China 🇨🇳

I had a small service today… it was for a man from China 🇨🇳

I don’t really know too much about China other than what I hear or see on the news or in documentaries…

Anyway… this man raised his nephew here in the United States …

That nephew loved his uncle soooo much – the love just poured out… Oh my god! 😮😮😮

I have never ever seen such love like that!! Like adored beyond what you would or could even imagine!!

Not only that but the traditions are incredible and so respectful!! Oh my god! Wow!! My respect!! Totally!

Everything… every single little tiny thing I helped this nephew with… he bowed and said thank you many times!! 😮 that humbled me… beautiful and also touching… he was so respectful thoughtful and kind. He made an impression!

It was open casket. I had to be there with him… as he placed many MANY things in the casket to go with him… the nephew placed things for the afterlife- or whatever they believe!!

I had write every single thing and make record of every little piece… and there was ALOT – took many pieces of papers!! We had to sign off on even the tiniest thing!!

All I could think of as he came and showed me each item… and I wrote it down…

Was wow!! That man has such a devoted person who loves him with all his heart – look what his nephew does!! He didn’t forget one thing!! Not one!! There was beauty, thoughtfulness and love behind every single thing he placed!! Every single thing!!

Their traditions are incredibly thoughtful and beautiful!!! It was incredible!! Whoa 😮

Everyone should be so lucky to have someone love and respect you so incredibly much to do what that man did for his uncle! I have never seen anything like it… seriously!!

I wanted and wished to bring him back to life for his nephew.

They also had a ritual they did but we gave them privacy with that. I won’t speak of that cause is private – but also very touching and beautiful!!!

I am impressed China 🇨🇳- that is beautiful!! And touching… Wow!

I wish we could all just cherish the whole as a people – we have no idea the things we miss when we don’t… we miss so much and you have no idea!

At the end… he and his wife came over to me and handed me this red envelope written in Chinese … when he handed it to me he said “this is for you, this is for health and prosperity” and we bowed. I said thank you.

I have not opened the envelope, I do not know what’s in it. But it’s special to me – it’s beautiful… it’s red and shiny… it has Chinese writing on it, written in gold, which I can not read. But it is beautiful – I will save that always!! ❤️

I am touched and I hold on to for health and prosperity 🙏 definitely!! I don’t want to open it because I want to just save it ❤️ I want to keep that!

I am not ready to open it – I just want to keep it. It is beautiful! I will always think of all of this, with that envelope!

I have never seen such devoted love ever before – what beautiful, loving and touching traditions … no matter what you believe – to want your loved one taken care of like that , in life OR death – just took my breath away… Even my words do not explain just how beautiful that was!! So incredibly thoughtful and respectful!!

As he left – it was a little funny… cause by now I was used to bowing lol… so he kept saying thank you and bowing and so did I, lol… and that is how he departed lol

I wish that would be how we all are in life – and also death! To respect both aspects – just wow!! Impressed! Kinda blown away by that whole thing!

Wow! I have nothing else to say other than I was impressed and blown away! ❤️ the care and love I saw today was incredible! So yeah – totally blown away!

Think of how the world could be with just an ounce of that?!

It was just very beautiful!Imagine to be respected and loved in that way?! 😮 that would take your breath away! Wow!

See the things we could learn from each other? Where is that? Why can’t we do that?!

Take the best things from everyone! Can you imagine? Every culture has something to contribute… Imagine how incredible the world would be if that was the case!? The world would be incredible for once!

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  1. I know what’s probably in the envelope but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

    I know the Japanese, and prob also Chinese, have a tradition of not turning away from departing guests until they cannot be seen. I love that. Also, the deeper the bow, the more reverence it expresses.

    It’s wonderful that you got to observe all of that, and that the nephew had so much love for his uncle! Thx for sharing!

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    1. I want to hold on to it and not open because it’s so beautiful, I don’t want to tear it… and then also… he said it was for health and prosperity- so I want to hold on tightly to that.

      Hahaha yes!!!! That’s exactly how it happened!! He kept bowing and saying thank you until he turned the corner and I did too 😄… he was really awesome! Here he was in grief over the loss and still had a level of respect and kindness – I was very impressed obviously lol

      He bowed very deeply, I think was because we bent over backwards to help him with this and through this, and allowed him to have all his traditions … he was extremely thankful and you could totally tell.

      His uncle raised him, so was like his father. He was heartbroken to have lost him, you could see that too.

      Was very beautiful to see!! Very impressive! Had never ever experienced Chinese traditions like that – was touching and beautiful!

      I want a send off like that ❤️✌️

      Thank you for your comments.

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      1. I just found this wonderful Chinese funeral tradition:
        “give attendees a white envelope that has a piece of candy in it to take away the bitter taste of death”

        You’re supposed to eat the candy and throw away the envelope ASAP because white represents sadness.

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      2. The envelope is red, not white and does not feel like any candy or anything? Feels like a small letter or something?

        I translated the letters printed in gold… but there are red words written at top which I haven’t translated yet… I had to add a Chinese keyboard to my phone lol… I did handwriting so I could try to replicate

        The gold lettering says “good luck” 大吉 大利

        The red letters are more intricate, they are at top of envelope and it’s red against red lol – that might take me awhile – I’ll post a photo of the envelope


      3. I will save it for when I truly need good luck (which I will probably soon) or health or prosperity – I would like to just save it… but if I need one of those – I will open

        I really like all the thought of the whole thing! ❤️


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