Good Morning ☀️

Or day… whatever time it is where you are.

I have been so busy and tired with everything going on! Whew!

Friday night after I picked my neighbors up at airport, we did not get back until midnight – and I had to leave for work at 7am on Saturday. As soon as we got back – I went to bed right away!!!

Saturday was crazy busy – we had that huge service, which we streamed live on Facebook Live… went well – very sad.

And when I got home yesterday I was exhausted and literally went to bed at 7pm 😮

My guard has been up a little bit with certain things…

I dunno. It’s just weird… I’m cautious.

I was talking to my connection about my car and she says to me – oh he was asking how old you are? 🤨

🤔 hmm why gotta know my age to work on my car? It could be just because my oldest came with me to get the car and I introduced him as my son lol

So maybe that is it, I definitely don’t look old enough to be his mom. He is 26 lol – so at the very least that right there places me somewhere in my 40’s. Maybe he thought I was young? But I am cautious – so now I pay attention to that. Careful. ✌️

Anyway, that kinda stuff been happening all weekend. I kinda stay quiet and mysterious lol ✌️

I do think I have an issue with the car still?? I am not sure though but I am thinking yes.

I do think I will have to bite the bullet and get another car.

I am not going to do new. I just can’t – that would be too much for me to take on- I get what my landlord says, appreciate the advice – but I know what’s best for my own self. I’m gonna trust myself to handle how I think – so far I do pretty good with that ❤️

I would love another Toyota ❤️ Toyota’s and Subaru’s are my favorite. (Except Prius – I hate Prius)

Someone told me Volkswagen – nope!!! Not doing that… if I need repairs – that is expensive. So nope 👎

I don’t like Honda – definitely NOT Ford. Those are completely out – I am very opinionated with vehicles.

So this should be a fun adventure 🤨😄✌️

I just think my little car is not going to last much longer – I think it’s ready to die?

So we see – I will move slow… is giving me time to move “somewhat” slow currently- so we see – just not too slow, cause I don’t want it to die and then have me panic and race to find something. I do love that car ❤️

Yesterday at work – We have a service coming up this week and the woman is so mean… like incredible mean, no matter how much you kiss her ass – she doesn’t care and talks down and is just really mean – we doing backflips for her…

She is a bully and then if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants – she cries 😳 ummm … ok whatever

We deal with grieving families – and then ya know I think of my mom… when we lost my dad – that was trauma… and with Alzheimer’s or anything with the mind – that can really do a job on someone’s behavior. The mind is very complex. Trauma can make other issues more pronounced!!

Also let me also say this… preplan preplan preplan!!! You don’t know how many times I watch grieving families just completely lose it, cause they are lost and have no idea what they are doing – or anything about this business!!!

When you preplan, it is easier on your family. They don’t have to worry about money or what you want – it’s been taken care of. And when you preplan you can pay over time, rather than all right away. And also you lock in prices… if you paid for your funeral in 1970, and you die now? You still have it all covered as you wanted it – no matter what current prices are – with the exception of if the family orders any extra things.

Anyway – also prevents fights. There is nothing worse that seeing a devastating loss and watching 2 sides of that family go at it!! Ugh that is the worst!!! I cringe with that! I’m not gonna say anymore – let’s just say it gets bad. I saw the worst of the worst recently! 😮 I was stunned – I never knew some could be so ?? I don’t even know!

Ok anyway.. whatever – I am at work again … so I have to get to it… ahhhh fricken Sunday ❤️ I love Sunday – I be back to respond and read maybe probably tonight 😘

My favorite song right now is this one… not for any reason btw… I just like the melody and familiarity ❤️ it rolls ❤️

Here is the original ❤️ which I also adore ❤️❤️❤️ it’s Frank Sinatra – how do you not melt??? ❤️❤️

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  1. Don’t mean to ruin your day but that’s Frankie Valli, not Sinatra.

    The version I like is by, I think, the Pet Shop Boys.

    I think you’re right to be cautious about someone asking your age. If it was an innocent question in passing, your friend probably shouldn’t have bothered to bring it up to you. Or should have done so in a way that indicated the situation.

    How’s the sky up there? Still smoke/ash??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that did kinda pop my bubble there lol … but that’s ok – I knew there was a original one by someone – and I didn’t mind just seeing Sinatra lol ✌️😘

      I will have to look that up, I was not aware the pet shop boys did a version – I remember Lauren Hills version – I like that one too

      I’m just on guard with men – that’s all. I get hit on alot so I’m just cautious. The slightest thing puts me on guard. I get that attraction and stuff is a thing… but I want something besides that. That is surface – not heart. So yeah cautious.

      Well I thought we were doing good and smoke was going away – but when I stepped out for lunch today at work – Sacramento was really smoky!!! 😳


      1. Yeah, I’m used to the smoke now 🤨😑 … over it – but used to it by now.

        Yeah certain things send up my red flags to be careful. I get hit on way way way too much – I don’t really have a chance to know them first before they do these things.

        Just is fishy – he give me car without charging me 3 times and then is asking about me? So yeah that sets me on alert 🚨

        At first I bought the – he knows your situation and he knows you had breast cancer – he battled cancer last year… ok I could see that – that would be human compassion and kindness… I would totally like to believe is just that…

        But asking about me further does send up red flag 🚩 what is the motive? I don’t like motives.

        Guys always do these things so I’m used to it. Just tired of it – but used to it… kinda like the smoke lol 😄✌️


      2. This morning on my way to work… I turned a corner and totally terrified myself looking in the rear view lol… the sun was HUGE and RED!! Not yellow or orange – huge and red 😮 I did not expect to see that like that!

        I don’t usually go out at night – I have creatures that I do not know well… like coyotes lol

        Is your smoke gone? Do you have fresh air?


      1. You’re right. It’s not expected to leave for awhile. We got lucky with wind changing direction again… but it’s also the first time I’ve heard of fire containment reducing (from 6% back down to 3%, and more evacuations).

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      2. Oh I have seen containment reducing – usually by wind picking up … it moves fast. They can very easily lose their grip on it, if they don’t have it strongly.

        I don’t even know where the fires are again – it’s just all the time 🤨 I should probably check that lol


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