More change 😮❤️

So today … was amazing … for many reasons!!

First of all, I was all by myself for most of the day… secondly, I got relief for lunch so I actually got to leave the building for a minute – it was massively smoky… but I was free for a minute and all day I was swimming in paperwork.

I got a lot of work done – and no calls ❤️

Also… I had a life changing event today… I’m gonna leave you curious on that one- cause I gotta work it, and I’m not quite sure where is going to take me… so yeah I’ll be mysterious right there – until I work my magic ❤️ I just got a total sign!! For sure!! 🙏 I’ll tell you all of that in the future once I handle 😘

I’m pretty sure my car is on it’s last leg. So I will have to think how to handle that.

And then… yeah anyway… pretty good day! I just got my answer on something pretty huge that I umm hesitate on.

I won’t hesitate anymore… I got this now ❤️

I am excited – and do think is good… but I’m also slightly nervous. Half of me thinks I can do anything lol… a huge half! Lol … and I know I can… but a small part of me, thinks my head gets way ahead of me thinking I can do anything lol

But we see. I’m gonna try. 🙏

And yes… I’m gonna be cryptic – until I get that done. But I will be really excited if I can do it lol.

Also… if I say it too soon … I don’t want to jinx it – so just wait for it lol ✌️😘 – but I will be really excited ❤️❤️❤️ it’s very hard to hold back on this cause there is a huge story behind it!! But I have to wait… patience is definitely a virtue ✌️

Ok so I had a good day, my life just got an answer for my own self (totally excited, trying not to be overly excited) and I made it home 😄😘

Alright whew – I have a lot to catch up on so doing that now ❤️✌️

Tomorrow I work at ugly walls… which I do not really like the place – but I love the girls ❤️✌️

Ok catching up – or trying to 😘 Gnite ✌️

Ps… my neighbor guy just knocked on my door to tell me – just FYI I am going to be shooting blanks for training ok…

Umm sure thanks for telling me so I don’t freak out that someone shooting lol

So whatever, nice he tell me cause 5 minutes later I just had a heart attack with the gun 🔫 shot sounds – I believe is a rifle and that shit is LOUD!! Thank god he tell me what he doing – I would have totally panicked!!

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    1. Yeah 🙏 hoping I can push that car just a little further – just not sure – it’s such an amazing car though – I love that car ❤️ even if is a pos

      Glad to have curiosity peeked lol… hoping I can grand slam it 🙏 can’t wait to share either!!!


      1. Hahaha you are too funny 😄😄 surprisingly I have actually heard that song – but I can’t remember where I have heard it or from who??

        All your beeping reminds me of … when I was young we took cross country trips all over the US (like a chevy chase movie ❤️) in a 1979 Ford Econo van all decked out lol… it had a 8-track…
        we had 2 …8 tracks lol

        One was Sesame Street Fever lol – I was little lol

        And the other one was Donna Summer lol

        I liked this one

So you are making me remember that lol 🎶


      2. Thank you 🥰 yes totally did – always love songs 🎶

        Funny to remember those things ❤️ my dad would let me listen to it for a little while – and remember we were driving cross country with that lol… he could only handle little bit of “doin the pigeon” or “C is for Cookie” lol

        The following year my grandparents gave me a phone book size joke book😄😄 omg ❤️❤️❤️… I sat between the bucket seats of my mom and dad and read them starting with joke one lol – I loved every single minute of that joke book lol … somehow on that trip, it disappeared lol


      3. Hahaha that’s hilarious

        My oldest had this toy ambulance 🚑 that had sirens and was really loud – I never was able to get new batteries lol

        He also had this possessed rattle that even when batteries ran out and was in garage for years and years would still creepily go off somehow 😮 that just got thrown away cause no lol

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      4. Umm to make the music for your words? Let me think about that and get back to you on that one, cause if I don’t know – either my oldest or my youngest will know – they are HUGE music people lol – my youngest knows all the hip new stuff and my oldest is a music major… so I can’t think off top of my head – but I will think about it and if not ask them

        How exciting!!!

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      5. Oh this morning was brutal!!! I hit the snooze which I never ever do!! And I slept extra half hour lol … also the colder it gets – the slower I move lol … and the less I want to leave those covers!!


      6. Yeah I don’t really have time like I did with the lockdown lol… I am in many directions currently… but I usually go to bed at a decent hour… cause I know those mornings are harder when I don’t lol.

        No totally a bear 🐻 – I want to hibernate 😄✌️


  1. Well congrats and good luck!!

    I strongly recommend using TrueCar to start looking for an option… maybe whatever you rented awhile back? I did that when I knew my car was dying. I didn’t end up with what I’d been watching but it led to the car I love and a truly exceptional deal. Also, the dealer matched my credit union financing and had live wild squirrels that came inside to eat from the sales reps hands so that was my sign!!

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    1. I definitely will look at that tonight!!

      The one I rented awhile back was a Nissan – I really do not know much about Nissans?? Just that one heavenly awesome experience. 😄 but I haven’t checked out their track record with cars yet – that is on my unknown list.

      I never thought I would love a Toyota like I have… so I will keep open mind.

      I love when there are signs… my little Toyota had a Pokémon on the window, and a Pineapple on the dash (reminded me of spongebob lol) it drew my attention in first place and it just felt right? Not because of that… but the car itself felt right and it’s been amazing all this time ❤️ I do love that little pos ❤️

      I did take the pineapple off and replaced it with a breast cancer ribbon 🎀 thing ❤️✌️ then it was totally mine lol

      But yeah weird how signs work, that Pokémon even though that was not the reason I got it… that was a sign to me… and it was Eevee!!

      But you are right I will look at that, I haven’t yet!! I will remember now! Thank you always ❤️


    1. Thank you very much 🥰

      Once I square it away, I will say… and I’m excited to both do that and tell you guys all the whole story lol – I’m dying myself Lol

      But little mystery is good and then when I say it will be amazing ❤️

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      1. Thank you – I have to catch up myself … all my stuff just sped up all at once lol

        Are we taking March off again? Lol just been crazy busy lately – I could use a March lol

        I will try to stop by more often too ✌️

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    1. Yeah not a fan of car stuff – I just want it to work!! Go where I need to go. Now I gotta deal with car guys 🤨😄 meh

      California’s governor wants to ban all gas powered vehicles by 2035 🤨

      California and their rules and regulations – nice premise – but good luck on that. We see how that works out.

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