Family ❤️

I talked to my sister-in-law today… she just bought herself “her dream car” lol

I said “what is your dream car”?

She said she got a convertible BMW 🤨😄😄

So the first thing that popped in my head and out of my mouth lol… was oh great… you gonna be that asshole up my ass on the highway… it’s always a Beamer … they always always always go fast and are up your ass

She laughed and said “you and your brother say the same thing” lol

My brother and I have very similar styles lol 😄😄

She says that a lot about the things we say – we say the same things lol

She said she is a better driver … eh we see lol – it’s a Beamer

I do kinda profile vehicles lol 😄cause the people who pick certain vehicles seem to drive the same as others with same vehicle… if I see a Prius – most of the time they are slow… ugh 🙄… I am impressed when a Prius driver knows how to drive! (Not slow!)

Beamers are 🤨 hmm? Well fast and up your ass.

Volvo drivers are very cautious lol

Not all vehicles and drivers stand out… just certain ones

Anyway… is very funny how me and my brother are so similar … I always say something and her response is always – your brother says the same thing lol

We also drive the same, only he is scarier lol he actually gets mad. I do not – I only swear lol

I like my peace, but I am social… my brother likes his peace and does not like to be social lol … we are opposite there … sort of… I am social, when I have to be, but also prefer to relax at home instead of going out.

My sister in law is social to the extreme!! Omg… massively social at ALL times – she hates NOT being social… those 2 are so different 😄😄 complete opposites lol

My sister hmm… I don’t really know how to describe her?? She is also anti social… she is not outgoing at all, at anytime.

She’s funny. But she must be comfortable with you… she is severely shy.

And then there is me 😄✌️ I am not antisocial, I don’t think? I am very social… not really shy at all, there are circumstances I can get shy… but whatever.

I am WAY more social than both my brother and sister. But WAY less social than my sister-in-law – she is full on social. 😮

My mom is just like me… only difference is – I am an upgraded more modern version 😄✌️ (slightly more modern lol – only a little)

My brother, as he ages… totally turns into my dad!!! Omg he is just like my dad!!! Same mannerisms … he even sneezes and clears his throat just like my dad did!!! 😮

But yes… I turned into my mother… and my brother turned into my father 😮😄😄

I don’t know about my sister?

I am the funny one… the other 2 aren’t very funny – they are way more serious. I have to pull the funny out of them… which can be hard lol… but I do… I am the oldest, I know how to do that ❤️

My brother and sister … umm they love each other but don’t always get along at all lol… I get along with everyone … I am the peacemaker lol

Anyway – ahhh family lol ❤️ that’s mine ❤️ but they are far… they are not near me. None of us are near each other. We are close in ❤️ heart, but not in distance.

Well anyway… both me and daughter have tmrw off ❤️ woo hoo… that internal alarm had better NOT go off tmrw!!! Where is the snooze for that??? Fricken aging!!! Let me sleep!!!

I am kinda tired and hurty… my right side hurts from today… so I am off to bed… dammit early bedtime… aging again!!! 🤨

Gnite 😘❤️ I be back tmrw

11 thoughts on “Family ❤️

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    1. Thank you very much 😊 I am safe… not too close to that but we get all the smoke. We have had smoke & devastating fires since beginning of August

      I am ready for the rain!! 🙏

      Thank you 😊


  1. It’s always nice to connect with family (positive connections lol), however, did you forget in your list of cars those who drive Dodge????? most of those guys are absolutely unruly I find. What do you think?

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    1. Yeah I love my family ❤️

      Hahaha well dodge trucks can be big and they kinda think they just “own” the road 🤨 … I don’t know about the cars – I will have to pay attention and watch them lol

      And I always think when I see a guy in a huge truck… hmm what is he compensating for? Lol sorry I just always think that 😄😄 there is usually something

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      1. That would be Texas 😄😄

        But ya know… I do think out here in California at least (I am an east coaster) but out here everyone wants to be better or bigger than everyone else??

        Very superficial out here in California/west coast… not so much back East … of course people gonna be people but is more prevalent here on the west coast.

        I don’t think that is the American dream ?? The American dream should be to always improve both yourself and your family… work hard and make a good life. To be stronger

        This is why we have so many issues is because of greed and loss of morals and integrity.

        There used to be a saying when raising a child … it takes a village… I kinda believe we have all lost the closeness of neighborly and watching out for each other – caring? Human kindness

        But bigger is not always better – I would not say that is the American dream to be bigger …

        We dream to be stronger – but we should do that together ✌️

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