The stressful, crazy, awesome day … ❤️

So what a day it was today! Oh my goodness!!!

Yesterday (Sunday) at like 4:55pm the phone at work rang with a death call… at a residence – was the family calling…

When someone dies, sometimes the families will call US “the funeral home … FIRST… cause many just don’t know what to do.

We can not just go around grabbing bodies lol… so before I can send out our people to go pick up the body… the family NEEDS to notify paramedics… someone has to come and pronounce the person dead – aka… give time of death… make sure there is no heartbeat (cause it could be very faint) … then we can go pick them up…

It also has to be done that way just incase the coroner needs to be involved – but coroner was not needed in that case. (Coroner is involved when a cause of death is needed)

So I stayed late last night – I had that approved through my district manager cause would be extra time…

So I didn’t leave until I had the family taken care of … the family was very calm, a little in shock, cause death does that… but they kept their calm and gave me all the information I needed. Then I took care of them and left. I was only a half hour late getting out – not a big deal. I like working, and I couldn’t just leave them.

Then this morning I got to work… remember I had issues with my car windows … so I’ve been looking just awesome all weekend and today lol 😄😄 … that would be sarcasm ✌️

By the time I would get to work, I looked like bush woman lol… I started putting my hair up cause is like a fricken wind tunnel! And it’s ALL smoky!! Today was gagging all the way to work – and my eyes were watering – there went my make up … so yeah really …beautiful 🤨 definitely NOT spot on!!! And remember it’s fricken HOT and VERY smoky… if you can see the smoke from space – imagine what it is right here!! We are smoked out completely!! Constantly… you get sore throats and your eyes burn… everyday!! 😝 its so gross – and then I smell like that by the time I get to work!!!

And I keep having to park behind the gates so no one steals my car (not that my car anything special – but people do that!) I also didn’t want it stripped, or anyone doing anything in it 😮

It was very stressful…

And then that stupid car guy yesterday did not help me at all… done with him

And so one of my connections told me… here call this guy… he’s really good and he’s honest… he will help you.

So… I called him this morning, as soon as I got to work… I thought he would have me schedule when to come in… but instead he like “bring it right in, you need your windows especially right now, I will take a look”

So my district manager said my office manager could take me and bring me back… she followed me in my car… and we went to drop it… she brought the company vehicle and took me back.

Right away he call me and tell me is only the buttons ❤️ that’s it!! They were broken and not connected … he gave me the number of a place to call for the part. I called them they had it, I gave them my credit card 💳… bought it over the phone – was $45 plus another $25 for delivery to shop TODAY!! I had to… I needed that fixed today and I had to work to be able to pay for anything else.

Well that place didn’t get the part to the shop until 4:55!!!! But that mechanic guy… installed it immediately and by 5pm said I could come get it ❤️❤️

I told him just put the key in glove box – I have extra key in my purse (I am famous for locking my keys in my car lol – so I have learned – I keep extras both at home and in my purse lol 😘✌️) shhh 🤫 (AAA “American Automobile Association” was getting to know me WAY too well lol)

So anyway, one of my girls took me down after work and I have my car back – WITH windows up and it works ❤️❤️❤️❤️

He didn’t charge me anything at all… I totally forgot to ask – I was so busy at work today – and I was worried about the car – I didn’t think to ask – so I will call him tmrw ❤️❤️❤️ I’m using him from now on ❤️❤️❤️

Just got ALL my business❣️ lol ❤️❤️❤️

Anyway… so that was the car drama today…

At work… when my office manager brought me to the car this morning … on our way back we talking and it started with me just letting her know when I am available this week…

Cause Thursday I have new lawyer appt and Friday is court hearing again which lawyer will handle by phone.

So then it kinda opened up what I am dealing with. So she learned my story. That was this morning … then we got back to the office

She went to haunted house … and I went to ugly walls because I had to relieve a lunch.

While the woman at ugly walls goes on lunch – the phone goes crazy!! And I had another death… also at a residence… but this time was the hospice nurse. I prefer dealing with the family… hospice nurses don’t have a lot of the information I NEED! They have the basics that’s it.

But anyway handled that… that was situated quickly because since the hospice nurse is there – she can declare time of death.

That was quick and easy and handled very fast.

There were many many calls on many many things!! All by myself lol …we have so many cases!! All 3 do!!!

