Crazy days and heat 🔥

I’m quiet cause no crazy things are going on, so I am soaking up the quick moment of peace!

Tmrw is Friday – and it’s going to be a crazy day!!!

I have to bring some friends to the airport VERY VERY early in the morning… I have to LEAVE my house at 5am 😮

I will NEED coffee and a shower – plus get all dolled up for work… so I need at least an hour or so… which will wake me up at 3:30/4am 😮 I will have to go to bed sooo early tonight 😳😳😳 🙏🙏🙏

Cause after I drop them off at the airport… I have to go to work…

We should be at airport at 6am or so… we are using their car cause mine is not big enough… they have luggage and their dog.

So using their car which they said I can use while they are gone if I want… but I probably won’t. They have a pick up – double cab… and they have things in the back. I don’t trust the locations I work at to be secure.

The location I will be working at on Friday is really bad. So I am debating if I should just drive back home and grab my car. Then I can also make sure my woman is up for school 🤨 cause that is a thing too!!!

So I might do that… lots of driving … and then I have a service going on at 8:30 at gravesite … so whew heat Oh my god! Black jacket!!

We have to wear them unless the family specifically says “you don’t have to keep those jackets on” 🙏🙏🙏 please say that!!

From Saturday until Tuesday – the projected heat in my area will be between 110 to 115 Fahrenheit 😮😮😮 or 43 to 46 Celsius – god help me Oh my god! – turn off the heat already!!! Frying me!!! I love heat but c’mon!!!

They have me for 6 hours – and that’s it. So until about 1:30pm – I can’t have anymore hours until Saturday or I go into overtime… I accidentally had overtime last week … they didn’t realize it and I had it all approved. I didn’t realize either.

So I’ll get done about 1:30pm and then I’ll be home by 2-2:30pm … I “MIGHT” get a quick nap??? 🙏🙏🙏

Cause then it’s also Friday night! ❤️ and then I work all day Saturday

Whew my mind swims with everything!!

But today I do have to run to store later – otherwise I get to enjoy the peace …

I will have to run in the store 😮🤨😝 I only need 1 thing!!! I need nylons … always always always nylons with skirts – I have to look spot on Friday

Let’s see how that goes lol

Ok I have to run – School is starting in half hour 😐 lol

4 thoughts on “Crazy days and heat 🔥

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    1. Hahaha no I do not do slips – I am not THAT old school lol … but I do like nylons – gives a more polished look

      They have never gone out of style for me lol

      I don’t mind free legs in shorts or at home… but for work definitely nylons!

      Yes this is why I complain and die lol


      1. Being fat, I nearly always got thigh burns from skin poking between nylon weave and rubbing together, so I hated them from the start!

        I very very rarely wear dresses these days. I bought self tanner to improve my leg appearance but learned I have a lot of rough spots, which ended looking even worse!

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      2. Those self tanners turn me orange 😝 and they stink or at least they used to… maybe they have gotten better? I haven’t tried them in years cause I really don’t mind whatever color I end up being – I have 2 – red or white so whatever lol

        With the nylons it’s just a clean look, puts together the rest and looks very professional. I lotion my legs always, so they always nice and soft and shiny, but the nylons make them look really nice!!


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