Spider 🕷 Sunday

🤨… so yeah… work went great!!! Was awesome, no deaths came in, was nice and quiet, I got a TON of work done, I even got relieved to go eat lunch… although – I kinda like eating at my desk – cause I am in a mode… when I have to actually take a lunch I lose my focus for a minute when I return. Lol

But whatever – I get it back, but I just like to be in a zone. Especially before Monday. I still did, I’m just saying, lunch throws me off.

At about 3:30pm… I get a text 😮 ohhh who text me? So I get my phone and it is my daughter and she say this:

“hey mom how soon do you think you’ll be home, theres a MASSIVE spider in the house”


So I call her 🤨

Ok it’s 3:30pm – I can’t leave until 5pm and I am an hour or so away… so I won’t be back til 6pm … let me call this person

And she says “I already did, they are across town they can’t right now”

Ok … did you try this other person?

(I have a list of neighbors for her to contact in case of any type of emergency – not that a spider is an emergency lol 🙄😄… but to her yes it is)

She couldn’t reach that one …

Ok fine let me make some phone calls.

So I called another neighbor and they were about an hour away at 3:30pm and said they would check in on her when they got back.

So then I called her brother (my oldest) and his reaction was…

“Really? Lol you want me to drive all the way to the country just to go kill a spider?”

I said “you can take some emergency money I have at home – I will tell you where is, you can take and use some for gas”

He’s like “mum, your house is a half hour away and to kill a spider?” 🤨

Yes for your sister!! Lol

Well he didn’t want to do that just for a simple spider lol (I do not believe he likes spiders either lol)

I live in the country here people!!! There are wild animals and spiders!!! You can not be scared

So I tell her – just get the electric bug swatter – boom solved

And she tell me “no mum, if I miss I will be so scared” 🤨🙄 … then she text me this photo…

🤨🤨🤨 ok well it’s not a black widow… is maybe a barn spider or something harmless (it’s just freaky looking)

Ok well wait for the neighbors to get home then… I can’t really do anything for you right now

And that’s what she did, waited for neighbors … they got home about 4:30pm and went over and got it for her.

At about 5pm – I just got in my car and start driving home… and this text comes in… 🤨

“The spider is dead but there’s something else in here now, you’ll see when you get home, I ran into the bedroom so I don’t know what it is but it’s on the ceiling”

What??? 🤨🙄 ok whatever – I was on my way home.

I get home and there is nothing on the ceiling and she telling me it was HUGE 🤨, she was in bedroom and didn’t see where went

Ok well whatever – is gone. The. I asked … what are you gonna do if I am at work and you are in homeschool and you see a spider? Or a bug of any kind 🤨

She says she gonna be like – I gotta go 🤨🙄 ugh

Anyway… I go into kitchen to make dinner 🥘 … and I see the HUGE bug – which was not HUGE like she described lol

It was only a single Stink Bug 🤨 I live around farms and wineries. Probably got in when neighbor came over. Whatever handled it

Now she’s on bug alert 🤨 and everyone calling me to make sure the spider was taken care of 🤨🙄

😄😄 it’s been a buggy day

So much bug drama – we do share this world ya know.

Here is a funny thing I noticed on my way home today…

When I drive in the city, I see “Biden” flags and banners and posts… all over the city!!

The very minute I hit the country … everything switches over to Trump lol

It’s such a clear line between city and country!! 😮😳 this gonna be all out brawl! All hell is gonna break lose.

I did look up who is leading currently and it says Biden… but it’s still gonna be a crazy election!! 😮

25 thoughts on “Spider 🕷 Sunday

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      1. Ohhhhh… you have tarantulas in your area!!! We used to find dead ones next to my Thousand Oaks’ offices outdoor pest traps all the time!

        When living in Hemet, my friend woke up with one on his chest!!!

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      2. I am glad to be up here in Northern California!! We do not have tarantulas – thank god!!! I would not do well.

        Omg if I EVER woke up with one on my chest… the ENTIRE world would hear my scream!!!!! I would not have a voice after that!!!

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      3. Teh interwebs: “Spiders, in fact, do taste, and also smell, through special sensory organs on their legs, as well as on their pedipalps. And they hear – or, more specifically, they sense vibrations – through hairs and tiny slits distributed over much of their body.”

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  1. Once the SCOTUS nom is approved, women won’t have rights anymore (she literally believes women are 2nd class to men and should not have authority.. yet accepting nom for supreme authority????) so cheeto or “Bye-Don” will no longer matter.

    My aunt was a cop. Off duty on night, her friend way across town calls whispering for help. Pre-911, my aunt instantly thinks intruder. Nope… spider. The woman didn’t want the spider to hear her!!! My aunt drove cross town and killed it for her. I wouldn’t!!

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    1. I didn’t understand the first paragraph??

      Hahaha my landlord was one I called … that night she called to make sure we got the spider and then tells me not to tell my daughter … BUT… spiders can hear you 😳😮 … Nevermind my daughter – she just freaked me out lol

      Is that true?


      1. In my experience, spiders can hear you but they can’t understand! And making noise keeps them away, not draw them closer!!

        The first part: pres Cheeto’s nominee for Supreme Court is an ULTRA conservative christian who doesn’t believe in equal rights for women. Her religion and upcoming position seem to be in conflict but she’s taking it anyway. Which means a not only conservative majority but ultra conservative… for a looong time to come. Actually far worse than 5 more years of cheeto.

        BYE-DON is the new anti-cheeto sign for Biden.

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      2. So I don’t understand something… back when Obama was President … Justice Antonin Scalia died… Obama wanted to replace – that was in FEBRUARY …

        The republicans withheld voting on another nominee until a new president had been elected …

        Did that not set a precedent?? Cause here we are days away from a shit show election…

        He needs to fricken slow his roll!!! He just wants her there because the mail in votes are going to be an issue… so he needs one HE wants and will vote in his favor!!

        Justice Ginsberg made a wish NOT to have new justice until new president

        The republicans already set a prior precedent

        So what the hell??? Why jump the gun? I can’t stand his choices on anything!!

        And they have no term limits …

        This is from Wiki:
        Judiciary Act of 1789. … Each justice has lifetime tenure, meaning they remain on the Court until they resign, retire, die, or are removed from office.

        So this is not a decision to move fast like that with and he should not have that decision so incredibly close to an election of a new president!!!


      3. Yes, that was what GOP said then, wanting control. Now? Totally different story, they “have an obligation”, cause they have control now and might not after election. And there’s pretty much no chance enough Republicans will step up to stop it from happening.

        The next closest example happened during the civil war and even then Lincoln waited for the election.

        So, for the next 30, 40, or more years the Supreme Court will be ultra conservative.

        Cheeto’s presidency has done one good thing… exposed the holes in our constitution & election processes.


    1. 😄😄 yeah I don’t like them either but she claims to have Arachnophobia… But is any bug really … she just has bugaphobia lol

      Yeah California has some crazy spiders 🕷… I call them spiders on steroids

      Back East they are simple tiny little house spiders or daddy long legs

      Out here they are bigger and scarier if you are not a bug person – which we are not lol 😄✌️

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      1. I am up in Northern California (near San Francisco or Lake Tahoe)

        San Diego is southern and their weather is pretty nice year round I believe… yeah I am sure the bees and bugs are huge down there!! Lol

        I went to visit my parents in Arizona before my dad died and the first time, they say to me “make sure you check your shoes for scorpions 🦂 “ 😳😮 wait what? Lol they did not tell me that until I got there

        (They retired there from Maine)

        I am more used to east coast bugs – not these west coast ones lol

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