Anyway… then my district manager calls and asks when is she done with lunch come back here ok? So I did that…

And district manager left to go to the other 2 … they have a big service outside tmrw – in the smoke 😮😮

The family is NOT NOT NOT taking the death well AT ALL!! Not in slightest!!

Today the fiancé called and was just “over the top” upset … completely sobbing… she wanted to come right down and see the deceased that minute … but we can’t do that – deceased is not even here yet! Delivered tmrw morning before service

She was just beyond herself in tears and emotions!!! So I spoke slow and calm… slow because she is upset… that way she hears and understands all my words… and calm so that I can catch her emotions and get her more at ease. More calm. If I can get her to vibe me, I knew I could calm her.

So that worked and I told her … we are going to give you private time before the service so you can see the deceased and you can have your moments to say goodbye ok? It will be private just for you. So I told her a time… and she calmed down. She was ok with that, but that was really the only option I was able to give her.

The entire family is extremely upset – tomorrow will be a very hard day for both the family and my people… they have 2 attendants and 2 or 3 staff.

And then I had a death from over a year ago… the husband lost his copy of a dvd we did for them (that was even before I was there!! 😮)

But I pulled up the name, and there is the video – I will burn a new one for him… when I told him that he was so thankful and excited ❤️ he was so worried he lost that dvd 📀… not a problem, we will get him a new one. I know how much that means. ❤️ has all the families photos on it – her memories ❤️ you should have just heard the relief in his voice… when he first called he was little panicked – little bit …

I took his name and number – said let me pull the file and see if is still there and maybe we can get you a new one… when I called him back and told him is still there – he was sooo excited!! I told him give me some time to get that burnt… and I will call you back when is ready for you to either pick it up or I can send it to you. He wants to pick it up lol ❤️

Anyway… was stressful with the car and then I’m all over the place!! And you try to do something and a million other things happen, you have to handle – and then I go back to what I was doing and forget where I left off lol … it was a crazy Monday!!

But it was awesome because … my car got done ❤️… and then I handled everything today – “like a boss” lol ❤️ I didn’t skip a beat… was nuts but everything ended up handling really smoothly!!

I left work today at same time as district manager and the girl who is a funeral arranger (she was bringing me to my car) … as we walked out I asked when they needed me next? And they said probably Wednesday cause tomorrow they should have everything handled with that service – so ok

And then one of my girls dropped me off at the shop to get my car … while we were driving there…

My office manager is texting me… and she says…

Can you come in Wednesday at 9am and work til 5?

Yes mam, I can

And then she says…

Basically until we’re able to put you full time I want to use you as much as possible and get you 29 hours as often as possible ❤️

They are working to get me on full time with benefits ❤️ maybe I stay with death – I do love my girls!! And I am good at it!! I haven’t heard anything from other job anyway

And something felt wrong with it too.

Anyway… then she starts telling me how much of a HUGE help it is having me around ❤️

I don’t know if my story hit her? They are always really sweet to me ❤️ but that was really sweet to say!! ❤️

I had a good day – for a Monday! I am exhausted though!!

I texted the person who referred me to that car guy… and just sent many many hearts lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ said thank you about a million times

And they wrote me back and said Trisha you have good karma, stop wasting your time worrying, good things are coming to you ❤️❤️❤️

❤️🙏❤️ I really love the people in my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (if you can’t tell by the hearts lol) ❤️❤️❤️

I do have THE most amazing people surrounding me – always ❤️❤️❤️❤️


10 thoughts on “The stressful, crazy, awesome day … ❤️

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  1. I’m soooo happy the car worked out!!! Buttons, huh? Weird!!! Knew one for my mental file!!!!!

    You’ll be returning the favor to the guy guy if you write positive Yelp and/or Google reviews!!!

    Great news on your job too!

    Despite the smoke, all seems to be coming up roses around you. Hurrah!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah!! The buttons were totally disconnected and broken!! That explained a lot and so happy was not as big as I thought would be!!! ❤️ that didn’t even cross my mind that could be the problem – I was focusing on either the fuse or the motor and regulator – never even thought the buttons!!

      Yup I went and did that this morning ❤️ he had a TON of reviews – all of them say how honest and forthcoming he is as a mechanic… does not take anyone for a ride so to speak!! Wow impressive!! ❤️ you don’t see that often!

      Lol so far so good… I meet with new attorney on Thursday – and then court Friday

      Hopefully all goes well 🙏


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