The west has its issues too – we fight about everything – every injustice lol which is good and bad… is good to stand up against injustices and protect the rights of people – humanitarianism

        But at the same time those issues can be charged with strong emotions and that can cause upheaval and violence

        I am anti violence – I am peaceful. I am supportive of my fellow man/woman no matter who they are. ❤️

        My perception of India … I know you have a beautiful culture, and history… I know you have some of the most intellectual and peace driven individuals.

        You are the Middle East so I know a little, and then there is turmoil in that area because of disputes with things. I know religion is a big thing in that area. The Middle East is kinda the birth place of all the major religions

        Here you are free to be whoever you want – religious freedom is a thing over here – whatever you want to be or believe

        For the most part … I think with more education and understanding … that takes away any hesitation of acceptance

        The more we share – the more the world opens.

        We still have race issues and issues of accepting people different sometimes – I think that’s mainly ruled by fear or prejudices – but I think prejudice is just fear too, so I dunno lol

        Every area has their amazing things – and their crappy things lol ✌️😄

        I do have a Facebook – but I haven’t opened it in over a year… I have not opened it since July 9, 2019. I went Silent … I needed to heal. I am not ready to reopen that Pandora’s box – I don’t know if I ever will be ?? I don’t know? I am not sure how I feel with social media currently

        I took peace being away from that. I only have this blog.

        But you are free to email me 😊😘

        Use this email…
        I check that more frequently than the one attached to the blog… which I rarely check lol


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