Human kindness ❤️

Today I picked up my car. My oldest son took me. ❤️

I knew the connection I have to this car guy, knows him… but I didn’t know how well.

I don’t ever mention my cancer to people – only if you knew me while I was going through it, would you know… very few know.

Although I do have one scar that is always purple… is on my right side and up high – you can see it with pretty much all shirts unless is a turtle neck, which I do not wear in summer lol omg

Only a few have asked me about the scar – generally though people don’t say anything and I don’t tell. I don’t want that face people have when you say you have had cancer …

Instantly that face makes me feel emotion, so it’s just better if I don’t mention. I don’t like that emotions because is like a tidal wave, and makes me feel it. I don’t like feeling that one.

Anyway, I didn’t know he knew! And I also didn’t know he himself had cancer 😮

My connection texted me and said he’s a really gruff guy until you know him and then he’s the biggest sweetheart.

He’s never actually been gruff with me. He’s always been kind – I wonder how long he knew? The whole time?

Every time I call, he answers and I say hello, this is Trisha, just checking on my car, how are you?

And I do sense he softens… and he always says “oh you know, living the dream” lol – that always makes me laugh

Today when he said that (he always says that lol) but today he couldn’t remember what day it was … cause he said “oh living the dream on a Wednesday or umm Thursday”

I am like that all the time cause my weeks are not typical Monday through Friday – and sometimes it gets so busy you forget if you are coming or going lol… I also sometimes have to stop and think which work place I am at – I am usually neck deep in paperwork and the phone rings – I have to remember where I am lol

Anyway, that was really touching. I’ve been little worried with things and that car was a worry. So it just meant a lot as is…

And then when I learned he knew about my stuff and he himself knew those things – it just touched me even more.

I usually don’t stop to remember or think of my cancer. Cause you know – like I said, the emotions. They are heavy.

I help others who have medical issues and alot of people with cancer and it doesn’t bother me. I focus on them – not me. Mine is over. For now anyway. 🙏

I had many jump to my aid when I went through it and it helped me through all of it… but once it was done – I wanted nothing more to do with it… so I kinda just went silent with it

My school didn’t know when I got that job. Neither did my funeral homes until recently

My landlord knew but she didn’t know was so recent from when she met me. A month after surgery I acted like normal, nothing happened.

And I work so hard, I remember all of it, but I like to forget. It is very emotional.

I was already thankful and touched that he wasn’t charging me! I didn’t understand why? He runs a business – and he’s a car guy. It’s not typical. I was thankful but confused cause totally was expecting to be charged.

And then when my connection told me, he knew and he also battled cancer – that kinda just ?? I dunno? It made me cry little bit …

It just hit me in that soft spot. Ya know.

Most of the time I just try to handle everything, and I do ok… I don’t stop to mess with emotions and on things I can put behind me – I don’t think about.

So it just ya know, hit the heart?

Someone just gave me human kindness ❤️

And I do have human kindness a lot… in general… I get that from people alot… but not usually at businesses or regarding money.

So that was very nice, I am very touched.

I have my car back tonight ❤️ that was very kind!

I had a really good day off… didn’t really sleep in – but I never do… I want to, and I try – I slept until 6am which is later than I usually wake up.

Then there was all that.

And then came home, helped my daughter with few things, cooked – I had cried when he first said not charging, just a little bit cause it took me by surprise. I’ve been tense.

So I laid down and got a little nap too! I never do that, but I’m so exhausted lately.

Tmrw I have day off also, but I have to run out really early in morning, and then I will wash the neighbors red truck – I was going to do today but that didn’t happen. She was kind enough to let me use, I have filled it up and will wash it.

My boys will come tmrw night and then after they leave I head to airport and grab neighbors

So I might nap again tmrw cause then I work early early on Saturday! We have HUGE service on Saturday!! 😮

And then I work Sunday, Monday, not sure what other day they want me… and Wednesday I start that cleaning job. Ugh busy

So today and tmrw are much appreciated ❤️ a moment

Alright well was a good day ❤️✌️

Classic for you …

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  1. I tremendously believe that this kindness and humanity, the love for fellow citizens are really needed right now. But very few people got that chance to meet someone who is pretty good by his behaviour and kindness to other folks. You deserves to be well treated from everyone and I’m glad that you had a wonderful day off❤️

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    1. I feel that too!! Totally agree!! I do believe what you put out there – you get back… if you are good and have a good heart – those are the things you find in life ❤️ I do believe that have saved my life through things ❤️

      Thank you very much – as always ❤️ I hope you are happy and doing well also!!

      I had 2 wonderful days off in a row – went pretty awesomely ❤️ Saturday was a little crazy at work – but today (Sunday) was awesome. It is 7:30pm here lol … you must be just waking up?? 😄😄 – I just find that so funny

      Thank you again 😘❤️✌️


      1. Yah it is 9.30 at the morning I just finished my breakfast lol 😂Anyway I’m good but weather here is lil bit bad for outdoor works as it is raining. So I decieded to take rest for the day and just wanna chill with netflix lol. Hope you are doing good. Have a nice day❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ok so you are exactly 12 hours ahead of me!! Yay!!! Figured it out! Wow a whole half a day 😮😄 thats so crazy!!

        We have been having beautiful days… today was little smoky… but my days off and Saturday were gorgeous perfect days!

        You sound like you about to have a really awesome relax chill day!!!

        I am doing good (knock on wood lol) so far – is not Monday yet for me lol … but yeah I am smiling and happy 😊❤️

        Enjoy your Netflix! Watch some good stuff!! Enjoy your day!!

        Btw – rain is awesome sometimes – I would really love rain currently lol 🔥

        Plus it can be really beautiful ❤️


      3. Yah rain is beutiful when I’m in home and have no work to do lol. But here in India raining is so much irritating when you are outside from your home for work or anything else.Specially in Calcutta because of low land and high population respect to per square area the drainage is not clear as north India and takes lil time to clear water from roads if there is heavy raning. Otherwise it is okay. Anyway this problem is only for crowded and highly populated area of Calcutta. otherwise monsoon in bengal’s villages and towns is one of the most precious thing to experience in India.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Sometimes we get massive and heavy rains too… I wouldn’t call California’s rain “Monsoons” though …

        Arizona maybe? They have some serious rain

        Ours is just a constant boring rain. But sometimes is just constant every day… which can cause the levee’s to break and the dams to have issues – we do have low laying areas

        Where I live in country there are areas that can get flooded and either trap me at home or prevent me from coming home 🤨😄 – last year was not bad… did not get enough rain to really cause problems – but this is 2020 so I don’t put anything past it lol

        As long as not freezing – I like to feel the rain sometimes.. just water cleaning the air ❤️ and it can be fun to get caught in the rain.

        But there are also times when it’s annoying and I’ve had enough lol… I don’t like it very much when it is every single day all day!! Lol ✌️

        We have not begun our rainy season yet. Is coming – but we still have fires …

        California so large though so many different types of areas. Only the big cities are highly populated – but they don’t typically have much flooding issues like the other areas – they have good drainage usually

        Tomorrow is fall equinox fall 🍁 September 22nd – hopefully ending fire season soon 🙏

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