Keep your pants zipped!! 😮

You are not going to believe the things that happened to me today!! It was ALOT of things … so much went on I don’t know if I can remember every thing 😮😮

Ok so let’s see …where should I begin? There is everything in my day!!! All day long..

First of all … yesterday was my sisters birthday – I got to say happy birthday on the phone …she’s the baby. I miss her – she’s in Maine. I love her. ❤️ she kinda just doesn’t listen, but ya know that’s not a bad skill to have IF you know how to use it properly lol ✌️😘 … she is same as me little bit, I am the optimistic always one lol … and she is the pessimist- our lives were different though (same parents just different types of life… we finish each other’s sentences ❤️) I love her

Her birthday was yesterday … and so was my cousins…my dad and his brother had babies on the exact same day – 2 hours apart – Which also happened to be my grandfathers birthday. Yep – 3 people – one day

And then today is my dads birthday 🎂… fricken September – I miss my parents ❤️❤️❤️

Anyway… ok so there’s that… whatever that’s the boring stuff.

So alright then – shall we jump into the rest ??? Cause it’s all just a lot

Ok well cleaning went fine yesterday – only I worked really hard… is difficult with using left for things – I am a righty!!! I am weaker on the left 😝 I was exhausted and hurting 😝

Whatever – I was so tired last night and hurty – so I just went to bed – I melted ❤️

Today I went to see a car a friend recommended 🤨 ok that was all wrong and the answer is straight no

I don’t care, I don’t want that, and I have no desire to drive that… yeah my foot is down!! I am laying my foot down a lot 😮 is that me lesson today ??

Ok first they caught me with the fact, it was a Toyota ❤️❤️❤️ ohh yes ok show me!!!

I didn’t think of anything else 😮 and it’s like the easiest thing… I just did not think of it!!!

I heard “Toyota” and that’s probably it ✌️ … ok let me add to that… I don’t want a standard. It was a standard … sorry but no

I already hate it right off the bat… and just the answer is no. Firm! No “manual” stuff – I want automatic only!! Don’t show me anything else.

I can not even drive that and it would just be all bad – no – won’t work. I don’t want that.

So whatever … I am stalling cause this next story – I don’t really know how to tell it!!

Ok well here it is… here is how it goes down – I will tell you the good and then the bad – you ready???

I am in the store – looking normal – trying to blend in, minding my own business … doing my own thing. ✌️

The guy comes up to me and starts talking just like that 😳 so let’s see how that went…

He comes over and starts with hello beautiful and how are you?

Ok well, sometimes I like entertainment – go ahead proceed… I said hello back

He then became very very charming 😮… wait what? Yeah he was totally charming, had this thousand watt smile omg

Really cute!!

Very young – way too young …

Ok anyway let me continue… he’s being all completely charming – direct eye contact … just being normal… so far… so ok cool … a normal guy… he’s funny … too young but really sweet and very charming … if he had left it at that… hmm 🤔 … not that I would think anything – but whatever

Cool he’s charming and funny – ok I like that. He was sweet and funny! He had me laughing!!

But then he went and ruined it … he says so are you spontaneous?

🤨 uhggg where is this going? See when you go through it enough, you already know how they fuck it up.

But ok … keep going… let’s see how this turns out…

And he’s like ya know… are you shy? Or out for new experiences ? ?😮😳

Yeah no

I am not that spontaneous … it’s not that I’m shy …cause I will tell you no… and nope – don’t need any new experiences thank you lol

He tries to convince me 🤨 … it’s so hard to meet someone during corona, our convo has been amazing …

He went on and on with things … oh boy … until he said… do you wanna see it?

Umm see what?

He said well you know… you are beautiful, I also look good – we get along great 🤨 and he throws in how amazing he thinks I am 🤨 (just met the kid)

I have nice convos with many people – but I don’t want to “see it”

He just asked me if I want to check out his shit… No… No, I do not!! I gotta go bye! ✌️

Chill!! Keep your pants up!! Way too over the top!! What the hell?? Show some class.

Ok whatever … guys do that shit… so when a sincere nice one comes …you like – ok dude what do you want? 🤨 Lol

Ugh… ok I’m gonna be blunt… do you realize – if I just want sex then I can have it… hello… woman 🤨… I’m sorry if that’s blunt whatever … how it is here

I am not doing anything with anyone unless I am close and at ease with that person… that does not take just one minute!!

This is why I like to hide away… because of this stuff… chill and relax…

Are men able to control themselves? Cause I’m thinking no?!! 😮 very questionable – how sad is that

Ok well whatever – everyone is bitching about something – that is my bitch lol ✌️control yourself, have class, fricken relax!!

