Here I am ✌️

Omg 😮… I just had the BEST ever commute!!! No highways, no traffic – omg and it took me 15 minutes omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️ best commute ever!!! This is gonna be awesome!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Ok let me see… I have to be somewhat fast… or try to be… that is not my strong suit lol

So yesterday … when I first got into work… my district manager is there…

Tells me – within the corporation there are a few other positions to get me into full time and full benefits immediately. That would mean they lose me, but said knows my situation and will leave it up to me… has mentioned me to these other positions!!

The first one is for a funeral director in my actual town!!! Omg… right there where I am… no more highways!!! No more gigantic commute!!! So that’s a possibility

The only problem I have with that job or the one they offer me here with them… is that sales are involved – I am not a sales person… not at all… I am too comforting for that… they say sells itself – but they also want to push sales … I worry that I can not do that with someone who is suffering. I just can’t… I can try but ya know – I kinda have issue with that. That is hard… I just want to help and comfort not be like “here you should buy this” obviously it is said differently but still – it bothers me.

Another position available is at the mothership of all our funeral homes!!! I want that one…

First of all… I have never been there – but they tell me that if haunted mansion impresses me, wait till I see this one 😮

This is where our care center is… all bodies go here. This is where they prep the bodies… also where they embalm and cremate… there is a cemetery (most are not attached to cemetery) … this place has everything – like I call it “the mothership” lol (they laugh at the names I attach to all these places lol) – but I name them fittingly.

Anyway … the position there is working ONLY on one thing… death certificates … I am extremely meticulous… yes give me that one – I want that one!!! I want that one real bad!! 🙏🙏🙏 please let me have that one!!!!! I would love doing death certificates – not to sound like a weirdo but you have to be meticulous for that – I am totally that!! Right up my alley!!! I would be perfect and also really happy lol

Well we will see…

Then I just went around the day jumping around my own funeral homes… I had to stop at haunted mansion…

The one who works at haunted mansion now… is the one I originally started with.. she trained me for 2 weekends before covid hit!! I completely adore her!!!! She is fricken hilarious and awesome!!!

You know those people you are just so excited to see and convos are flying lol – and constant laughter even with heavy things … we had alot ALOT to catch up on.

She tell me a secret and tell me not to tell… is a bombshell whoa! I am not saying one word!! I do not want to be the bearer of her news.

She is nervous. And stressed

So I just told her… well you have to do what is right for your own self and your family. What is meant to be in life usually lines up… problem is … both work and her family life is lining up both in different directions so she will have to make a choice

That is hard – both choices is what she wants. I do not envy her decision

She is nervous – and worried. Stressing … so that is what I look like when I do that 😄😄awww – I’m sure she will make the decision that is best for her.

Her decision is a HUGE one both ways!!! HUGE!!!

And then that… could mean we lose her… and if that happens – I don’t know how will go with me?

There have been TONS of changes and people leaving for various reasons – alot of restructuring – it just got interesting lol

Then the boys came over last night…

I ask them for Christmas lists… and they say Mum! It’s October – we not thinking Christmas yet…

So I tell them… hear me now, unless you want socks and underwear, tell me what you want cause I have to make sure I have enough money and see what I can do.

Daughter says – cash is good 🤨 (she is too much lol)

18 turns 19 this month… so I told him I want a birthday list too…

These people are gonna end up with lots of underwear cause they don’t know what they want

Listen… tell your mother what you want … you do not want your mother picking out “mom” gifts lol 🎁 ✌️

They should have learned this by now!!

I told them about that horrific ad I had the other day and there is a way to go into settings and remove certain kind of ads – so I did that. They were laughing 🤨

We had discussions… about stocks and jobs and Trump stuff lol… I won’t go into those.

This is 18’s first year voting 😮whoa!!

Daughter was teasing oldest (26) about approaching 30!! Hey man!!! When he ages so do I!!! Don’t be doing that!! Omg!! He turns 27 in May … omg … it’s just weird that I am the mother of 2 grown men … in their faces I still see my little boys ❤️ – I told those people to stay little – but eh whatever no one listened lol

As always we laughed alot… no games but they showing me video game stuff… like adding Steve from Minecraft to Super Smash Brothers 😄😄😄

They say who else could they possibly add? They did not like MY ideas of either Spyro or Gex ❤️

My daughter wishes they would add Issac … from the Binding of Isaac … I think that’s horror… would they add that?

Anyway… was full day yesterday… then I had to drive back to city when they left… unload and set myself up over there … and go to sleep … here I am today!

Best commute ever!! ❤️ woo hoo!! So excited about that currently!!!

Alright I be back… have a few things to handle 😘✌️

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    1. Thank you ❤️

      Hahaha they never learn… they say we don’t know what we want, you don’t have to get us anything …

      So every single year they get mom gifts – maybe they like the mom gifts?? lol 😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha my children only run when a spider 🕷 is involved lol 🤨😄

      Does your mom get you that? That is definitely a mom present!! We think practically lol ✌️


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