Again 😮

So my car guy called… he replaced my thermostat and said he check for leak – no leak

He said the gage broken and to order from Toyota is like $180… he said it will look like overheating but is not – and to ignore … say he drove around and was fine. I trust him

I ask how much I owe and he say he not going to charge me 😮 that’s 3 times!! 😮🥰❤️

All 3 times!!!

He knows my connection well, so I don’t know if that is it? Or what 😮😮

I asked if I can get little longer out of the car and he say oh yes.

I expected to pay at least $200 – he replace my thermostat!!

My connection just texted me cause I mention all this to her… and she said…

Did he tell you he battled cancer last year? He also knows your situation so that might be why he doesn’t charge you

I tear up … makes me want to cry ❤️ not badly just touched

I can pick car up whenever I want ❤️ arranging ride now

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    1. It really was ❤️ it did actually make me cry. I totally expected to pay for that… I figured no way he wouldn’t charge me this time… was a bigger repair job…

      And I never ever mention my cancer to people – those who knew me through it know, and maybe some at work… but I don’t bring up to people. Especially just random people I don’t know well.

      My connection must have told him cause I was not aware my connection knows him as well as they do 😮 I just learned that today when they said that to me


    1. Yeah that was very touching and kind – I totally expected to pay… he hasn’t charged me 3 times now and that was a bigger repair – I never mentioned my cancer or my life to him. I just learned my connection who referred me knows him better than I knew 😮

      That was extremely kind, was very touching – made me cry a little ❤️

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      1. I don’t watch the news or do any social media – once in awhile I check and make sure no one is blowing up the world or any new crazy virus thing happening – but that’s not all the time – too much fighting and awful things for me – I stay away… only pay attention to the important things.

        I am aware SOME people are definitely good ❤️ I experience amazing people – I have many in my life… that is all I allow to come close to me… but you do have to be careful cause not all are. Some do not show you who they truly are – you have to watch and use caution.

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