Is this from 2020? I am really disliking 2020 now! I’m gonna blame it for everything !!! The year of blame!!

Ok so then there was that which left me stunned!! I don’t like that. Don’t be way the hell over the top!

And just a side note… if I want you – I will tell you and initiate that – I’m not shy like that… but I gotta know you!! Don’t just go asking me if I wanna see stuff!! No no I do not!!! Creep

Anyway… and then work… let’s just not think about work right now.

What else? Oh yeah… someone else I did something for… they are kind of worse than me with the caution!!! Can you believe that?

Anyway… I also did something nice for someone today … they are a friend, of course. They said “thank you” in a very nice way. Usually they are not that way. So that was really nice – they are not usually soft or sentimental or show any feelings either way. Hard for them to take help. Kinda proud. But that was really nice.

Ok well. Yeah I kinda like hiding away! ✌️

Ok well anyway – gnite 😘✌️

24 thoughts on “Keep your pants zipped!! 😮

Add yours

    1. Yeah … this tons of birthdays thing comes again in December lol – it is cool … I kinda like my summer one all to myself – although I do share July with my mother ❤️

      Yeah I will… I figure I will have for a long time – I am looking for long time commitment car lol… I don’t want to already hate it lol

      Yeah well guys are like that sometimes. I am usually pretty good at dodging that… or avoiding – however you want to call it… but I am trying not to be so cautious … but then ya know they make me be that lol

      Thank you very much 😊✌️


      1. Hahaha umm does she?? Probably just funny stuff.. she’s thinks I’m beautiful and smart and of course hilarious – but she is too ❤️

        Yup she is 72 ❤️


    1. Yeah that was a little much!! Hahaha they never cease to amaze me either – which is why I walk away all stunned lol … I was sooo stunned with some of the stuff he said!!! 😮😮😮

      That caught me off guard today little bit lol

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Why the hell do guys think we’ll be impressed with their junk?!? WE DON’T CARE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!! THEY ALL LOOK SIMILAR. SEEING IT WILL NOT SEDUCE US!!

    With one exception: At the costumey/fetish/fun club I used to go to, a guy once asked, “wanna see something impressive?” It wasn’t a come on so I replied, “always!” He whipped out his naught bits (NBD at that club) and he had a good 2 to 3″ of really weel done color flame tattoo going from the crown toward the base. He wins!! To this day it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve seen!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha omg lol … you made me roll with laughter!!!

      Right??? Like what’s that gonna do? Have me suddenly be like – oh hello there lol… Yeah doesn’t work like that 😄😄😄

      I do have one friend who would have liked that… but I am not that type lol

      That’s hilarious the way you put it 😄😄😄 you read my mind!!! It does NOT seduce us lol 😄😄 best line of 2020!!

      Oh wow!! I guess that would be impressive cause that must have hurt like hell!! That would definitely be burnt in my mind


      1. Oh wow!!! I can’t even imagine 😳😮 yeah I’m pretty wimpy lol ✌️ I still call for my mom ❤️😄✌️

        I’m kidding but if I could – I would be calling for her ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah they are something else with that sometimes. I don’t understand it either!! Which is why I don’t like to have guys approach me like that!! 😝 just be chill and normal!

      Eh life is always an adventure lol ✌️😘

      I think life just likes to make sure I am awake and paying attention lol 😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to look up your word again lol… I love having new words!!!! It’s like a whole new vocabulary ❤️

      But yes you are correct lol 🤨🙄 … but those ones aren’t really men… just boys… cause actual men know how to control themselves and act appropriately ✌️😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha Gary nailed, some guys are indeed Numpties or Muppets – but l have to say this, some women are too. Well you know how to handle yourself, so all good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha well this is true – I told my coworkers about it and they said … I wonder if that works out for him sometimes? It must for him to even attempt that!! That was insane but guys are like that.

      Oh hell yeah I can handle myself lol… definitely not shy with that!! I will put someone in their place, politely at first… but push it and I get all Irish lol 😄✌️ Especially in this area

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely – but you are right , he might get his face slapped 7 times out of 10, but there will still be 3 that take him up – crazy but true.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup I am aware of that…

        In general, most are not so over the top… that one was really extreme!! 😮😳

        But whatever – I learned alot working at the golf course… right away with that job it was extreme 😳… which is why I hated it at first…

        But it was good – taught me how to handle guys like that.

        I am just usually caught off guard at first lol – I don’t expect it and try very hard to keep to myself. But I will handle it if I need to. It’s just annoying and shocking sometimes

        Liked by 1 person

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