That broken heart is not from me…

I just had a very polite young man come to the door… very young… like 21/22 maybe?

Very polite, very sweet… was not really sure what to say…

I didn’t know who he was… handsome young kid… on one side of his face was a tattoo of a broken heart – just like that “💔”

He wanted to speak to his funeral arranger and order something. I asked for the deceased’s name… I said I would let her know to get in touch with him and order that.

It was for his fiancé… she died maybe 2 months ago.

On her obit – they have photos – he does not have that broken heart yet…

Awww 😔 that made me feel for him… awww 😔💔 poor kid

They so young.

He was very kind and very respectful. Poor kid 😔 he looked very sad and heartbroken 💔 he was very sweet

He must have really truly loved her. To memorialize his pain like that, in his own way.

Awww 😔💔 very sad

It breaks my heart to see someone else’s heart breaking like that 😔💔

That is the hard part with this job… I have laughter with my coworkers when I work with them…

But I hate seeing or knowing someone in that kind of pain. That is very hard… I know that pain – and my heart breaks for people. So that is the hard part

I do not have the skill of “not” connecting. I connect constantly lol Oh my god!

That can be hard sometimes, cause you know that same heartache, and you know their heart is bleeding inside… so that hurts a little bit

You just want to make it better – but really you can’t … I find that very hard sometimes.

My heart goes out to that young man.

Ok I still have a ton to do – back tonight ✌️

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    1. Yeah but I am also careful always with touch and hugs. It depends on the person and if that be ok, under normal circumstances

      With corona there is none of that…

      So yeah, but I am cautious with that anyway


  1. loosing the lovable one is the toughest but nothing to do something are just not made to be forever. I feel pity for that poor boy. I understand his pain but he have to overcome this. I hope he will recover this loss as soon as possible😔….

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