The Red Envelope 🧧

Oh my god! There is a red envelope 🧧 emoji 😮😮😮

This is the envelope. It is flat, but something is in it.

I suppose I could open it, but I kinda want to save it for when I really need good luck, good health or prosperity.

For now, I just want to cherish it. ❤️✌️

What a beautiful thought – I want Chinese traditions when I die… my catholic ones are just sad and heavy. I find the catholic ones hard … really hard!! Very very sad and heart breaking 💔

But the Chinese traditions… sending your loved one away with things they enjoyed in life, that had meaning, or would make them comfortable in after life… that is just such a beautiful thought!!! I would feel more at ease like that!! There was not a extreme heaviness – and the way they honored the death was incredible! I really have never experienced! Was all new to me!!

And I had never heard of giving anything to guests at a funeral other than prayer cards or memorial cards

I love that it is red and gold. Shows class and is beautiful – is just how I am seeing through my eyes as an outsider to their rituals

Just made a big impression on me.

I am changing what I want when I die!! By the time I die… I’m gonna have all these rituals from all different cultures and the funeral home is going to be like “WTF” lol

We accommodate anything anyone wants or believes. However they want it. We have had many different kinds – but this one impressed me.

Usually funerals are just funerals – losses… but this one was different – there was love and care involved and remembrance and send off. It was more than just a funeral for loss? I can’t really put it in the right words??

I’ve seen documentaries about China … and the first emperor and his terra-cotta army

I do find history fascinating – and same thing with the Egyptians … buried with items for the after life or a better transition… I just like that thought ❤️ even if it’s just a thought – I like that one. They die and leave with things people place that have meaning

I find it comforting for both… comforting so that the one who dies will be honored …and then also comforting for those left behind, to know their loved one be taken care of always ❤️ yeah I like that a lot!

And a little note or envelope or candy- whatever – in honor of the deceased

Yeah I really liked the entire thing! I don’t really care if there is an afterlife or not… I love the thought and the care ❤️ their beliefs are beautiful!!

Anyway so that’s my envelope

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    1. That would be cool… but I don’t know if China is keen on Americans at this moment lol

      But that would be amazing Oh my god! The whole world would be amazing to me though… I only really know the United States other than the news or documentaries

      I would be in awe everywhere lol

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  1. I looove rituals!!!

    Red envelopes are a customary gift in many Asian cultures on lunar new year. I have a big stash of them… a few fancy ones and a ton of small/cheap ones.

    Red = Happiness, Success and Good Fortune
    Gold = Wealth, Fortune

    Are there 4 words in red? If so, google tells me it’s probably “luck, longevity, health and peace”

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      1. I never open a gift or card in front of the giver – unless it’s Christmas or they tell me too… I also follow that.

        Interesting on their customs though – definitely grabbed my attention!! ❤️


      2. In Japan you ask, “may I open it?” for even the smallest gift.

        They’re super in appreciating the appearance of food before the eat it. And coordinating food arrangement to the season. That combines to a tradition of gifts of obscenely expensive “perfect” fruit… like $100 melons or $25 for 10 perfect strawberries.

        In all the Asian cultures you give money, a lot of it, as a wedding gift.

        Wedding cakes aren’t a Japanese tradition but they’re picking it up. What I love is that they’ll often have an elaborate fake cake with 1 real slice that the couple cuts out. Then it’s all taken away and guests are served less expensive cake. I think that’s BRILLIANT!!

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      3. I always wait unless the giver tell me is ok. I was raised to do that too. If they are a friend, I will ask if I can open. But if I don’t know them, only if they specifically tell me to open, otherwise I wait.

        I used to know a woman who was married to a Japanese man… his parents were still in Japan so they would travel there occasionally … she would tell me stories about how when you are given food it is rude not to eat what is put in front of you – no matter what it is 😮 – that might kill me a little bit (I am a little picky)

        I’ve seen the wedding cake thing you speak of done here as well, for awhile now. I can’t remember when I first saw that done? But it is brilliant!!


    1. I just love their traditions!! I really didn’t know anything about them!

      I knew they had many traditions and beliefs – but I had never seen them myself or experienced any!!

      How deep and rich the traditions are – makes it so touching and beautiful!!

      And the thought that goes into their traditions!! Just wow! I really like Chinese!!

      I am still in awe of how amazing it was! ❤️ and just how meaningful!!

      It’s the whole “thought” thing for me!!! I was touched by that!!

      Well I definitely NEED all those things lol… luck, longevity, health AND peace!! ❤️ it like came to my life at a point that I was in thought – so just really kinda grabbed my attention!!

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