Here comes Friday stuff 😮

I have to go to bed. So early!! Meh! Must sleep for tomorrow!

Airport first thing… crazy early before sun is up!!

I think I’m going to come home, drop their truck off…

That way I can make sure my little woman is awake and getting ready for school… she will be handling herself tmrw. I trust her- she’s a good student and they have to attend online everything is “Google Meet”

She a sleeper though and has not discovered coffee yet lol

So I will make sure she is up, I can throw on my work clothes, doll up – and go

I will take my car – just cause thats a lot of miles and the area my car will be parked is not a good area. Is fine with my stuff, but I don’t want that for someone else’s.

They keep telling me just use their car, they know mine had problems before – I told them why I am not going to and their response was “that’s why we have insurance” 😮🙄😄

But I still feel better with my own…

Then I be off to work – Service tmrw … I know which family this is…

I took the initial call- this is the family I stayed late that night to help. If I remember correctly, is Catholic – so it’s gonna be sad and heavy.

But we see how goes.

Alright meh… bedtime… I feel like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to bed!!! Cause I don’t … but I have to

And tomorrow is Friday – boys coming ❤️

Friday is going to be exhausting! 😳

But I do have to get to bed. I am not catching up well at all!! I will at some point!

Gnite 😴

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